Balancin jardin - 25 outdoor fun ideas

great swing garden view terrace

Relax in your garden during the sunset enjoying a slight swing accompanied by a gentle breeze and a soft drink, would not it be great? Today we present you twenty-five models of garden swing and outdoor rocking chairs with the most current design and for each style, do not miss our selection of photos.

Balancin natural wood garden

super design wooden garden swing

A seesaw can be a great solution for garden seats It offers the comfort of an armchair with a backrest and also has the advantage of rolling movement. In the image above we can see a somewhat special rocking design. Several pieces of wood placed symmetrically form a seat of vertical bars and a support base of very original appearance.

Gervasoni treated oak wood rocking chair

garden swing design Gervasoni wood

Also wooden but with a somewhat more classic design is this rocking chair with cushioned cushions belonging to the Inout collection of the firm Gervasoni and designed by Paola Navone. This model is great for both outdoor and indoor, but it is advisable to keep it indoors during the coldest and wettest seasons.

Rattan rattan modern rocking chairs

modern seesaws wire rattan lattice

The following garden swing model that we see in the upper part has a more contemporary design than the previous ones. The lattice structure of the seat is made from rattan and it is attached to a metal pendulum base. If we find the backrest too rigid when sitting, we can always place several cushions.

Rattan garden swing

rattan garden rattan classic style

Once again, rattan makes its appearance in this garden rocking design. In this case the shape of the seat is much more inclined and the backrest extends to form a headboard, making the whole body rest when sitting. The base is also more rounded and this allows the swing is also greater. It is a modern design but that inevitably reminds us of those rocking chairs that the grandmothers once used while knitting.

Natural wood rocking chair

teak wood classic design

Metallic two-seater

shabby chic white rocking chair

Steel swing arm

swing garden bench metal steel

Wooden rocking chair

wood swing classic style wood

Wooden rocking chair with blue cushions

wood cushion blue cushions

Wooden blue rocking chair

rocking chair wood color blue

Natural wood rocking chair without treatment

natural wood balance pine

metal balancing cushions uk

swing garden black wood modern

rocking rattan barrel bottle

modern lounger swing chair design

bench balancin jardin modern bedside table

furniture set garden wood wood

modern garden furniture set rocker

modern wood style swing design

super rattan rattan gray color

super modern wood rocking design

wood rocking chair painted red

rocking chair wood beige backrest

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