Autumnal landscapes in the garden - 50 decorating ideas

autumn flowers purple cabbage

Have you already prepared your garden to receive the new season that is to come? In today's article we will present you with a compilation of fifty fabulous images of autumn landscapes for patios and gardens, all the essentials so that the decoration of this season is very colorful and full of life.

Autumn landscapes for the garden

original decorations autumn landscapes

Here is an autumnal decoration design with natural decorations. The pumpkins they are a symbol of this station, so if we decided to use them we would be making a wise choice. If we do not have pumpkins we can always make them using other materials, such as the artificial pumpkins that appear in the photograph above.

Decoration with autumn plants

pretty garden decoration leaves

Nor should we forget about the dry leaves if we want to get more autumnal landscapes. If we want to make autumn decorations using the fallen leaves and fallen trees, we suggest you follow these steps to keep the leaves rigid and prevent the ornament from spoiling as the days go by.

Autumn decoration for outdoor dinners

autumn flowers

There are several ways to preserve dried leaves, the first is to carefully spread with glue or paper glue. In this way the leaves will become brighter and their colors will not disappear with time. The second way to preserve the leaves is somewhat more expensive but much more effective.

Entrances and porches with autumn decoration

ornaments garden entrance porch autumn

We will need paraffin for candles, a dipper and dry leaves. To begin, we will have to melt the paraffin to the fire using the saucepan. Once liquid, we will begin to submerge the dry leaves and we will place them on kitchen paper to dry. When they are dry we will have obtained hard and rigid dry leaves, ideal to make them beautiful autumn garlands.

Hanging decorative murciélgos for Halloween

autumn garden hanging bats

Since the Halloween party is also held in autumn, some of the images from our selection are about the garden decorations for Halloween. Bats, witches, ghosts or scarecrows are very requested ornaments at this time, but we suggest that you manually create the ornaments next to yours, sure you will spend an unforgettable time. We leave you with more ideas for the autumn decoration of courtyards and gardens.

Autumn decoration by Daniel Keeley

nice decoration pumpkins garden

Autumn decoration for garden parties

pretty white autumn decoration

Garden decorated with pumpkins

nice decoration autumn pumpkins

Autumn decoration for the garden

beautiful decoration autumn garden

Decorate the garden with many pumpkins

decorative pumpkins halloween garden dolls

Decoration for the Halloween party

halloween pumpkins decorative spider

Decorate the garden with decorative pumpkins

cut out pumpkins autumn decoration

Different types of decorative pumpkins

classes decorative pumpkins garden

Heap of hay with many pumpkins

full bucket pumpkins autumn

decoration halloween ghosts garden

autumn garden wedding decoration

orange garden decoration flowers

autumn modern garden decoration

deco lights deco pumpkins

decoration autumn landscapes pumpkins

autumn wood pergola decoration

red house door decoration

decoration door entrance garden dog

decoration door entrance scarecrows dolls

decorate modern gardens autumn landscapes

decorate entrance autumn landscapes

straw espantapajaros terrace decoration

design ornaments pumpkins garden lights

landscaping design garden decoration

entrance house decoration autumn

espantapajaros sitting island flowers garden

white ghosts garden ornaments

lantern pink yellow autumn floor

party halloween decoration garden

fountain jarron autumn flowers

fountain garden full pumpkins deco

garden decorated party halloween

mini garden decorated halloween cemetery

many decorative pumpkins garden

original ornament autumn flower fence

original adornment fence home flowers

original decoration pumpkins garden

autumn landscape flowers garden

autumn landscapes garden decoration

autumn landscapes garden stone path

door entrance stairs pumpkins flowers

door closet wood pumpkin floor

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