Bamboo reeds to decorate patios and terraces

furniture wicker plants bambu terrace

In today's post we will talk about the white hair of bamboo as decoration of patios and terraces to provide an exotic touch. Bamboo is a tropical and Asian plant and within its family we can find many different species. The canes or stems of this plant are light but resistant, so they have been used since times past for many functions.

Decorate gardens with bamboo poles

bamboo cane modern gardens

Then we will talk a little about its cultivation, which can be directly on the ground or in pots. The ideal place for these plants It is a well-lit place but not in full sun. The soil must be rich in nutrients, for this reason many experts advise not to remove the remains of dried leaves and plants from the ground so that it can act as a protector and avoid the rapid evaporation of water.

Bamboo plants to decorate terraces

bamboo decorative terrace

Regarding irrigation, it is known that the bamboo plant needs plenty of water in summer but not too much. Already in autumn the plant will begin to need less water, so it should be watered only when the soil has dried. The transplantation of bamboo grown in pots It is done two years, preferably in spring.

Patio decorated with bamboo canes

Bamboo pipes terrace patio

It is also very important that the pot is deep enough so that the roots can develop properly, and a soil that filters the water, preventing it from stagnating but at the same time maintaining an optimum degree of humidity. The perfect soil mixture for this plant should contain five parts of peat, one part of pearlite or coarse sand, two parts of mulch and two parts of pine bark.

Large plant pots for bamboo plants

how to grow bamboo canes

Finally, pruning the bamboo It should be done at the moment the new leaves begin to sprout, although it is true that this usually happens in a progressive way so that we must continue its growth and prune it several times as necessary. Do not forget to disinfect the cutting tools to avoid possible infections in the fibers of the plant.

Wooden terrace with bamboo plants

design terrace wood bambu plants

Modern terrace with bamboo canes

Super bamboo wooden terrace bambu

Decorate terraces with tropical plants

great terrace plants bamboo palm trees

Gardens and terraces with bamboo plants

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Large plant pots for bamboo plants

large round wooden bamboo pots

Cultivated bamboo plant in pot

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Bamboo canes in cylindrical planters

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dog corner bamboo cane pot

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