Bath with shower, 50 design variants to combine.

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For many of us, space is always a problem when it comes to decorating or distributing the bathroom. The common thing is that we always ask if it is better to include a bathtub or a shower. Today we intend to show you that you can have both in spite of space. The first solution to include the bathtub and the shower is in the combos.

Combined bathtub with cabin shower

hot wood glass cabin bathtub

Compact and rounded designs that integrate both functions. Aesthetically, as we will see in some images, they are very attractive. They consist of a glass door that automatically closes and a fully flexible joint. Another positive aspect is the variety of designs that make it very flexible. Another idea for small bathrooms if you want to enjoy the bath and shower is to use the same corner.

Modern bathtub with large shower tray

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If you raise the ground level you will noticeably facilitate the differentiation of this space with the other areas. It is recommended that you design, if possible, a small step that facilitates the drainage of the shower. For the entire space to be optimized, it converts the floor of the shower into the access to the bathtub. If they separate with a central corridor, we would lose space.

Closing system with joints

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The resulting area can be used for storage. A built-in closet could be very useful. It can be placed in the sink area to store towels and everything you decide. This distribution allows you to place a sink wider. This is very practical if the family is large. Another option would simply be to mount two, one after the other.

Adaptable to any design and decoration

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It is essential in cases of coincidence of schedules between family members. The toilets place them if possible in an area opposite the water. If you add a cabin with sliding and separate door is much better. The deoration would be to your liking.

Recessed with LED lights

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In an ideal world, better said in an ideal bathroom, we would have enough space to introduce a bathtub, as well as a separate shower. But many of us can have only one or the other.

Separated in the same space

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Therefore if you want both you can choose a combination. A combination of bathtubs and showers can be the perfect option for your bathroom. To prevent this from going against the style of your home you can hide the pipes.

Variant for large bathroom

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Hidden pipes and wall-mounted controls provide a cleaner appearance in the bathroom. It simply depends on the effect you want to create. To your shower and bathtub combination you can add a curtain instead of a glass partition.

Shelves with LED lights

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But before doing this, talk with everyone at home to check that this works for them, since some people prefer the simplicity of a screen. For the larger members of the family, a curtain could also make them feel claustrophobic.

Functional distribution

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However, a curtain is beautiful if you want to evoke a classic look. You probably want to put the shower curtain inside the bathtub to prevent drips running down and towards the floor. Or if you like you can leave the pipes exposed there are owners who choose a shower with exposed plumbing.

Environment in orange

bathtub design creative orange mirror

Large shower heads fixed to the wall or the hidden tube version are classic. But keep in mind that because there is no sliding rail, you will not be able to adjust the height of the shower.

Design by Artweger

bathtub design sphere mirror shelf

Some designs come with a tilt option on the neck of the shower, but that is more or less practical. Consider if this will be practical for your needs.

Cool style for spacious bathrooms

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Those with long hair, for example, may crave a shower that can be adjusted to wet the shoulders instead of the head between days when hair is not washed.

Do not hesitate to add plants

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As with any fixed shower head, be sure to check the measurements and positions to get the shower in the right place so that the water does not splash on the edges of the tub.

Separacion by aisle

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You can also give a traditional bathroom a contemporary touch. The classic Victorian style showers and curtains are not just for vintage bathrooms. Although your space clearly has traditional influences you can opt for modern tiles, patterned flooring and of course, large and round fixed shower head, which is very modern.

Make the most of the space

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Floor tiles can be something cool and graphic. A classic shower head version is defiantly clean and contemporary and even more so if you use matching chrome controls. A screen instead of a curtain drives the modern sensation.

Solution for small bathrooms

wall-mounted shower cubicle modern white

You can get the best of both worlds. Creating a neutral and contemporary bathroom, with shower head mounted on the ceiling that is complemented by a hand accessory.

Create visually attractive walls

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To avoid mounting two sets of controls on the wall, those in the shower can be mounted on one wall and those on the bathtub on the other. And to maximize the sense of space in general, large tiles give the appearance of a seamless surface.

Decoration, wooden accents

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To be as contemporary as possible choose a wall of very contemporary neutral tiles to create the feeling of an elegant and modern bathroom. With this backdrop, the shower hose or the slide bar will look great as will your fixed head. Everything has to do with style!

Side distribution

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If you want a Nordic look. Add a classic style shower attachment, but also a smaller shower, works well in a Scandinavian style space. Here we leave you more ideas and variants in the gallery, enjoy them.

Options for narrow spaces

nice cozy traditional warm bath

large bathtub separate cabin window

Large luxury led granite towels

corner wall corner door green

Attractive gray elegant house garden

attractive gray elegant fresh flowers

white luminous wooden basket

warm cozy plants lamparas comodo

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spacious shower room dish windows

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sphere lamp wood shelves natural

cool ventilated bathroom minimalist gardens

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wood texture showers glass brown

modern lights towel glasses box

modern open bathroom metal chair

modern wood chair white hand

modern black futuristic black lamp

pered bath idea elegant small

dishes double shower red distribution

doors wood bathroom gray flowers chair

separate modern spacious dish walls

modern armchairs red luminous system

traditional walls furniture wood mirror

traditional simple distribution small cozy

traditional lamparas mirror gray black

green fresh system plants pictures

interesting green dark carpet cabin

divided areas attractive mirror flowerpot

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