American kitchen with bar, functionality in your home.

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The American kitchen has marked the style of many environments in our days. It can be said that open kitchens have several advantages. His role is currently more protagonist and the kitchen is no longer an isolated space. This has caused that the American kitchen has gained in popularity thanks to its open design.

American kitchen, bar with stools

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A concept that makes this apart from the house open to the rest of the areas of our home. Today we will see from a very practical detail the bars. American bars are undoubtedly another innovative part in these kitchens. They are incorporated with an exquisite fluidity and they make them extremely comfortable . The positive aspects of American bars are many.

American kitchen, rustic design

American open rustic cottage kitchen

In the practical sense they allow to create a visual separation. It does not create a sudden transition between the dining room and the kitchen. The bar in the American kitchen goes beyond the decorative, being extremely functional. With it dramatically increases the area for the preparation of food. This is essential because other elements such as sinks reduce the useful area.

Stool style with backrest

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If you like to decorate with various accessories also the American bar allows it to increase space. If we add some stools We can create an excellent area for breakfast or meals. The bar in the American kitchen can be presented in different ways. We can choose the design based on a long piece of marble or other material. Always matching the countertop and supporting legs.

Barra as an extension of the furniture

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It is a design that allows the placement of stools thanks to the space below free. It is an interesting option but one that can contrast with another. The option based on kitchen modules, lengthen the furniture by placing the countertop as a bar. In this case the lower part is intended for drawers or cabinets.

Bar with two levels

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Precisely the stools are the ones that complete the image of the American kitchen. We can say that they are an almost essential detail if you want a kitchen with this style. As we mentioned the fact of having breakfast and enjoying some light meals would be almost impossible. For event celebrations, they are very practical as an option for more seats.

Pleasant contrast with wooden floor

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If the space is too small there are even folding options. After meals or a party will not hinder the passage through the kitchen. According to the dimensions of the bars they are usually up to one meter fifteen in height. To which are added about forty centimeters wide. This determines that at the time of purchase, the total height should not exceed ninety centimeters.

Bar without storage space

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At least we should have about thirty centimeters free between the bar and the legs. This will not affect our comfort when sitting. The separation should be based on approximately sixty centimeters. This makes it possible to eat with absolute comfort. The options of folding stools for the American kitchen are very interesting. It has an ideal capacity to be used in different environments.

Extension to prepare food

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Especially on spacious terraces if necessary extend the number of seats. When it is done in practice the dimensions in terms of height should be in relation to our needs. As important as the dimensions is evidently the material of the stools. To select it, you must also think about the area where they will be used in addition to the American kitchen. When they are very close to heat sources in the kitchen the material must be resistant.

Variant with stools

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They can not deteriorate easily and be durable. It is very frequent that one of the things that affects them is the steam that comes off while we cook and the humidity of the condensation. On the other hand, resistance to stains is also necessary. The most natural thing is to get dirty with sauces, fats and various liquids while eating or cooking. They can even be at high temperatures so that a poor quality material could even burn.

Matching countertops

American kitchen open bar countertops

Materials like wood look simply great and give the American kitchen a certain rustic accent. The folding models look good in several environments so we should pay attention to the quality of the wood. Select those that have a good treatment to avoid such periodic maintenance. The lacquer versions have a beautiful image and likewise stand out for their resistance.

Functional open kitchen

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They are usually cheap and in many modern kitchens are seen in perfect harmony with other structures. For cases of falls or blows it has greater resistance unlike scratches on the surface. Stainless steel can not be missing from our list because of its modern image. Highly durable and highly functional, they have the same way in light weight folding designs. The best part is that the part of the seat is combined with different materials.

Fluid division of spaces

American kitchen small bar box

This undoubtedly makes them more interesting in the visual aspect. PVC has extended its applications to different products and stools have not escaped this trend. For the American kitchen they are perfect especially for the resistance to humidity. Unlike lacquered models its deterioration is not so accelerated. They do not usually have too high prices but you have to be careful in the kitchen and not place them too close to heat sources.

Excellent area for breakfast

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In short there are many options of stools for your American kitchen. With or without support depends on your personal taste. The important thing is that they are comfortable and that they enhance the image of your kitchen and its functionality. We leave you several styles in our gallery today, with varied design proposals.

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Natural charm with wood

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Elegant stools without backrest

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Modern bar in green

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Area for meals in bar

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