Advent calendar ideas to surprise children

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Today we are going to show you ideas to make calendar Advent made at home or bought in a store. One of the greatest joys of a child waiting for the Christmas It is the ritual calendar. This is a good reason to create beautiful calendars. Opening a small box or bag every day and finding a small surprise, a note, a candy, and slowly approaching December 25 when you receive the gifts can be an exciting time that you should share with the children.

Colorful advent calendar to hang

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For all mothers who know how to use a needle and thread or want to test themselves with cardboard and glue, these ideas of Advent calendars that can be done at home, to the delight of children will help inspire you. One of the things you can do is to take small cardboard boxes, decorate them with stickers from your child's cartoons and then include candies and sweets inside.

Advent calendar of envelopes filled with cookies

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Then draw the numbers from 1 to 25 and hang the boxes on the Christmas tree, in the fireplace or on the wall. Another thing you can do is take 25 small paper bags of bread or envelopes for letters and a piece of string. Draw on each bag or on a number from 1 to 25: use your imagination and the colors that best match the decoration of your home.

Ideas for making beautiful homemade calendar

Advent Calendar Paper Bags Crafts Ideas

Fill them with candy and hang them with colorful clothespins on a string. In our article you will find many ideas of cloth bags with Christmas prints of typical colors such as red, green and white. We are sure that using our ideas you will pleasantly surprise your little treasure. For more Christmas decoration ideas you can check our page and be inspired to surprise not only the children but the whole family.

White cloth envelopes with Christmas drawings

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Calendar made by envelopes with Christmas clips

Advent calendar envelopes mail stickers ideas

Jar calendar hanging on the wall

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Calendar of boxes decorated with Christmas trees

advent calendar trees christmas boxes ideas

Calendar made by red Christmas bags

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Calendar of paper bags with colorful stickers

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Lovely calendar with Christmas decorations

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advent calendar red box lovely ideas


advent calendar little houses red white ideas

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Advent calendar envelopes mail numbers pasted wall ideas

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