Baked prawns, introducing seafood into the menu

Baked prawns

Baked prawns, quick recipes to make

Shellfish is one of the foods that brings many vitamins and proteins to our body that we have to reserve a day at least for the week to eat it. Seafood recipes are quick to make and you can enjoy them even when you do not have a lot of free time to prepare them. Therefore, in this article we are going to talk about the Baked prawns that you can do quickly and we will see some recipes with which you can surprise your relatives.

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Baked prawns, a quick recipe with lemon

This recipe of baked king prawns is prepared very quickly and also the lemons help to preserve the flavor of the seafood. The ingredients that you are going to use to make it are three cloves of garlic, prawns, olive oil, lemons and coarse salt. For this recipe you have to bear in mind that if the prawns are frozen you will have to remove them from the refrigerator the day before so that they can be thawed little by little. You will also have to use vegetable paper or baking paper so that the prawns can be made in their juice.

baked prawns

You have to put this paper in the tray you are going to use and on top of this you have to pour a stream of olive oil. The prawns have to be placed side by side so that they all fit on the tray. The garlic you have to peel and cut them into small pieces that you will spread over the prawns with the fat salt. In the end you just have to take another jet of oil and put the tray in the oven.

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You must also take into account that the oven you have to heat previously to 180º and the prawns have to be in about eight minutes. Also at four minutes you can turn the oven prawns to be roasted on both sides. The color of the prawns You have to acquire a pink tone to be ready. However, if you are not sure you can remove the head of one of them and if you see that inside is white is that it is ready to eat. On the other hand, if the color is transparent, you will have to leave them for a few more minutes.

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On the other hand, the lemon can be used at the end of serving them by slicing it into slices and placing it on the plates so that the portions have an aesthetic air and also so that whoever wants to get rid of the juice of it. In this way you can prepare a recipe prawns baked in the oven very fast to make and very rich that will also have a very aesthetic look in the eyes of your guests or family.

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On the other hand, there are other baked prawns recipes that you can prepare very quickly in your home and one of them is Sorrento baked in a prawns sauce. For this recipe you have to use prawns, three onions, two cloves of garlic, a tomato puree, half a cup of cream, 500 grams of grated cheese, salt, pepper and sorrentinos of about 25 grams.

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To make prawns in the oven according to this recipe you have to start by chopping the garlic and onion and put them in the oil in a dish that you are going to put in the oven. Then you have to order the sorrentinos in the oven so that they fit all and not leave any outside. You have to also throw the tomato puree so that the whole source is well bathed and the Sorrentinos also.

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The cream of milk you have to place on top of the tomato so that it does not burn and does not remain with a bitter taste. The prawns you have to place on top of all this without peeling them, whole and on top of them you have to put the grated cheese, the salt and the pepper. The oven must be pre-heated to a temperature of 220º and you have to put the source inside until it gratine. With this quick recipe you can cook prawns in the oven and serve them to your relatives and friends.

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In addition to the food rations with prawns you can add some decorations with boiled eggs or with leaves of perejiol and in this way you can increase the aesthetic touch of the food. On the other hand, when you go to serve the prawns you can also make a sauce that accompanies them and that will also give a very modern and original touch to the food.

baked prawns cooking-eating

Also among the baked prawns recipes you can find many interesting things that you can try and you can try at home. On the other hand, to the given recipes you can add a personal touch of your with vegetables, salsa or something else you like. In this way your meals will always be very original

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