Balcon design closed and the options to decorate these spaces

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On many occasions our balconies are the only connection that the house has with the exterior. It is one of the main characteristics when living in the city. As a rule it can be a small space.

Balcon design of dining space and recreation area

balcony design rugs views rooms

However, you can take advantage of them in different ways. Today we will focus on those balconies with enclosures. They are places where you can enjoy several relaxed hours. To decorate them there are many proposals as we see in the images. Generally balcony design and decoration when they are closed is very similar to traditional.

Balcon design of a multifunctional area with cool contemporary style

balcony design concepts materials cushions

Although with the enclosure space is gained can be chosen for folding furniture and that are lightweight. Furniture of this type makes the whole process easier. If for our closed design balcony we look for something more resistant the aluminum or steel ones are perfect. Each of these options for the balconies can be completed with custom-made furniture.

Decorated with wood and several recessed lights in some areas of the planters

balcony design warm curtains lights

This way, all the space is used to the maximum, as well as other options to complement them. The textiles and cushions are the perfect complement for a balcony design and its style. This is ideal if you decide to create a small living room in the space gained with the enclosure. You can follow the same design line as the other interior areas or be different. It is precisely in this type of space where you can make the most of textiles.

A variant of partial enclosure that maintains the ventilation of the house

balcony design paintings armchairs partial shelves

Blankets or some rugs are perfect for the closed design balcony. As we see in many examples, the rugs are perfect and add an extra dimension of color. When having enclosures the opportunity to use curtains is greater. They look beautiful and will be of great help to gain intimacy. To give greater personality to these spaces, accessories are always necessary.

White bricks combined with wood in accessories and furniture

balcony design brick white bare furniture

Mainly if you create a reading corner the lamps are very useful. The closed design balcony comes alive with a suitable selection of plants. The selections of plants in pots shine in all their splendor regardless of the style of our balcony or the enclosure. They can be plants with flowers, cactus or the popular succulents.

Balconies with a simple selection of plants and very functional furniture in white

balcony design ojines rosa flooring plants

In the closed design balcony that occupies a smaller space it is necessary to promote the use of the walls. As a variant to potted plants, vertical gardens are the best option to do so. They create a natural environment and are a point of almost immediate attraction for the different way in which the plants are exposed. We will have the advantage that they will not occupy useful space in the case of soil.

Outdoor dining room with several cushions and some points of light with candles and lanterns

balcony marine design modern styles candles

A closed design balcony can be used in different ways as we will see later. In terms of styles, the variants are dissimilar. Bohemian, modern, minimalist or eclectic everything will depend on our taste. As well as the decoration of our home so that the environment looks harmonious and balanced. In general, an enclosure gives us the possibility of creating an elegant and fresh space as we have seen.

The accents of color make this place the perfect place to chat and enjoy

balcony design stone floors color flowers

Nowadays it is often a necessity to gain more space in the houses. In addition to the closed design balcony can be extended to the terraces. One of the most widespread ways are glass enclosures. As we mentioned in addition to these decorative details taking advantage of the space to the maximum is the priority.

Interesting special effect combining various natural materials and plants

balcony design skins armchairs materials cushions

Before giving form to a closed design balcony, it is necessary to value in the same way the use that it will have. One of the possible options may be to add an extra room. This is the case we have talked about since the beginning. There is the possibility of integrating it perfectly and even using it as a work space. Thanks to the enclosure, the entrance of natural light will be greater in this functional design balcony.

The glass enclosures maintain all the luminosity of the environment on the balcony

balcony design saofas accents rugs tables

If we keep the style and decoration of the nearby areas will be better integrated. The creation of an area for reading or just relaxing is another possible option. In a closed design balcony close to a much more bedroom. As an office or a kind of workshop if you like crafts or painting. As an advantage we will have an absolute advantage of natural light. It will look perfect and it will surely be very inspiring to be able to materialize all your ideas.

The selection of furniture for these spaces is vital always look for those comfortable

design saofas accents rugs ocean view

The closed design balcony in areas such as the kitchen has many ways to be taken advantage of. With an enclosure in this area some elements can be placed to gain space in the kitchen. As a rule it can be the washing machine or the refrigerator. For plant lovers this enclosed balcony is a potential garden. Imagine having all the aromatic plants at your fingertips right in the kitchen area.

Accents of red scattered throughout the balcony space in different accessories

accents red furniture materials plants

As an extension of the kitchen a closed design balcony could be converted into a small dining room. Always with the appropriate furniture that guarantees maximum functionality. If there is a need to create an extra bedroom this area has great potential. It is an option that depends a lot on the dimensions of the balcony to make it really a comfortable bedroom.

Although small, the balcony can be elegant and have a personal image

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For sports lovers, the enclosure of the balcony gives the possibility of creating the perfect gym. It must be done with an enclosure that guarantees adequate ventilation. Here the curtains are very useful if you want to exercise in greater privacy. All these options to take advantage of a closed balcony are possible. However, they will not be functional if the appropriate furniture is ignored according to each use.

