Advent calendar incredible ideas to do as a family

advent calendar ideas boxes decorated fountains

December is approaching and we want to share with you some options for an advent calendar, design ideas and so on. So if you have nothing thought these images can be a perfect start to go thinking about yours. The advent calendar ideas for gifts and their whole image is like a small illusion for children.

Advent calendar simple ideas for the home

advent calendar car ideas garlands

The options that we show you can be made mostly with cheap materials. In addition to other recycled that we can find at home. We are sure that the little ones at home will love it. This year we can do something different and instead of buying it, design it as a family. Ideas for gifts or chocolates will depend on ourselves when making our own advent calendar. According to the age of the children we can include stickers, figurines or candy. Undoubtedly, it will be much more original and the children will enjoy the whole creation process of each craft.

Advent calendar ideas with paper cutouts in green

advent calendar ideas pine cutouts

In the ideas we show for DIY advent calendars, the variants are many. There are models of calendars on paper, cardboard, buckets, bags and many other materials and solutions. One of the simplest to make are those made with envelopes or paper bags. Paper envelopes can be made with wrapping paper or even newspaper. Just like paper bags you just have to paste the numbers or draw them in different colors to make them look more vivid. The Advent calendar ideas designed with envelopes or paper bags can be hung in many ways.

Calendar using some small houses with Christmas colors

advent calendar ideas ideas white decorations

The hangers, a string, the boards or the branches of a tree are perfect. There are very elegant models that can be placed inside some disused frame. It will only be necessary to remove the glass from the front and it will be ready. With a little time the color of the frame can even be changed to harmonize with our decor . As we see in many images, small cardboard boxes have great potential to design advent calendars. They can be used almost in their original form or let the children add the decoration according to their taste.

A colorful variant that shapes this tree on a living room wall

advent calendar ideas balloons colors houses

The colored paper or decorative pebbles are perfect for these cases. With other materials such as socks, small metal buckets and clothespins. Recycling gives great possibilities and we can find many things for the advent calendar ideas with cardboard tubes is one of them. Metal cubes can be fixed on many surfaces. It has the possibility to decorate equally with the Christmas colors. In contrast they will be perfect in any area of ​​the house.

Paper baskets forming an interesting structure as a calendar

Advent calendar ideas tablecloths red furniture

Then they will be filled with everything that comes to mind and can be attractive to children. The socks as we mentioned are another of the most popular outlets. You can reuse those of the children and create a really fun calendar. For this craft you have to gather twenty-four socks. Of preferences those that do not have a partner and in different colors that look good together. The sizes can be varied so that the calendar looks with a certain dynamism. When we hang them we leave some spaces between the socks.

The interior can be filled with candy or any small toy for children

advent calendar ideas surprises games samples

To fix them a tape and clips will be the best in the last step should cut the tape with the desired measure. To place the numbers in the socks, the best are the stickers. Especially those round stickers so children can read them more easily. The tape can be placed in a railing to extend it to various places to create other garlands. This option helps above all to save space if our home is not very big. When we have to improvise an advent calendar, ideas such as cloth cobblers can be very useful for us.

Simple idea with some paper envelopes, can be decorated with colored papers

advent calendar ideas chocolates walls

We just have to make sure that it has the right amount of spaces that cover all the days that the calendar should have. At the last minute, other resources found in the kitchen area can be excellent advent calendars. Cake or muffin molds can be used to store gifts in the pits. They serve for gifts or small candies. Above the openings are the stickers with the numbers of the week and that's it.

An example of a colorful and fun calendar with details, ideal to do as a family

advent calendar ideas signs cardboard funny

They can be fixed on any surface if we prefer it. The crafts with filter are another of the most popular and known. The case of advent calendars makes work much easier. They only demand some sewing skills. The felt and several fabrics have the advantage that they can last much longer compared to the previous crafts. There are other cases of Advent calendars that children can do without our help. The plastic cups are the ideal material for this.

A dry branch can be the perfect support for this calendar mode

advent calendar ideas pictures color branches

They can be glued to a surface that can be a large cardboard. Once the gift is introduced, the entrance of the glass can be closed with colored paper. The tissue paper looks beautiful and gives a luxurious finish. Any advent calendar design ideas and so on can be designed with the most unthinkable matters. Cardboard, tree branches or ropes are some of them. For example, in the branch of a tree you can hang several cones of cardboard and place the gifts inside.

Funny and unique little house made with rolls of toilet paper and recycled materials

advent calendar ideas rolls casita

The final result is very eye-catching and it is also an easy craft to make. The chromatic range of each of the cones can be varied and made more attractive. Especially in a range that remembers Christmas. In addition to red, green or white the calendar can experiment with blue. The combination of blue and white is perfect for recreating winter days. Added to natural elements such as wood. The paper bags combined with the sticks to hang them are great.

