Attic with charm, ideas for the interior

charming attic

Surely you have all seen the garrets in American movies, their organization, the furnishing and their conversion into totally different rooms. Those who have a attic at home maybe you do not know what to do with it and you have all the old junk stuff there with the intention that one day maybe you will need it. Well, in this article we will give you several ideas about some charming attic and the things you can do with them.

Attic with charm and ideas for furnishing and decoration

attic with original charm

To start the attic is that place that is located under the roof and many of you keep there things that no longer need. All these old junk can be thrown away or stored in your garage, thus leaving free the place you are going to convert into a new room.

Attic of warm colors converted into a room

modern charming dormers

After having finished with the cleaning and before selecting ideas for what you want to do under your roof, you have to take into account the dimensions of your attic, since this will depend to a certain extent what you can do with it.

Make the loft a living room

charming attic house

If your attic is small, you will not have much space for too much furniture and we do not advise you to put an excessive number of furniture because in the end there will be no place for you. Therefore, if it is smaller you can convert it into a living room or a room for your child, or if you want in a guest room. In small rooms the colors are very important because thanks to them you can create the feeling of a cozy and more spacious place. Bearing this in mind, you could bet on the colors and pastel or pink colors or you could combine both shades.

The charming attic rooms converted into game rooms

charming attic design

On the other hand, if your attic is bigger. you can turn it into a game room where you could meet with your friends. If you like a special game, such as billiards, you can put a table in the center of the attic and several sofas on the sides. In this way you would get some modern and original attics.

Have a game room under the roof

charming garrets room games

On the other hand, if your style is more traditional and the interior of your house is characterized with the classic and the conventional, but you want to turn the attic into a game room, you could put a wooden pool table and, in general, your furniture or games can be made of wood and have a more classic design.

A big buhadilla turned into a room with a game room

Attic with interior charm

At the same time, the attic can be a room and a games room with an area that can be called a living room. The attic furniture of this type can be more compact and its colors have to serve for the decoration of dormers. The games can be of the type that hangs on the walls and the so-called living room near the bed. This is one of the attic with charm typical of American movies.

For movie lovers, a spectacular loft with TV

charming interior attics

We also offer design dormers converted into cinemas. These ideas for attics are ideal for movie lovers. You can put a plasma that can be iterated in a piece of furniture or on the wall and several armchairs to enjoy your favorite movies.

The cinema in your house, in your attic

attic with cinema charm

The chairs can also be placed in a staggered way, putting the back ones in a higher position, resembling the room to a real cinema. In this way, people who sit in the back seats can watch the movie quietly without being hindered by the heads in front.

A rustic attic with TV and sofas

charming attic houses

The combination of ideas can also bring you charming attics, you just have to choose the ideas you want to combine. In this photo, you can see an attic of rustic style in which the wood predominates, but that in turn has been converted into a living room or in a cinema. On the other hand, if your attic is bigger you can divide it into zones, having in each zone a different room.

The attic and the living room, the most compact space in your house

Attic with charm lounge

On the other hand, you can furnish attic with a bed and place in front of it a sofa and a table with a plasma on the wall. And if you have more space you can also place a desk. In this way you will turn your attic into a room with a living room.

Turn your attic into a gym

attic with gym charm

To decorate an attic you do not always need many things. Your decoration will depend on what you want to do with it. You can also add to the charming attics those that have been converted into gyms. In this way, you can take advantage of the corner of your house and get the most out of it.

Your work office in your attic

modern garrets

Or you can also turn the attic into a workplace, moving your office there. To make it more original you can make a triangle on the wall or another way in which you can place your books for your folders. In this way you will convert the place of your house that you had used to store the dishes in a very pleasant place of work.

The attic can be converted into an apartment

garret decoration

When we move our apartment in the part of the attic the interiors in which we live have another image and a modern and elegant touch. The interiors can be decorated with bricks on the walls and with designer furniture that will enhance the style of the interior.

Have a bathroom in the attic with a tilted window

furnish attic furniture bathroom

The bathrooms and the attic at home

decorate a garret

Move the dining room in the attic

ideas for garrets

Convert the attic into a closet

furniture for attic

A very modern room moved in the attic

Design dormers

Attic with gray charm combined with bright and cheerful colors

dormer bedroom decoration

A modern attic made a bedroom

modern garrets houses

The windows in the attic, strategic places for originality and modernity

furnish dormer bedroom

A small attic converted into a cozy bedroom

decorate a small attic

Ideas for large attics with space for everything

ideas for large attics

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