Awesome garden beds, what more could you want?

wooden bed in garden views

Today we present fifty images of bed models for the exterior. Think about it, is there more luxury than relaxing in a comfortable bed contemplating beautiful natural views before falling into a peaceful sleep? It is a luxury that anyone should be able to experience, for this reason we will show you examples of garden beds suitable for all pockets.

Garden beds for this summer

super bed hanging porch house

We will see from the most innovative and futuristic designs for garden beds, to homemade pieces with everyday materials such as wooden pallets. We will begin by describing the most current trends. We can appreciate that in many of the models the garden beds include canopies where curtains and mosquito nets can be hung.

Moana outdoor bed

great garden bed link

In the photograph above we see the bed model called " Moana " The main material is solid teak wood, and the bedding, like the curtains, contains natural wool. The fabrics can be extracted to be washed without any problem, and the design draws attention for its tropical and summery air.

Minimalist style garden bed

minimalist style garden beds

On the other hand, the next outdoor bed shows minimalist style shapes without adornments, and that is the beauty of this style is precisely that. In this case the curtains have been replaced by blinds that can be collected by wrapping in the upper part, thus maximizing the entire structure of this fantastic piece of furniture.

White wicker nest for garden

white ball nest wicker bed

Another option that is fashionable are the sofas or covered or semi-covered wicker garden beds. Many call them "nests" because of their rounded shape and also because they are usually made from wicker, and the designs with this material are usually porous and open, hence their similarity with bird nests.

Nest brown wicker bed

ball brown nest bed patio

The garden beds are the result of the combination of the best elements and characteristics of sunbeds, hammocks and indoor beds. By merging the best qualities of each have appeared garden beds. These should be comfortable and soft, but also very resistant to temperatures and outdoor conditions.

Sun beds wicker beds with cushions

nice sunbeds beds wicker cushions

This is why many designs are made from wicker, perfect material for garden furniture. It is flexible and breathable, can be wet and withstands very radical temperatures. In this picture we can see wonderful wicker loungers that have practically become beds for the outside.

Outdoor bed under wooden pergola

cottage deck wood garden bed

We also loved the idea of ​​placing a bed under the garden pergola. This option allows to choose beds or seats that are interior without fear of spoiling since we can cover the roof of the pergola. If we take advantage of the structure of the pergola to hang curtains we can create a fantastic outdoor bedroom.

Wooden terrace with hanging bed

cottage wood bed terrace mosquito net

But there are also hanging beds for patios and gardens. For them we will need a surface or roof from which they can be hung, for this reason perhaps this type of beds is more suitable for terraces or porches, although we can always choose the choice of a hanging bed that has its own base.

Canopy garden beds

yellow bed tropical garden palm tree

See this fabulous tropical garden with its rest areas next to the pool. It has a large four-poster bed and white mosquito nets in which one can relax and contemplate all around. And is that garden beds can completely change the look of our garden, in addition to our conception of naps.

Garden bed with beige canopy

beige bed garden canopy pool

Garden beds should be waterproof and, if they are not, then they should be kept in protected areas. They also have to be resistant to the sun and other elements. But what all types of beds have in common is the fact that they are designed to be comfortable. They have cozy upholstery and are soft and pleasant to the touch.

Wooden pergola with a hanging bed

hanging bed canopies pergola wood

You would have already noticed that virtually any holiday retreat or luxurious hotel has a beautiful outdoor bed right next to the pool, which encourages you to spend more time outside than inside. That is precisely what makes an outdoor bed in your home as well. In a very short time, the heat of summer and the beautiful colors of autumn will give way to cold winters, so now is really the time to take advantage of those fleeting moments. An outdoor bed by the pool not only adds a touch of sophistication to your terrace or backyard, it will also give you the opportunity to create an ideal spot for a romantic getaway during the sunrise.

Wooden hanging bed

bed hanging wood beach views

It is important however that you choose a color scheme that adheres to your garden design. The style of the outdoor bed should complement the exterior of the landscape and the exterior of your house as well. You can use chairs in similar styles and shades to accentuate this aspect even more.

Hanging bed of wooden pallets

fence bed wooden pallets fence

When you think of an outdoor bed, the big canopy beds will often come to mind. But there are a lot of other ingenious options out there that offer you a balance between the right way and the function.

minimalist white wood canopy bed

Size is a very important factor in the selection of the outdoor bed. Contemporary beds with smart retractable curtains offer a fine solution. You can even place a fashionable hanging bed for the garden if you are planning to put it in a shaded patio or under the pergola.

Garden bed with modern design

bed white curtains pretty garden

floating wood white patio bed

black garden terrace wicker bed

white modern bed orange cushions

modern bed hammock deck garden

bed wall garden plants green

bed pool views sea platform

bed beach woman drinks sea

Round bed hanging orange garden

round bed wicker beach woman

red bed beach night lights

beige garden beds

garden beds mattresses terrace

wood garden beds pool

celeste modern garden beds

canopy beds wood garden wood

beds wood garden celeste stripes

black covered wicker sofa bed

round sunbeds beds garden

white wicker beach lounger bed

bed color green patio pool

deck house pool bed cover cushions

two beds booths garden pool

two beds patio terrace rocking chair

great wicker beach bed

super red hanging bed store

super wicker black canopy bed

pergola wood white bed patio

armchairs beds beach fire pit

armchairs heart bed garden parasol

large gray sofa bed

green sofa bed set wicker

round sofas blue garden beds

super white bed all snow

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great garden beds

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