Architecture and design of spectacular stairs

evolution design modern residence stairs snail ideas

Today we have for all of you some very original ideas of architecture and design of very original stairs. There are so many stair designs that are very complex and versatile as any other architectural element. In the architecture and design of the modern staircases that we present today, you will see that the shape of the general structure has changed a lot. These designs show us that any variation of the form is possible. The curves are a touch that is not lacking in these designs, so we invite you to review the photos and get inspired.

Architecture and design of very modern spiral staircases

architecture and design stairs attractive modern ideas

In the next photo you can see a staircase that was designed by Thomas Heatherwick for a store of the British brand Longchamp. The designer and his team of designers came up with a very attractive solution for an unconventional space of a few square meters on the ground floor. With this undulating staircase design, the architect managed to bring more natural light to the ground floor, while also offering a natural transition between plants.

Architecture and design of spectacular stairs

architecture and design stairs thomas heatherwick ideas

Andrew McConnell came up with the concept of this ladder by simplifying the shape of a whale's vertebra in one piece. Each staircase is composed of steps and a handrail.

The concept of this staircase designed by the Canadian architect Andrew McConnell is based on the spine of a whale

architecture and design stairs andrew mcconnell ideas

This staircase is the focus of attention of the design thanks to the bulky railing, and it also combines well with the system of external slats.

Spiral staircase with metal handrail designed by HYLA Design

architecture and design stairs hyla design ideas

The interior of the magnificent residence is beautiful, thanks to its high ceilings, large windows and natural wood elements that are dominant, the staircase is the main visual attraction.

Very original staircase designed by Patrick Jouin and Sanjit Manku

architecture and design stairs patrick jouin sanjit manku ideas

This sculptural spiral staircase dominates the space thanks to its contemporary design. The beauty of wood is the cozy touch that adapts very well to concrete walls.

Lovely wooden staircase

architecture and sculptural design spiral staircase ideas

Belzberg Architects organized the design of Tree Top Residence around an impressive helical staircase. The design is not just a simple propeller, the glass railings that have this staircase on each side had to be bent to measure to flow with the sculptural curves of the staircase.

In Tree Top Residence hides this impressive spiral staircase

architecture design stairs wood belzberg architects ideas

This spiral staircase designed by designer Paul Cocksedge has overflowing floors and circular spaces where employees can take time off from work. The staircase is in a new office building in Soho London. The design concept is a ladder that is used not only to move from one floor to another.

The most natural staircase designed by Paul Cocksedge

architecture and design stairs paul cocksedge ideas

This beautiful staircase is wrapped in folded wooden strips that resemble a barrel. The talented architects managed to find a place for this magnificent architectural element.

Lovely staircase designed by Jouin Manku

architecture and design stairs jouin manku ideas

The modern materials allow the creation of designs of very different and unusual stairs like this one that you see in the following photo. The spiral staircase is in an office tower in Tel Aviv to add a dose of natural beauty to the bright, contemporary building.

Spiral staircase designed by Oded Halaf and Tomer Gelfand

architecture and design stairs oded halaf tomer gelfand ideas

The four-story building focuses on the steel staircase that connects all levels and creates an internal dynamism, as well as a futuristic and minimalist contemporary luxury design.

A staircase with contemporary design by Fuksas Architects

architecture and design stairs fuksas architects ideas

To the redesign of a house in London, RA Projects added a blue steel stair so that it not only became an interesting architectural feature inside but also added additional storage space

Very functional staircase designed by RA Projects

architecture blue stairs design ra projects ideas

Biljana Jovanović has designed this staircase for the house of a young family in Budapest. Apart from the perforated walls, the staircase has angular steps that create a criss-cross pattern if viewed from below.

Architecture and creative design by Biljana Jovanović

architecture modern stairs biljana jovanovic ideas

This is one of the most intriguing staircase designs that would be a great addition to any contemporary home. A contrast is created between the white oval structure and the light brown wooden steps.

A concept of contemporary staircase

architecture eestairs stairs original design interesting ideas

The Berlin-based interior design studio Hidden Fortress created a suspended box design staircase for the Bazar Noir store offering rare products from local and international designers. The wooden interior of the staircase structure presents a marked contrast to the interior of the shop in black gray.

A very original design by Hidden Fortress

stairs design original house hidden fortress ideas

This beautiful floating staircase maintains the lightness of the space. Each step in suspension, is made of ultra high performance concrete with exceptional structure, as well as aesthetic qualities.

Suspended staircase designed by Zaha Hadid

architecture minimalist design stairs zaha hadid ideas

Villa La Roche is an apparently traditional building, but when you enter you can see that it really is that way. White walls, wooden elements and a staircase of contemporary complex design form this design.

Staircase with complex design

villa la roche stairs design archiplein ideas

Rarely do we see unique stair designs that use traditional materials. But this will happen if you look at the next photo with this beautiful staircase.

Staircase with luxurious design

architecture and design stairs peter marino architect ideas

Instead of separating the stairs from the walls this time we see one connected to the wall. The natural and organic charm of the wood adds warmth to the rest of the context of the contemporary apartment with white walls and wavy roofs.

Organic staircase designed by Arquitectura en Movimiento Workshop

architecture in motion workshop design stairs ideas

Philip Watts presents a staircase design that would be a rather bold accent in a modern home. This staircase has a metal structure and wooden steps to soften the coldness of a curving, curving metal.

Another stair design inspired by vertebrae

stairs original design spine ideas

This beautiful staircase is not only a mere design element, it is also an informal meeting space.

Staircase with round shape designed by WORKac

stairs round shape design workac ideas

Kuadra Studio made a staircase with steps that come two by two and are integrated into the wall, but seem to levitate in the air.

Floating steps designed by Kuadra Studio

kuadra studio floating stairs design kuadra studio ideas

The steps of this staircase are made of the same stone that was used on the wall to join them with it. The effect is both dramatic and coherent.

Stone staircase designed by MG2 Architecture

stairs modern design mg2 architecture ideas




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