A small pool in the backyard, a great treat

great pond koi fish

There are those who think that in order to build a swimming pool In the garden it is necessary to have a lot of space, but it is not like that. Today we will show you our collection of images that may give you ideas on how to build a small pool in the yard, making maximum use of all the resources efficiently.

Small pool for backyards

For this type of projects architecture we suggest taking an example of designs with oriental Zen influence, since they always seek to achieve balance and harmony in the environment. Also the minimalist movement is advisable to be able to take advantage of all the available space.

Backyard design with zen influence

nice garden zen fountain plate

We can see modern designs that include a lot teak wood either for floors, platforms, pergolas or for garden furniture. The design of the small pool can also include bridges to facilitate access to any area, but we can even see models in which the structure of a wooden deck is extensible and can cover the pool completely in the coldest periods of the year. year

Concrete outdoor bathtub

If you look at the photograph above we can see a small concrete pool built on the surface of the floor. It appears to be a kind of outdoor bathtub because of its small size, and is perfect for a refreshing dip during summer evenings. In the following image we will see a pool design also quite compact although with a more Japanese style.

Modern pools for patios and gardens

nice backyard pond

Here we will see that the pool itself is part of a beautiful landscape architectural ensemble that combines elements and materials in an artistic way, it is a great model. Next we will see an example of a more classic pool but also with a lot of style. It is appreciated in this cato that the pool is the protagonist in the whole landscape, however, this design also allows to reach an environment of meditation and tranquility even in the smallest courtyards.

Classic pools for courtyards and gardens

dinner backyard woman table

Keep in mind that the classic pools are those that will provide your home with a simple and modern decoration, as these pools do not have excessive decorative details and will look great in gardens where you want to balance the decoration.

Small construction pools for gardens

great tub patio large stairs

On the other hand, if you want to add water as a decorative detail in your garden you can also choose to make decorations with aquariums drandes. You have to bear in mind that in these aquariums you can put not only fish with which to complete the decoration, but also some aquatic plants. On the other hand, if you want to leave the aquarium empty, you can also do it.

Small pools in modern style

great pools edge view

In contrast, the design of modern pools is usually more elegant and different from the design of classic or simple pools. If you want to incorporate a pool into your garden, you can do it using pools with original and interesting shapes.

Swimming pools and garden ponds

great garden pond plants

By the way, the garden ponds can be used as a good replacement for the pools if your gardens and patios are not very large. In addition to the ponds you can also add interesting touches by placing a waterfall system. Also if you opt for a larger pond with a small waterfall you can also use it as a pool.

Classic design work pools

garden house large square pool

It must be borne in mind that one of the best ways to design gardens and patios is with pools near which you can hang sunbeds and parasols. However, for that you can use some garden tiles to decorate the edges of the pools and the paths that are near them.

Modern pools for patios and small gardens

garden night fireplace patio pergola

Also near the pools and tiles you can use lawn to complete the decoration. This lawn can be artificial or natural but you have to keep in mind that with the artificial turf you will not have to spend energy in the maintenance and also you can give the forms that best suit your garden.

Swimming pools with purple lights in the decoration of the gardens

modern pool pink red lights

Using the tiles for decorating the edges of the pools

A very modern pool installed near the beach and combined with a wooden floor decoration

minimalist patio terrace wood beach

backyard terrace pool wall

small pool patio terrace flower pots

small pools jacuzzi backyard

pool pèqueña patio deckchair parasol

small pool covered platform wood

rectangular pools garden patio

pools two garden plants jacuzzi

small pools patio stone fireplace

small pools backyard fountain

round pools small patio cactus

yellow umbrella pool backyard

deckchair wheels nice patio

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