Autumn halls in a wide range of colors and contrasts

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In the classrooms, autumn is a perfect source of inspiration to decorate. As we know as the seasons go by, the atmosphere of the spaces can be changed. According to the changes that occur in the fall it is possible to add color to the interior.

Halls autumn reflected in different colors

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A perfect way to counteract the cooler temperatures and that gray tone that usually has the sky. Today we have gathered several of those ideas designed especially for salons. A space from which we can establish the main image of our entire home this fall. We propose ideas that range from neutral to darker tonalities.

Salons autumn can be the perfect inspiration for our decoration

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To decorate the salons, autumn can be easily translated. If we are satisfied with our decoration with some simple details we can put it in tune with the changes. There are several DIY projects that use leaves, dry branches and fall flowers that are perfect. With the hydrangea for example we can give life to any vase. Other leaves such as oak can complement them perfectly.

Autumnal rooms with simple decorative accessories and some natural details

salons autumn yellow natural room shelves

During the fall we can take advantage of the chrysanthemums if we have them in our garden. They are another perfect way to bring color to the interior of the house. For the salons the autumn can be brought with a simple vase full of wilted leaves with their interesting colors. Immediately an almost instantaneous association will be created. If you want to accentuate this impression even more pumpkins and some pine cones are suitable.

Beautiful combination of branches, candles and natural fiber fabrics create a refined elegance

lounges the white autumn chimneys ropes

Both can be organized on a table or shelf creating a small harmonious set. As we know in the salons, the cushions can not be absent. They can be combined to match the colors of the compositions of the vases. If it is a neutral decoration all we need is to add a range of bright autumn colors. For decorating salons, autumn can come with natural fibers.

Crowns are a perfect resource that always works for any season

salons autumn pumpkins dry vases

The baskets are one of those accessories that can reinforce these atmospheres. In each of these spaces they are used as an additional addition to guarantee storage space. Other accessories such as candlesticks can have very striking shapes like models that imitate pumpkins. The decoration during the autumn using the flowers will have a limited period of life. Once they fade we will lose the aesthetic we had created.

A touch of yellow and some silver are always a good combination for the living room

lounges the autumn special dining rooms yellow

On the other hand, if we prefer the cushions to give accents of color they will be able to last all the season. In the same way in the halls the autumn can be worked with other textiles such as curtains or carpets. Although as we know all this will require a much greater investment. Cushions or some orange cushions can make a radical change in the room. They are a perfect color transition when it comes to summer to fall.

Let the furniture and several golden details bring the autumnal spirit to your living room

salons the golden autumn tables slats

Orange is a color that will come in handy with virtually any neutral tone. So it will be very easy to introduce it harmoniously in any decoration we have. A refreshing combination for autumn may consist of adding it next to blue. Other special solutions can be created with several selections in magenta and pink. We can incorporate each of these tonalities in the same way to the walls.

Design ideas using the lightest tones in furniture and accessories

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Other combinations combining orange has a more cozy and home effect. With a little turquoise and yellow they can even be adjusted to houses in coastal environments. This combined with some solutions that we mentioned for the vases will be simply great. When decorating rooms autumn elements that refer us to autumn look great on the walls. There are plenty of ways to spend a little time, especially if we like bricolage.

Distributes the same accent of color in various areas of the room in lamps, carpets and other

salons autumn images vases colors

The framed artworks are useful both on the walls and in the bookshelves. They are ideal if you want to create a style in the design. Other schemes of autumn colors can be applied specifically to furniture. The models that contrast some gold or silver details look good all year round. However, that beauty is accentuated during the autumn.

The rustic style can be enriched with some DIY projects with dry branches to decorate

lounges the autumn brick uncovered bricks

Maybe for some a red or orange sofa is too extravagant. If it has a touch of velvet on top it will be the right one if we want to be daring with our decoration. If you think twice buying a new sofa just for a change of season is questionable. However we can find a cover for any of our furniture that goes with seasonal colors.

The plants and some floral elements in accessories always brighten an autumnal environment

lounges the autumn wood special armchairs

According to its dimensions, the covers can change the image of armchairs and any other piece in our living room. Adding or not autumn colors in the interior of our home is a matter of personal taste. As an element in terms of decoration will make it easier to decorate if we consider this station. In this trend the copper tones remain. Along with other metallic accents like gold look great.

If we add cushions with autumnal shades it will be a detail that will change our salon

halls autumn materials colors candles

Both fit perfectly to accentuate the color palette in our autumnal decoration. The entire area of ​​the fireplace is perfect to create something unique. In a special way the decoration can frame this entire area. At the end each detail will look perfect in conjunction with the fire. The fireplace in the autumn halls and the decoration can reinforce its charm. There are shades like yellow and orange that can do it perfectly.

Bet on clear tones if you want a perfect living room to relax

halls autumn chairs material concepts

The variants are multiple and include painted pumpkins, vases, centerpieces and even garlands. Around of the chimney You can create a small shelter for this fall. Like the garlands, some simple string lights look great next to the candles. The design can be complemented with some cushions, chairs and cushions. Everything together will give a great turn to the room.

Another magnificent combination of textiles and some accessories in a bright environment

inspirational accessories ideas cushions

Tornándolo in a warm and beautiful space where shelter from the coldness of the outside. Another extra accent in terms of color and warmth can be given by carpets or furs. Remember that if we add pumpkins to the decoration, the real ones create a rustic atmosphere. Other plants such as corn and cotton pods remember the harvest. Using them in their natural state is a simple way to decorate in the fall.

Art is another perfect resource to decorate the walls and add color details

art cushions incorporated colors effects

A fair advice for the environments that we want to make look with a rustic air. All this natural appearance can be carried to the vases if we add decorative elements. This would create other focal points in the decoration. The containers and vases may contain small pumpkins or berries. In both cases you can give them a touch of color to make them more striking and different.

Fill the chimneys with curious details like these silver pumpkins and pine cones

golden gourds special plants fireplaces

Another fresh design variant that focuses on yellow and some light tones

warm cool armchairs rooms pictures

With some simple elements you can make a perfect centerpiece to decorate

center table wood styles chairs branches

A space where pumpkins steal the spotlight in various aspects of decoration

golden pumpkins images diy white

Crowd of gold elements for a functional and elegant contemporary living room

golden different accents accessories cushions

Pumpkins in different silvery and white tones with various DIY designs with branches

fresh images concepts ideas flowers

Green apples are the perfect choice of fruit to create centerpieces

green apples center table flowers

Interesting proposal using natural materials and fibers to fill this wall of life

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Idea for design solutions that combine blue and various accessories in gold

coffee table style colors table styles

A cozy space that stands out for the use of pastel tones in textiles especially

wood table rooms styles curtains

The orange is another of the protagonists in the decorations inspired by the autumn

orange accents styles rooms images

In the autumn the blankets can become part of the decoration of the living room


Easy DIY project if you prefer natural environments embellished in an economical way

dry branches special colors crystal

Some covers for the armchairs will be enough to bring different aspects of color

remodeling elegant flowers design rooms

Autumnal colors and some golden finishes of the furniture distinguish this room

armchairs special concepts contemporary furniture

The carpets in the decoration are ideal to heat the space while we add color

floors carpets accessories samples effects

Design concept for open space, pumpkins flowers and a natural center

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