Arbors with curtains - thirty eight ideas

super design pergolas arbors

The pergolas or arbors are becoming increasingly prominent in the decoration of gardens, so in today's post we will see some models of arbors that also come equipped with curtains, a complement that can be very useful to protect from the sun and also unwanted insects .

Modern gazebos with curtains

pergola independent curtains archiproducts

A great example is the one we can see above; It is a pergola of modern design with an awning extensible and curtains . The design is quite simple, the structure consists of four legs that act as a support base and four bars that form the roof, all of them cylindrical in white.

Modern pergola design by BT Group

fabulous modern pergola white curtains

The following arbor design looks a bit like the previous one, although in this case the aluminum structure is completely gridded and straight. It is a pergola designed by BT Group, which specializes in the manufacture of furniture and accessories for gardens. They offer a wide variety of models of gazebos in their catalog, all of them of modern design.

Garden with pool and wooden pergola

nice garden gazebos pergola curtains

In many examples we will see that the pergolas tend to be white especially in the hottest areas since, light colors attract less heat. A pergola can become a oasis refreshing in the middle of the garden where your relatives and guests can sit down to enjoy a meal or a pleasant rest.

Wooden pergola with hanging bed

bed hanging arbor curtain wood

In terms of form and design, we will see that there are many different examples, from arbors of steel and wood, to small portable aluminum pergolas with a capacity for four people. A very striking design is the one we see above; a hanging bed covered by a wooden pergola ... can you ask for more?

Wooden pergola with curtains

pretty arbors curtains stones bands

Designs of independent pergolas with curtains

beautiful gazebos curtains pergolas ceiling

Design of aluminum pergola with sun loungers

Modern pergola outside bed curtains

Corradi garden pergola

arbors garden model corradi curtains

Design of wooden gazebos with white curtains

wooden arbors cushions white curtains

Wooden pergola with white curtains

white curtains pergola wood terrace

design arbors white curtains

modern white pergola design

interior design pergola brown curtains

wood furniture white curtains

tropical garden wooden arbors

white pergola modern dining terrace

pergola arbor color yellow curtains

pergola arbor red cushions design

modern pergola red cushions ceiling

pergola arbor design curtains

pergolas arbors white curtains

big white tent circus curtains

white porch design awning curtains

pergola garden modern design curtains

pergola large design btgroup terrace

pergola color gray white curtain

pergola gray color white curtains

pergola metal independent beige curtains

pretty pergola wood furniture garden

modern pergola model eclissi curtain

modern pergola curtains lights doors

modern pergola brown mosquito net curtains

pergola modern garden swimming pool

pergola work with beige curtains

pergolas natural wood platform porch

porch gazebo color orange

porch pergola arbor curtains house

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