Wooden shelves in a vertical cabinet that saves space in this closed balcony

geometric carpets colorful balconies chairs

As a general rule, if it is a small balcony, the folding furniture options, as we said, are perfect. When you need to use each corner and have a practical relaxation area are the best. You can not miss the tables if we want to enjoy some food. There are excellent models that are fixed to the walls. They are folding tables perfect for each meal and can be picked up when they are not in use.

Selection of bar stools that allow an excellent view thanks to its height

environment bar systems housing furniture bar

As a natural detail in a closed design balcony plants in pots are a great plus. In addition to vertical gardens as we said potted plants are necessary. If it is not a large balcony there are several solutions so that the pots do not take up too much space. We can start with the shelves of vertical design.

Gray in light tone the best backdrop for selection of art and wood furniture

elegant works art zone games ideas

They can accommodate several and different species to have a dynamic and colorful space. There are models of hanging planters that look perfect and do not steal either extra space. Simply when placing the plants in a closed design balcony a little imagination will solve everything.

A special area for readings or any other activity in a natural environment

bambu armchairs crystals spice plants

To give it more beauty mix materials such as wood or stone. They are ideal to highlight the natural aspect of any corner. Of all the options we have mentioned to personalize the space, textiles are one of the best. They do not take up much space and for cozy environments they are perfect.

An enclosure can mean an extra area for your home like this room

canma squares colors spice curtains

Each one of the variants that we use are curtains, carpets or another type can be in accordance with the season of the year. We will leave the most colorful for spring or summer. Others with more sober tonalities we would reserve for the summer. In the closed design balcony the need to take advantage of the space must occupy every corner.

The plants always have a very nice effect on the decoration of the balconies

Special colors work closed carpets slats

The corners are one of those points that are often overlooked and can be exploited. There is a wide variety of special furniture for these areas. Small shelves can be placed near an armchair if we create a reading area. A corner shelf can be the ideal support for a lamp or any accessory.

View from the outside of an elegant enclosure with wood, glass and curtains

wood colors exterior rooms exterior view

This type of shelves look in full harmony with the semicircular tables. Both together are great options to optimize space. The best of all is that the functionality of the entire area is not affected by the enclosure. If you do not want a very formal space with some cushions and a carpet on the floor will be enough.

The balcony can be an ideal place for games and fun for children at home

swing zone games funny tiles

This is ideal if you want it to become an area with a certain bohemian spirit and to relax. Remember that in addition to the appropriate furniture, the plants and the selection of textiles the colors are fundamental. Do not worry if it is a neutral balcony and lacks some vitality. Use those accessories or your own textiles of bright colors and create something personalized.

The wooden walls in the decoration help to optimize the space of the balconies

Exterior crystals view vertical pedals cushions

Here we leave several proposals for you to study various styles and see which is best suited to your case. Do not stop experimenting and creating customized solutions. In our gallery we propose more than forty ideas that perfectly recreate each of these ideas. You will see that even the dimensions of the enclosed balconies have not been a problem. For all cases there are solutions of great aesthetics and functionality.

The walls can be decorated with family photos and other details to personalize

pictures environment special selections pictures

Walls well decorated with Egyptian-themed paintings and covered with light slabs

egypt special theme decorations plants

Complete enclosure that incorporates the balcony space directly to the house

extension balconies elegant metal plants

Flowers and small bench with storage space at its base for everything you need

flowers walls styles materials cages

Different options for the use of balconies with enclosures in homes

fresh space color throw pillows

Fresh idea with perfect hammock for rest or enjoy a good read

special hammock luminous rest glasses

Idea of ​​tones and design of lights that create a warm effect in the balcony environment

lists cushions furniture warm walls cats

Some DIY decorations with plants and fruits in wood finishing environment

wood bikes hanging furniture concepts

Another example of a bench with storage space designed in light tone wood

special wood clear glasses lanterns

Folding furniture options perfect for decorating balconies example table

folding furniture small table rocks

The perfect contrast of white and wood in this office created on the balcony

office materials white woods lamparas

A playground with the necessary for children to have fun in a small space

small zone games windows plants pots

Blinds with shades that combine with cushions and other wood finishes

plants pots red colors ideas curtains

A living room on a balcony with excellent view of the ocean and tropical patterns

living room balconies furniture color lamparas

Simple idea decorating with some pictures that leaves space free and very cool

exits room warm natural armchairs

A true intimate area from the enclosure of a balcony with a beautiful view

living rooms special furniture red houses furniture

Beautiful balance of plants and furniture made of natural fibers, nuanced by natural light

chairs concepts plants floor cushions

The solutions of vertical furniture are perfect to place the plants in pots

chairs tables cijines flowers white

Selection of white furniture and other vintage style in two different style zones

living room outside white wood vintage lounges

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