Advent calendars - fifty original ideas

little tree christmas flat wood gifts

Today we have prepared fifty great ideas to elaborate Advent calendars this Christmas at home. Following family traditions can be very fun, so you should not miss these original crafts that will make you spend unforgettable moments, we hope you enjoy the tour.

Homemade Advent Calendars

nice designs paper sachets calendar

A design Simple but very original is the one that appears in the photograph above. Several strings that hang from the wall in rows carry bags of colored clothes made by hand also attached with clothespins. The bags can be made of paper, cloth or any other material that we can use, but we must not forget to number them.

Scandinavian style Advent Calendar

advent calendar design nordic style

The following calendar design presents a very Nordic , as many have already guessed. The style of Scandinavian decoration is usually simple and natural, with the Christmas decoration the same thing happens. The combination of colors is repeated in the adornments, and at all times the natural elements and materials are appreciated.

Shay Cochrane Advent Calendar

Shay Cochrane calendar design

A curiosity of Advent Calendar is that its origin is Protestant and arose already when it began to celebrate Christmas as a holiday. Since the children received gifts from St. Nicholas and the wait became interminable during the month of December, this tradition appeared that consisted of giving them small details every day until Christmas.

Calendar in the form of fir with cubes

tree christmas cubes metal calendar

A curiosity of the Advent calendar is that its origin is Protestant and arose already when it began to celebrate Christmas as a holiday. Since the children received gifts from San Nicolás and the wait became endless during the month of December, this tradition appeared that consisted of painting 24 stripes on the door of the house so that the children could erase one each day and wait in this way the arrival of Christmas

Original advent calendar design

paper bags advent calendar horns

In the wealthiest and wealthiest families, this tradition was something different. Every day from December to Christmas Eve children were presented with a small detail or a treat. This tradition gained popularity especially in Germany already during the last century, however, underwent some changes during the era of nationalism; the calendar images were fairy tales and Germanic gods.

Calendar design of paper sachets

paper bags calendars advent numbers

Then we leave you with the rest of the photographs of our collection. In them you can see more original designs of homemade calendars that will give them ideas to make their own personalized. Do not hesitate and prepare an original Advent calendar for family fun this Christmas.

Paper envelopes for Advent calendar

cardboard sachets colors calendar adviento

Design of Advent home calendar

pink bags calendar

Calendar with numbered paper bags

sachets paper wall numbers calendar

Paper bags for Advent calendar

paper sachets christmas advent calendar

Colored paper envelopes for the calendar

sachets paper clothes clothespins

Advent calendar with cloth bags

nice design calendar figurines

Advent calendars of paper and cardboard

beautiful designs calendar advent crafts

Wooden box with small drawers

large box drawers small colors

Advent calendar of Christmas socks

red socks advent calendar pendant

Advent Calendar with party caps

advent calendar hats cones party

silver tree advent calendar

advent calendar socks kitchen gloves

Advent calendar socks hanging christmas

Advent calendar clothespins

Nordic style advent calendars

advent calendar light blue letters

calendars advent design home cardboard

calendars advent crafts cardboard colors

calendars advent hanger plastic door

Advent calendar hanging ornaments

card numbers photos calendar

little house dolls calendars advent wood

wooden birdhouses Advent calendar

how to make homemade advent calendars

cubes numbers calendar adviento

design sachets paper numbers ornaments

Home design cardboard advent calendar

Scandinavian Advent calendar designs

original designs advent calendars

super design calendar hanging pots

great designs calendar home paper

hang tags modern advent calendar

manufacture sachets calendar advent paper

hanging pots wall colors red

wooden furniture with drawers

furniture form reindeer calendar advent

christmas fir advent calendar

original design fir cardboard calendar

original advent calendar design

original design tree calendar fir

panel wood color green calendar

hanging branch cookie shapes

golden twigs hanging christmas gifts

lilac color calendar advent tubes

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