Artichokes in sauce with lemon for pasta

Artichokes In Sauce

In this article we are going to focus on the preparation of the Artichokes In Sauce . Is a recipe Brazilian very appropriate for summer and we can accompany it with different types of food but especially with pasta.

Artichokes in a sauce with lemon and other ingredients

artichokes in pasta sauce

First of all, the ingredients you will need are: the inside of 12 marinated artichokes, 1/4 of a cup of grated Parmesan cheese, 1/4 cup of peeled and fried pistachios, 1/4 of a cup of sliced ​​leaves. parsley, 2 cloves of garlic, the juice of a lemon, the crust of a lemon, 1/4 of a teaspoon with salt, 1/3 of a cup of olive oil, the pasta, half a loaf of bread, 2 spoons of oil of olive for bread, 2 spoons of crushed pistachios, 2 spoons of Parmesan cheese.

How to make artichoke and lemon sauce for pasta and other dishes

artichokes in lemon sauce

The first thing you have to do is leave all the ingredients with salt in a blender and start it up. You have to get a doughy mixture and, while the blender is working, you have to take little by little 1/3 of the olive oil. After doing this first step, you have to cover the mixture and leave it in the fridge for a week.

The crushing of lemons and artichokes

artichokes in lemon sauce pasta

When asked how to make artichokes in sauce, this is the answer. Now, this sauce can be combined with different types of foods, but it is best to combine it with pasta. It is a very summery sauce and with the pasta that can be eaten even cold gives a lot of freshness to the summer.

The mixture of all the crushed ingredients

recipes of artichokes in sauce

This recipe of artichokes in sauce can be found in other variants and with more or less ingredients. This is the Brazilian recipe, but you can always adapt it to your liking.

An almost homogeneous mixture of artichokes and lemons

how to make artichokes in sauce

It must be said that for a better preservation of the sauce in the fridge, it is preferable to have a glass container like the one in the photo, with a hermetic lid to be able to keep it for longer. This way the sauce could last even more than a week.

The sauce in a bowl and in the fridge

cook artichokes in sauce

This is a very easy way to cook artichokes in sauce and also gives a very exotic and tropical touch to our meals. It's something ideal if we want to surprise someone with our culinary skills. With the artichokes in sauce you can really amaze people and enjoy the taste of Brazilian cuisine.

Different ways to serve salsa

artichokes in green sauce

When serving the sauce on the table, you can do it in a container with interesting and original form and, in addition, you can add some detail like a leaf of a plant to decorate it. It is necessary to mention that if the lemons that you are going to use are closer to the green color than to the yellow one, the mixture that will leave you will be green and vice versa.

An original way to serve salsa on the table

artichokes in lemon green sauce

You can also buy special shapes to serve your artichokes in green sauce. The sauce can be served separately, but if your dish is pasta , there is no problem in mixing the sauce with the pasta and serving it like that.

Accompanying the sauce with slices of toasted bread

recipe of artichokes in lemon sauce

In addition to the pasta, you can improvise and experiment, using the sauce or the pasta, depending on the liquid that has come out, to make slices of toast bread and spread our mixture on top.

Artichoke and lemon sauce perfect for pasta

how to make artichokes in pasta sauce

An ideal meal for summer

cook artichokes in pasta sauce

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