Amazing manicure to look great at the Halloween party

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As we know Halloween is one of the most anticipated celebrations of the year especially by the little ones. It is a date in which different activities are included for its celebration. Costumes, carving pumpkins to decorate or make lanterns are always the order of the day.

Manicure inspired by the celebration of Halloween

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Today we are going to stop in a very peculiar way to enrich the costumes. Especially in the case of women, it is about the manicure. A process that can likewise have true artistic results as shown by several photos. The personalized manicure for the Halloween party gives the possibility of painting and combining countless patterns. Within this large group are faces, skulls, ghosts, bloody nails and even mummies.

Manicure that combines various elements such as pumpkins, witches and spiders

manicure supplies black decorations combinations

With the use of black color for example you can create a manicure that reflects a black cat. In the same way you can add the orange to paint a pumpkin. In addition to the costumes we can say that this is another special way to celebrate Halloween. If you do not want to add some patterns of the mentioned ones you can simply paint them with the colors related to this festivity. They can be white, red or especially orange and black.

The black color is the perfect excuse to design a small cat in the nails

manicure cats black halloween ideas

In both hands the designs can be similar or have different manicures in each of them. In both cases the impression of fear that characterizes this date is possible. Although more attention is paid to costume the manicure should not be neglected. If it is paid attention and it is put in function of the selected disguise it will be an important part of the whole aspect in general. In the images we show several ideas to get these interesting designs.

Another interesting variant using red and black, witches and cobwebs

Manicure Inspired Aranas Brujas Touches

Of all perhaps the case of pumpkins in the manicure is the most difficult. It requires drawing all the details and the outline of the eyes and mouth in a small space. To make it less complex you can simply apply the design on some nails. To begin with, the rounded shape of the pumpkin must first be drawn. With a finer brush on the top we would make the small leaves.

Orange can not miss when it comes to Halloween, curious pumpkins and seams

halloween inspired manicure styles orange

A darker color can be applied to make it look louder on the sides. Later the drawing would be completed by adding the eyes, the nose and a smile. So that the pumpkin looks really spectacular to the nails can be given a base first of black. In terms of colors, a skeletal manicure is less complex. You only need nail polish in black and white. The drawing of the forms is the complicated step of the whole process.

With some simple solutions we will have the perfect nails for this celebration

manicure simple styles materials time

The nails should be painted completely black and then blank the skull or all the bones that make up the skeleton. Once the drawing is finished, a protective layer will make it last longer. Remember that this variant and others have to match a disguise that is equally creepy. Another popular choice for Halloween celebration is bloody nails. It is usually simple and the cost is similarly low, the reason is that we will only need two colors of nail polish white and red. If we have little time in the same way, it will be useful to get out of trouble due to the simplicity of the design in general.

An idea with mummies and cobwebs along with various color details such as orange

manicure inspired mums colors polka dots

The first thing is to paint the nails in white and add the splash effect in red with a fine brush. The result is always impressive it lends itself to various costumes. Especially those as the case of zombies that can even be made as a couple. Spiders are another of the common inspirations in the manicure for the Halloween party. We can associate them with various costumes of witches or vampires that can also have artificial blood. In the image below they mix with a small pumpkin that as we know is a symbol of this interesting celebration.

Pumpkins are one of the perfect inspirations for several interesting designs

Manicure inspired rooms materials sources

So you will have a perfect manicure associated with the theme of your costume. Before drawing the spiders the nails you can add the gray, black or even the red color. The spider begins to draw then with a small circle for the body. To which will be added several fine lines that will be the legs. As in previous designs a small layer can be useful to close the design. If we want to give a more elegant and refined turn to our nails on Halloween there are other options.

An interesting variant that combines elegance with Halloween details

manicure halloween stylish orange concepts

To get away from the effects of terror and fear you can use various accessories. A creative manicure can be done with small fragments of fabrics, fantasy jewelry or small stones. Even if we are at a party until the altar at night, there are fluorescent variants that will shine in the dark. What we can not lose sight of is that it fits and complements the entire design of our costume. These animal inbreathing are a perfect case for a feline costume, especially leopard. Undoubtedly it will be a guaranteed success and all our selection will be in full harmony.

Animals can be another effective solution like this leopard concept

manicure leopards houses effects hands

All the creatures or the mysterious images will look fantastic on the nails. Our manicure will adapt to the theme of the holidays and with fun or elegant trends. If we have the possibility to go preparing in advance, it will be much better. So we will evaluate several possibilities to see which is best suited to our case. In addition to the shades mentioned, some metallic details can be added. They will look great with the images of pumpkins , black cats or the skeletons about which we commented.

Bloody nails that we can wear with a variety of costumes

artificial blood manicure dead drawings

Gothic, romantic or with a certain mystery there is a whole world of choices. For lovers of the Gothic the first thing is to add some dark tones. Then the images of spider bats will take care of the rest. In addition to the tones of this celebration, the palette can be extended with other colors. Purple, red or even pink can add nice artistic contrasts. All these tones can be used to draw the images with elegance.

Ghosts, pumpkins or spiders can all be carried to the designs in this celebration

simple manicure pumpkins fun ideas

Other combinations can be achieved with some small stickers. Several specialized stores have some special designs for the celebration of Halloween . The fun is guaranteed, not only will we have a scary costume, our nails in the same way will look great. Explore several of these trends that we show you. You still have time to experiment with some colors and shapes. When you arrive Halloween you will have your style better defined and a better idea in terms of colors and shapes.

Eyes and monsters, the perfect solutions for nails full of terror and creativity

manicure terrifies monsters styles solutions

Cobwebs, a style with an ideal contrast if we look for a more elegant exit

fresh spiders elegant clear cobwebs

White looks great on these nails to highlight colors and tiny figures

white pumpkins images white blood

Pumpkins, a Halloween icon that takes the nails to another level with great style

pumpkins interesting colors fear green

Both the color black and orange are a direct reference to the Halloween party

combination ghosts effects color details

Seams with beautiful contrasts of color and small stones that combine perfectly

small seams color stones seams

Another variant for Halloween that focuses on green and purple in the design

seams purple green designs variants

Some skulls combined with flowers and interesting 3D effects with some stones

skulls effect tresd images salons

A special case of skulls with some flowers and decorative details in black

skulls flowers halloween effects ideas

Special idea that gives greater prominence to the flowers in the manicure for Halloween

skulls ideas flowers styles manicure

Small landscapes with crows and a certain spooky touch with black lines

crosses white background styles lines

Cobwebs, small detail that will bring the spirit of Halloween in a simple way

detail hand only touch ideas

Manicure variant inspired by the spiders used the color white and black

spider effects special colors variants

Together with pumpkins, skeletons are another idea that can not be missed

awesome skeleton fonts full colors

Several solutions of terror that without a doubt will be a great attraction in the celebration

horror effect fear colors terror

Small bats with some color details for an unforgettable night

bats colors inspirations halloween ideas

A style can look good with a witch costume or adapting other animals to the design

Special animal variants different effects

Another contrast of orange and black two special colors when it comes to Halloween

elegant black orange combinations ways

A curious effect of eyes that look in the dark that can be done easily

dark eyes black ones effect

Ghosts, pumpkins and everything that represents Halloween will be very useful

simple easy ideas chlores ghosts

Concept that incorporates cats, spiders and ghosts especially in black

Special acrylic variants dimensions ideas

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