Balconies decoration for narrow and long places

decoration balconies

The decoration of the balconies and the terraces It can be very difficult when it comes to small, long or narrow places since it is more difficult to find decorative details with which to make an appropriate decoration. However, in this article we are going to talk about the decoration balconies and we are going to give you the keys with which you can make some very modern and original decorations of your balconies and terraces.

Balconies suitable decoration for narrow and small places

small decoration balconies

Keep in mind that small balcony furniture is very suitable for decoration and you can use it. You can also bet on furniture of original and modern designs that will increase the elegance of the decoration balconies. You can choose an elegant rocking chair of a color that matches the other colors of the balcony. In addition you can also add other decorative details that will complete the decoration of your home.

The decoration of the narrow balconies with chairs of very original design

modern decoration balconies

On the one hand, the decoration of balconies more common and easier to do is with plants and if you have many pots and flowers you can turn your balcony into a small botanical garden. However, you can also get a decoration very modern and elegant balconies with chairs of original and modern designs and you can add an additional decoration of wood on the walls. This additional decoration can be done with decorative panels and you can also choose other than wood.

A very small balcony decorated with wooden furniture and colorful cushions

balconies original decoration

Instead, there are some balconies that are very small and in them the decoration is even more difficult to make. In these places you can bet on small wooden furniture and you can make a balcony decorated with colored cushions. In this way they will fill the terrace with life and joy and if you also put some plants you can create a very nice place. On the other hand, the wood of the furniture will also help you complete the decoration.

Combining the decoration of a white chair with plants for small and narrow balconies

balconies decoration small places

On the other hand, to decorate a terrace with furniture you can also choose folding chairs and this way you can take them when you need them. Keep in mind that the wood for the floor is also very appropriate to add in this way an additional decoration on the balconies. You can also combine it with wooden furniture and you can look for the contrast between them or the balance between the colors.

A decoration for the small balconies with furniture for coffee

elegant decoration balconies

On the other hand, in the closed balconies the decoration of the walls can be done with wooden fences. In this way you will add additional decoration and also give a modern and elegant touch to the terrace. You can also add stylish furniture to increase the elegance of these places.

Using balconies and small terraces to make a design room

balconies decoration design

On the other hand, you can also close your places completely and you can turn them into rooms. You can choose some furniture and a bed with a modern and elegant design and you can choose colors that increase the modernity of the interior. In this way the decoration of the balconies will become a decoration of a room and you can add the decorative details you want.

A small and very modern narrow and elegant balcony decorated with designer furniture

elegant modern decor balconies

In this photo you can see a closed terrace and some very modern decorated balconies with furniture of dark colors that contrast with the white color of the walls and thus complete the interior decoration.

A glazed terrace and converted into a kitchen decorated with plants and furniture

balconies decoration narrow places

On the other hand, on the closed terraces you can also take out the kitchen on the balcony and you can turn this place in your house into a kitchen with a dining room.

A very small terrace decorated with furniture and pink and purple cushions

balconies decoration narrow small places

The decoration of the small and narrow terraces with wooden furniture with cushions that contrast with the color of the wood

balconies original modern decoration

A very simple and elegant decoration for the terraces and the small balconies with chairs

balconies decoration long places

A decoration for the terrace with wooden furniture and modern plants

decoration balconies

Closing the small terraces to turn them into more rooms of the houses

balcony decoration

A very modern and original decoration of the small terraces with a hammock that replaces the chairs

balcony decoration

Decorating the small blacones with some wooden furniture and potted plants on the wall

furniture for small balcony

Making a decoration on the balcony very original and interesting with a floor covered by sand and plants

balconies and terraces

Some balconies decorated with a carpet that imitates a lawn to fill with color and life these places of the house

decorate terrace

Making your balcony a botanical garden with many plants and pots

narrow balconies decoration

A very modern and elegant decoration for balconies and narrow terraces with designer furniture

decoration of narrow balconies

Betting on the green color of the plants and the brown color of the wood to decorate the terraces and the small balconies

closed balconies

A very simple decoration of the small balconies with a wooden table and chairs that combine with the bricks of the wall

balcony original decoration

Making balconies decoration for small places with furniture and plants

furniture for small narrow balcony

Betting on simple and modern decoration with original design chairs for long and narrow balconies

modern balconies and terraces

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