Avocado - tips to grow it in your own home

avocado fruit

Whether in the garden or inside your home, plant a tree avocado It can be a very expensive task. However, this technique can reduce the waste of food and waste while providing vegetation in your home. All free. Do not miss these simple steps to grow the avocado plant in your own home.

Tips for the care of the avocado plant

avocado plant freshly germinated inside

To sprout an avocado, you should place it in a pot inside your house, because the outside may be too cold for this plant tropical, being careful not to over water that would otherwise rot. Can you have a fruit tree in your living room? This is a free activity that you can do even with children. The tools and materials needed are: a well-chosen avocado seed, a plastic cup or a small glass jar from yourt, a pot, wooden chopsticks or toothpicks.

How to grow avocados in a pot

beautiful potted avocado plant

First you must remove and clean the avocado seed. Once the fruit is eaten, remove the kernel without damaging it and clean it with running water. Remove the brown skin by soaking it for about 30 minutes in hot water. Then let it dry outdoors preferably in the sun for a few hours.

Go through avocado seeds with toothpicks to facilitate germination

go through seed avocados chopsticks

It's time to put the wooden sticks in the core. Place the pointy part of the avocado peel upwards and stick three toothpick sticks roughly at the same level on the sides of the seed.

Make seeds of avocados germinate with the help of toothpicks

germinate seeds avocados pins

Next, place the sticks together with the seed in a cup of water without the seed touching the walls and make sure it is always full so that the bottom of the core is constantly moistened.

Simple tips for growing avocados

tips care avocado growing

The glass should be installed in a relatively warm room, near a window so that it takes advantage of sunlight.

Grow the avocado plant in a pot

plant avocado flowerpot garden ground

A few weeks later, the seed will have germinated. It will split and reveal an outbreak while the root will be visible in the water. Once the outbreak appears, it is time to plant the plant in the soil. The chopsticks must be removed in order to place the plant in a not too large pot with good quality earth. The upper part of the core must be outdoors. You need regular watering and possibly the placement of clay or gravel balls in the bottom of the pot to retain the desired humidity. In early summer, you can leave the pot in a balcony or a terrace, but do not forget to shelter it from the wind and freezing in winter. If necessary, add a little fertilizer to the soil and replant the tree if it fades after two or three years.

Image of mature avocado tree in the garden

dark ripe avocados tree

If you just want to plant an avocado tree in your garden, remember that avocado trees grow best in moderately warm temperatures and moderate humidity. Avoid freezing temperatures.

Image of big tree with many avocados

large tree many avocados

You must plant your tree from March to June. If you plant during the summer, there is always the risk of sun damage, because the avocado trees can not absorb water very well when they are young.

Image of avocado plant with many ripe fruits

avocado plant many ripe fruits

Plant in an area where there is no lawn, and away from sidewalks. And if you can, plant your tree in a place protected from the wind and frost.

Ideas and tips to make an avocado seed germinate

tips to germinate avocado seed

Remember, full sun is better. Carve a hole as deep as the current root ball and as wide as the width and a little more so you can stick your hands in the hole to plant.

Simple tips for planting avocado seeds

plantation tips avocado seeds

The avocado is a tree with shallow roots with most of the roots of feeding in the upper 6 "of the soil, so it must give a good aeration.

How to grow avocados at home

Grow avocados flower pots

Your root system is very sensitive and you must be very careful not to disturb the root system when transplanting it.

Different species of avocado fruits

different types fruits avocados seed

Help germinate avocado seeds with chopsticks

help germinate avocado seeds

Flower of avocado plant

avocado plant flower plant

Super mini aquatic garden with avocados

mini water garden plants avocados

Plant image of indoor avocados

plant avocados flowerpot interior seeds

How to plant avocados in glass jars

avocado plant jar

Grow avocado plants in indoor pots

plants avocados pots inrteriores

First bud of the avocado plant

avocado seed germinated water chopsticks

Original avocado germinator special model Avoseedo

water avocado germinator flowerpot

AvoSeedo is a very useful small cup tool that helps you grow your own tree without worrying about watering as it will go down along with the water level of your container, keeping the bottom of the pit moist. It even has flags that can be filled with the information of several seeds that are germinating at the same time. Before you know it, you can have a real forest of avocado trees in your own home.

Original design of special germinator for avocado seeds

Special germinator seeds aguacarte

Simply insert the seed of your avocado into the gutter, make it float in a water bath, and patiently see its first signs of life sprouts. This floating planter designed by experts easily holds a toothpick flag to mark your progress from the first day of planting.

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