Autumn chimneys and cozy shelves for every home.

autumn chimneys decoration painted pumpkins

We are saying goodbye to the hot days to submerge in the autumn. In this time you can join the many people who decide to change their decoration. Especially to put the interior of your home in line with the fall. The decorations Inspired by this time of year they are usually characterized by their warmth. They are also common landscapes with fallen leaves, pumpkins and dried flowers.

Autumn fireplaces and cozy decor

autumn chimneys pumpkins white spikes

The accents of color range from brown to orange, even violet. A place that is gaining in importance while the cold arrives is the chimney. The options to personalize it during the fall are varied. On this variant we will focus today, autumn chimneys and especially the ledge of the top.

Autumn chimneys with colorful accent

autumn chimneys decoration pictures spikes

The truth is that with a real fireplace or not, the shelf gives it great personality. Undoubtedly when we talk about autumn chimneys and our home she is the meeting point of all the family. It also provides an aesthetic accent that will always be cozy. The decoration of the fireplace and the mantel in general, depend a lot on the style that we are looking for.

Combining pumpkins and horns

autumn chimneys horns orange flowers

In addition to the image that our living room already has. If you have an inclined atmosphere towards the rustic add some vegetables. They can be natural or imitation, also some fruits or branches on top. Something really interesting are the pumpkins we used for many celebrations. They give life to the fireplace in the autumn and can even be used as a vase.

Decorated colorful autumnal

autumn chimneys striking white wood

With the fallen leaves we can make garlands or even some crowns. Especially if we want to highlight the festive atmosphere of this station. It may be the case that your room is rather modern, for which there is also a solution. For a modern and autumnal image, white pumpkins are recommended. Can be combined with candle holders and also imitation leaves with silver accents.

Ears of wheat and pine cones

autumn chimneys decoration cones wood

On the other hand do not hesitate to place a vase with branches and dry leaves and some trunks of trees. They will bring a certain rustic air and will give an excellent balance to your interior. Experiment with some proposals DIY and create in family. For our part we share other ideas for shelves and fireplaces in our gallery.

Variant with crown of branches

autumn chimneys decoration crown cups

Includes natural elements

autumn chimneys decoration crown salon

Warm design, walls in yellow

autumn chimneys orange design yellow

Decorating with images and candles

autumn fireplaces pictures photos fire

Pumpkins and dried flowers

autumn chimneys decoration pumpkins colors

Elegant style with mirrors

autumn chimneys decoration details flowers

Candelabra with pumpkins

autumn chimneys decoration mirror spikes

Color accents with box

autumn chimneys decoration spikes picture

Pumpkins of various sizes

autumn chimneys decoration toys giraffe

DIY crown with natural leaves

autumn chimneys decoration books wood

Contemporary living room, golden pumpkins

autumn chimneys decoration golden branches

Candles with natural texture

autumn chimneys dolls candles clock

Autumnal fresh atmosphere

autumn chimneys dry flowers bench

Creative DIY solutions

animal flags house design horse

animals rooster details plants brass

minimalist pumpkin style photo corn

large poster detail photo plants

simple classic detail candelabrum design

crown decorated tie brown bricks

crown flowers details ideas spikes

picture romance couple red house

crow decorated house style plants

decorative style wreath detail clock

detail owl picture colorful walls

details style creative design candelabrum

diy design turkey style poster

diy container ribbons decorated photos

diy container ribbons details house box

elegant classic style flowers woman

colorful flowers house design picture

nuts details picture candles

letters garlands house fireplace armchair

lights details lighting furniture orange

elegant wood pictures house flowers

walls details red home decoration

small detail yellow style letters

natural branches creative design flowers

dried rams pictures girl details

ledge candelabra romantic glass candles

romantic design house couple watch

armchairs house decoration cushions salon

candles detail lantern crystals rocks

deer head forest deer design

front cozy letters room boxes

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