Balloon decorations for important events

decorations with balloons

One of the most important decorations in the events and parties are the balloons because they give a festive air to the place and because it is one of the brands reserved for the inaugurations. You could even say that the human mind relates the balloons with the holidays. Therefore, in this article we are going to talk about the decorations with balloons for the interiors and exteriors that you can do to increase the party spirit of the place.

Decorations with balloons for events and parties

decorations with balloons events

With the balloons you can make many types of decorations and one of the things that are most used to decorate the entrances and the interiors are the coffers. The coffers can be made in different sizes and you can combine different colors for the interior. You can also combine the colors of the balloon decoration with the colors of the rest of the interior decoration. Also in the coffers once they are made you can add other decorative details with balloons like flowers.

A small ark with red and pink balloons of different sizes

decorations with balloons important events

On the other hand, in parties smaller you can place a smaller ark on the table and you can combine the colors of the balloons with the color of the tablecloth and the other decorative details that are on top of it. Also in the decorations of balloons you can add some ribbons or some flowers and increase in this way the decoration not only of the interior, but also of the balloons.

Some decorations with balloons for the interior for important events

decorations with interior balloons

On the other hand, in the important events or in the inaugurations, decorating with balloons is usually a more difficult and more massive task since the interiors are bigger and so that the decoration is not lost in such large places we need more balloons. Keep in mind that for decorations with balloons of the type of the arks or columns you can decorate with balloons without helium since there is a technique for the elaboration of these coffers that we will see later.

A decoration with balloons for the exterior making the anniversary number

decorations with party balloons

On the other hand, in the anniversaries and in the parties of birthday of the companies the decoration balloons you can use them to elaborate the number of the anniversary. This number can be placed outside and also if the party is going to be held in the open even better. You can add some butterfly decorations made with balloons to complete the decoration of the balloons.

The shape of which the coffers are made with balloons

Decorations with balloons decorate

The arks and the columns for the events that are done with balloons follow a series of steps and to be able to create them you need some tools. You have to have a support for the floor that is usually used for the parasols of the cafes that are placed on the terraces. You also have to have folding poles to create the shape of the ark and finally something to hook the balloons. In the photo above you can see some plastic tools that have holes for the tail of the balloons after inflating them. The hole in the center is to insert it into the bow stick. Usually these cachibaches are for four balloons to make a good bow. In addition you can also create spiral shapes with the colors of the balloons.

A very original decoration with balloons with the shape of hearts for the interior

Decoration with balloons decorate interior

On the other hand, in balloon decorations you can also take advantage of the shape of the balloons themselves. You can find balloons in the shape of hearts, flowers or also elongated shapes. Each of these forms can be used to create original and appropriate decorations for the theme of your party.

Interior decoration with red and white balloons with the shape of hearts

decorations with white red balloons

On the other hand, for weddings and the day of the enbamorados the decorations with red and white balloons are very well with which two hearts are elaborated that can be united as in the photo above but can also be separated. You can also use balloons with helium to make an ark with them on the wall. Also if you alternate the colors the decoration will be ideal.

A heart made with red and white balloons for interior decoration

decorations with interior balloons

On the other hand, the hearts for this type of events can also be done with balloons of two colors mixed in the figure you want to create. After the decoration and the figure you can hang it on the wall and you can add other decorations with balloons.

An ark with yellow and purple balloons to decorate at important events

decorations with purple yellow balloons

Different ways to make decorative bows with balloons for the type of party

decorations with ark balloons

An ark of balloons in which the colors of the rainbow come together

decorations with balloons chests

An ark decorated with flowers and made with normal balloons

balloon decoration

Decorating the main entrance with balloons in the shape of an ark for events and parties

decorate with balloons

A very original decoration for interiors with large and small balloons of different colors

Decorate with helium-free balloons

Upholstering the posts at parties with colorful balloons

balloon decoration

Combining the colors of the balloons with the decoration of the event

balloon decorations

Palm trees made with balloons for a tropical party

Decoration balloons

Some decorations with balloons to brighten the interior with colorful balloons and a rainbow

decorations for balloons

An original interior decoration for a balloon event

decorate with interior balloons

Some balloons with which the forms of swans have been created for the celebration of a wedding

decoration with balloons events

The combination of orange and black for decoration with balloons in openings

decorate with balloons without helium inside

Some helium balloons for interior decoration and mixed colroes

interior decoration of balloons

A decoration with balloons for children's parties

interior balloon decorations

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