Architecture and design - a home for nature lovers

Architecture and modern design

This house, built for a family of nature lovers, was designed by the architecture and design firm Malcom Davis Architecture, in the year 2016. It is located in Healdsburg, California, USA, and covers an area of ​​1550 m2.

Architecture and design - a building created by Malcom Davis Architecture

Malcom Davis Architecture

Surrounded by a beautiful landscape full of abundant vegetation, green trees and numerous hills, this construction includes several facilities that allow us to enjoy outdoor activities.

architecture and original design

The great swimming pool heated is perfect both for exercise and for spending free time. The magnificent backdrop only makes this even more desirable, helping us to relax when we need it most. In the image above we have a side view of the house, from which we can see the concrete chimney and the pool.

garden pool

The house also includes a chimney of concrete, around which we can host a delicious barbecue or spend a moment of relaxation with the family.

house patio

The idea of ​​the project was to enclose the structure as little as possible to maintain the sense of a camp, a building completely focused on the outdoors.

Original glazed dining room design

glazed dining room

The client's original inspiration images included tents placed on a roof and a possible prefabricated structure.

shower cabin

Louis Mumford defined the style of construction as "a native and human form of modernism ... a free but discreet expression of terrain, climate, and way of life" on the coast and in the coastal valleys of northern California.


Located on 165 acres, twenty minutes from the nearest paved road, Camp Baird is located in the only place of generous level in a dense coastal valley with oak and laurel trees. The place is completely outside the network, even the mobile phone service is irregular.

outdoor shower

The concept placed two structures on the property; a barn and a main pool house located in an L-shaped orientation. The main structure has three multifunctional closed primary spaces at the opposite ends of the central porch facing south.

garden entrance

These spaces can be used for any type of activities: sleeping, snuggling, resting, practicing yoga or playing games. "The house is inspired by the children who come to play, it is not totally a house because it is a camp with a roof structure of great slope and a large porch.

furnished porch

The kitchen and the main shower are outside; as architects, we stay behind in the background and let nature be the star. "

simple interior

Its interior, with wooden floors and a ceiling supported by wooden beams, is inhabited by furniture and simplistic decoration.

modern glazing

The kitchen with dining room is inside a kind of glass box, and through these glass walls we can see the area of ​​the pool in its entirety, as well as the vast green landscape surrounding the house. Dinner time becomes the perfect opportunity to enjoy the views.

wood porch

As night falls, there is nothing better than sitting on the terrace and enjoying the view illuminated by the last rays of light.

Minimalist and simple interior design

minimalist interior

Images of architecture and modern interior design

architecture and interior design

Design: Malcom Davis Architecture
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