2019 women's haircuts and fashionable colors trends


All women are beautiful, but not all can demonstrate this beauty. One of the main ways of expressing female beauty is the cut of hair. Any woman, when choosing a new hairstyle, chooses the option that she likes the most. Nowadays, the choice of a new hairstyle is not difficult at all. On our page you can find ideas of elegant hairstyles for medium and long short hair, with or without luxurious curls, hairstyles easy to do, in general everything to make you feel great and without equal when you choose your new look.

Haircuts woman 2019 and fashionable colors


Do you have the same hairstyle for years? So, welcome to our exclusive review of 2019 women's haircuts and trends. Today we will show you the best unique and charming haircuts for medium and long short hair.

The beautiful 2019 women's haircuts have a lot of options and forms of realization, because the range of options for the different lengths is wide.

Haircuts woman 2019 and trends

2019 women's haircuts and fashionable colors trends

For many, the fashionable haircuts for 2019 will seem very similar or uninteresting since last year there are several short options, but most women understand that the style they prefer depends on them and the most important thing is that they feel good

Each hairstyle has its own characteristics, even if it differs in minor details. The professionals understand this.


It is less and less possible to meet a girl who is 100% satisfied with her natural hair color and cut shape. Experiments with hair style have no limits. Some women limit themselves to only modest coloring and wearing the same cut, while others drastically change their hair color once a year, or even half of the year and do the same with length or shape. In this hobby there are only two rules.

Haircuts woman 2019 - Advice on the choice of color


First, we must not forget the health of the hair: it is necessary to use only high quality soft paint and use it strictly according to the instructions. This is especially important for those who are going to buy a beautiful blonde. You should not play with lightening agents. Second, you should like the cut and the color.


And if the secret of your happiness is the frequent trips to the hairdresser, then do not stop in any case. The beauty and fashion industry has many cut and color options for girls who can not live with natural color. By the way, according to statistics, representatives of the blond color type are no longer fashionable.

Haircuts woman 2019


If you are already completely tired of your appearance, choose the fashionable hair colors in 2019: these are the most modern shades created by stylists of the best beauty brands in the world. Choose your tone and ideal change, reveal its beautiful sides, because the color of the hair not only adorns externally, but also reveals its personality.


We strongly recommend that you entrust the hair to experienced masters who work with professional cosmetics. It is not forbidden to dye at home with your own painting of a store, but only if you completely trust the brand or if you are mentally prepared for an unexpected result. Not all manufacturers can boast a combination of color in the package and in the hair after dyeing. In addition, much depends on the color of origin and the state of your curls. Now that we have talked about all the warnings, we turn to the most interesting: the choice of hair color to fashion.


We started with the light pink color so modern last year. This fashion color belongs rather to the category of extraordinary shades for the hair than to the classic one. However, it is impossible not to appreciate the beauty of the beautiful modulations of this tone, even if you do not like the color pink. Depending on the intensity of one of the pigments, this tone may be more pink or, on the contrary, golden, closer to a warm blond, with only a light pink veil.

haircuts woman 2019-hair-color

Owners of dark blonde hair can focus on the gold, to lightly illuminate the strands and emphasize the natural tone. Featured in pastel pink will go to both bright blondes and women with dark brown hair. For the brunettes, the rosé is too light, and you can not do without a more remarkable brightness.

Ideas in photos of haircuts woman 2019


It is possible to completely dye your hair with a pink and gold tone, or you can leave a few centimeters of roots unpainted. This will allow a shorter and shorter length of dye, saving money and maintaining healthy hair. Just remember that this option is more relevant in the spring and summer, especially in short hair.

haircuts woman 2019-hair-color-original

Admit that at least once in your life you admired the color of linden honey, and even more so when you put the jar in the light. Or it has set in a thick golden brown tone. Remember these magnificent matte colors, because each of them is a true fashion success for this year. To dye the hair with the balayage technique, using several colors of honey tones.


Small strands will be incredibly beautiful to stand out in the sun. These sweet reflections should be recreated in the hair in the warm season of 2019, so as not to hide the beauty under the cap in autumn or winter. The "honey color" is suitable for girls who have a lot of yellow pigment in their hair. This monster, which annuls a cold blonde, will not prevent you from enjoying the state of a blonde if you choose a honey tone: the yellowness will disappear in a moment under a warm glow.

2019 women's haircuts and fashionable colors trends

In 2019, hair color should be quite pronounced and saturated. The noble red-brown tone of spicy cinnamon is one of those. This is a deep, monumental color that attracts a lot of attention. The advantage of the correct cinnamon tone is the chameleon effect: in the room it looks like chestnut, and the sun literally explodes with almost flashes of ruby. The brunettes will especially appreciate this color, because to test it, it is not necessary to rinse the hair. Well, or just a little, without hurting any hair.


Do not confuse the shadow of cinnamon with chocolate. The second will always be more opaque and darker, leaving a black-brown tone. Cinnamon plays with reddish sparkles and, sometimes, even a slight shade of red. You can start with a cinnamon tone this is advice for women who would like to have red hair, but do not risk painting in bright colors immediately, without hesitation.


A red-brown tone will help you to see yourself with a new image and decide if red is your color, when you get used to it and decide if you will go further. Get ready for a negative decision, because not falling in love with the cinnamon tone is simply impossible!


We are used to the fact that blond and brown tones are the trend. It seems that the red color simply ignores all fashion trends. This year, everything will change, and in the fashion of hair colors, finally, red will find its place in all its splendor.


It should be noted that this applies to both bronze tones to cool red tones, which look great on medium length hair. The rich colors of copper, almost orange, will be another popular option, they all make people turn to you with admiration. Nothing can show your rebellious character better than bright red hair.


When dyeing in red, you should bear in mind that afterwards it will be difficult to escape from the reddish tone. Change it with another tone just with a visit to the hairdresser, most likely, it will not work. Even if it dyes black, after a month or two, an ugly redness will come out. Then, before deciding on a fashionable bronze painting, think twice. But if red is really your color, you will never regret your choice.


One of the most precious blond hair tones: the snow white blonde (or the one already known by all of us as platinum), with light silver tones, will be good for long hair. But to achieve it is difficult and even more difficult is to maintain it. The first difficulty is that it is not enough to rinse the hair, it is necessary to make another tinted paint. You would be surprised if you discover that this painting is not white at all, but ash gray or blue.


And if you put it on your hair for a minute, instead of blond you will get a blue or gray-blue color. As you understand, you can get a high quality silver white only if left in the hands of a professional. The second problem is our hair. Most people have a lot of natural yellow pigment in their hair, which will surely "show up" almost a couple of days after the discoloration.

































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