Branches painted white achieve an excellent contrast in this case with red

advent calendar ideas hanging solutions

This calendar can be hung everywhere, on some ropes, in a tree there really are no limits. With the paper bags painted green, the appearance will be like that of a forest. So each of these bags will be great fun when we fill them with candy. In addition this advent calendar is one of the most economical solutions that exist. It requires very few resources to invest. Some wooden ribbon or a dry branch tongs and some paper.

Good idea very cheap that is done in a short time, using red and white

advent calendar ideas colors red candies walls

As a variant, the branches in the elaboration of advent calendars are very popular. The truth is that it goes beyond the calendars and is applied in many crafts. A few small houses can be added to the branches. They are made mostly with a little cardboard and children can decorate them in many colors. With this calendar the possibilities of color are many, starting from the same branch to which you can add the white color so that the houses have a better contrast.

Wall decoration with fun calendars that will surely please children

colorful special samples designs

The recycling of rolls of toilet paper is another favorite material for many crafts. The case of an advent calendar ideas with these rolls there are many. If we can collect twenty-four can be folded and decorated with colored papers. They can be fixed on a surface or framing them and placing the gifts inside. It is a calendar with which fun will be guaranteed and the possibilities of decoration are immense. Each roll of cardboard can be decorated in a different way.

An incredible design for lovers of cars, a whole road in the city

road furniture trails walls city

Advent calendars in addition to being framed or hung as garlands can decorate a Christmas tree. With some fragments of wood that we can extract from a pale tree, it would become a very beautiful tree. Take advantage and create several proposals with the use of pales. A rustic tree made of this wood is another perfect support for an advent calendar. Both paper bags and some decorated boats can hang on it. Completing a perfect image that will fill any corner of joy. Another thing that will amuse children is the crafts with disposable cups.

The paper envelopes can be made in a simple way and in a short time

work colorful envelopes cardboard supplies bags

If you join with a ribbon you can form another simple and practical calendar. To be more original, a selection of glasses of different colors will be very striking. With glasses Disposable in the same way it is possible to create some reindeer faces that make the calendar more fun. In this case several brown glasses will be needed. Failing that, they can be lined with a little paper of this color.

A small paper cutout with the right shapes to set the envelope

Colorful lines envelope cardboard cutout

In any store we will find the sticker eyes, to which we would add another red one to complete the nose. In both cases they can be made of cardboard and cut and paste them later. To finish this craft a green ribbon would give them the perfect touch. If we do not have much time an Advent calendar with a minimalist air is possible. It will not be necessary to place the gifts anywhere. We can simply hang them on a rope or some branch. So we avoid all wrappings or have to list each gift.

Glue applied at the ends to ensure a stable closure of the corners

closing glue special close manual

Small cuts to decorate will be the last step for a fun calendar

finished ideas designs samples clippings

Other solutions can be with envelopes of a whole color with a simpler decoration

colorful cardboard boxes

This will look perfect on a door if we have skills in the area of ​​sewing

seams solutions numbers materiale mensajess

Decor for stairs with homemade calendars from fabric cutouts

ropes stockings seams ideas stockings

Children can paint the envelopes and add the images and decorations to their liking

funny special colors samples drawings

Christmas branches and accessories, an inexpensive way to decorate the calendar

elegant games figures small houses

Take advantage again to any frame you have at home lying in a corner

framed funny colors rooms frame

Various design solutions designed especially for children or their bedroom

special colorful rooms green samples

Using several colored paper cutouts this calendar looks like a garland

Colorful simple special children's paper

Beautiful effect with recycled materials and others that can be done in a very short time

pieces fabric cutouts red gifts

It looks good in any part of the house thanks to its contrasts of Christmas colors

Exterior polka dots exterior materials

Two different ways to present the calendar in a simple and economical way

final creative solutions fountains walls

Some gloves can be decorated with small stones or toilet paper

gloves fores hands attached plants

Other interesting design variations forming the traditional Christmas trees

children's materials salons styles fonts

Natural elements and different small accessories to decorate the calendar

toys natural things houses plants

Creative idea with green paper that resembles a cute miniature forest

miniatures green style colors made

Small framed gloves, a design that will surprise all the guests

original creative ideas framed designs

Calendar inspired by the forest made from cardboard and recycled elements

decorative paper common special furniture

Small decorated paper bags will fill any wall of the house with joy

small ideas clothes rack bags walls

Wreath-like calendar idea inspired by the forest and designed from paper

plants hanging ideas hanging lines

Another of the colorful variants that can change the image of any corner

cutouts paper colors colorful fabrics

Calendars as a complement to the shelves and all the decoration of the house

envelopes cardboard animated samples shelves

Small details to decorate the paper bags will change your image completely

decorated envelopes special numbers lines

With some fabric cuts can be achieved true wonders like this photo

fabrics pine shapes children red

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