Awnings and parasols of modern design - 50 ideas

super pergola modern design twisted

Today we present you fifty models of awnings and pergolas to cover gardens and terraces protecting them from the sun. We will see a selection of images that show all the novelties regarding the design of tarpaulins and outdoor covers that will help them to decide on the most appropriate model.

Awnings, parasols and pergolas with protective canvas

design gazebo cover modern awning

To begin we will list some advantages of the placement of an awning in the garden. First of all we have the remarkable energy savings. It turns out that already in 2007 a research was conducted in the United States in which it was discovered that there is a decrease in summer energy consumption in households that use roofs and pergolas .

Modern design parasols for garden

design modern gardens pergolas canvas

It is also true that the awnings protect from the pollution that comes from solar radiation. In addition, by using less air conditioners in summer to enjoy the shade of a tarp, we will also be contributing to safeguard the environment and pollute a little less.

Modern pergolas with white canvas

modern garden design pergolas design

Depending on the model and the materials, an awning can have a very long life span, up to twenty years even for metal structures, a little less for tarps. Generally the fabric for the canvases is usually made of acrylic, which makes it quite resistant, however, it is not advisable to extend it during heavy rains to avoid breakage due to the weight of the water.

Sail canopy with aluminum poles

pergola design modern style poles

In many designs we will see pergolas with base structures and aluminum tensioners in different finishes. For the canvases we will find endless possibilities and colors, although it is important to consult with the other owners in case you live in a community of neighbors and should therefore respect the aesthetics of the facade of the building choosing the colors that more resemble her.

Modern design sail awning

modern awning houses design porch

Next, let's go directly to see some of the most innovative designs . In many cases the parasol complements the architecture by adding new shapes and textures to the place. We can see tarpaulins in quadrilateral shapes that sometimes have really aerodynamic designs that remind us of the flight of a bird.

Individual leaf-shaped umbrellas

design sunbeds sunshades parasols sheets

On the other hand there are also individual parasols, which are increasingly integrated into modern garden furniture. This is the case of these original pool loungers with white umbrellas in the form of leaves. We can find this model in several colors, ideal for a summer decoration in the garden.

Individual parasols of various colors

small awnings green yellow

These individual sunshades have their own support base also made of aluminum, which makes them very light and easy to transport. The design is quite compact and at the same time it is very efficient since the elliptical or hang gliders cover completely the area of ​​the unclimbed lounger of the visual space.

Garden with red sail awning

garden covered red sail awning

To finish, we are going to give you a series of simple steps to make your own sail awning in the garden and turn the warmer areas into pleasant summer shelters. For the construction we will need two posts that will be anchored to the façade and also to the ground with a concrete footing.

Design of parasols and pergolas

design modern aluminum metal awnings

There are aluminum poles created specifically with the function of supporting and tensioning the sunshades of the sunshades, and we can place as many as necessary, from only one as shown in the photograph above, to lifting an awning on four poles without any grip on the facade of the building .

Design of modern pergolas

modern pergolas parasols design

In this way we can create interesting and original decorations in the gardens. Keep in mind that awnings and sunshades are very effective in summer and will save us from the sun's rays and heat. Also the place that is below them is the ideal place to place our garden furniture.

Terrace with sail awning without poles

design awning form white thong

On the other hand, if in your garden or on the terrace the walls and walls are closer together you can replace the posts by the use of the walls. However, this way of hanging the awnings is more common on the terraces because in the gardens the walls are further away.

Colorful sail tents

two black red sail awnings

Also, if you want to fill your house with life and joy, you can opt for colorful canvas. You can use stronger and more vibrant colors. However, you have to take into account that the awnings are also part of the facade of the house and that is why you have to combine them with it.

Design of modern pergolas

modern gardens pergolas design

On the other hand, in the modern gardens you can increase the style and elegance betting on the pergolas. You can use aluminum pergolas and place the canvases on top of them. In this way you will have the place with shadow and modernity.

Awnings of sail with supports and anchors

canvas sea awning canvas pergola

Parasol with delta-shaped canvas

parasol modern white delta shape

sunshade delta sail orange

individual parasols colors leaf shape

small canopy shape delta sail

collage hammock canvas awning blue

pergola modern blue wicker poufs

pergola modern metal awning white

pergolas metal aluminum awning white

pergola cover pergola parasol

square garden furniture white wicker

mobile porch white awning garden

roll-up square awning covered terrace

roof terrace canopy shape delta

terrace garden awnings candle white

small terrace sail awning

small sundeck modern sundeck

terrace porch white awnings sail

terrace views canvas furniture muimbre

terrace view awning white crooked

large awning aluminum garden tent

awning sunshade pergola way delta

sunshade awning individual leaf shape

awning patio garden terrace candle

white awnings aluminum metal bars

white parasols awnings modern design

large awnings two neutral colors

modern awnings gray black color

awnings sunshades design motifs flowers

small awnings several colors pool

parasols terraces modern design

individual orange awnings

black wicker parasol deckchair

contemporary sun lounger black single parasol

black sun loungers white single parasols

several awnings light colors

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