Bathing clothes to color our personality

colored swimwear

When we talk about specific spaces of our interior, we always have to take into account what are the most necessary things, the decoration and what is the most striking.

In this article we will focus on the swimwear and we will talk about some accessories that, apart from being necessary, constitute an important part of the decoration.

Bath clothes for a happy and lively environment

swimwear figures

First, the towels. We have the freedom to choose between the subjects, prints and drawings that we want. However, what is most used in the manufacture of clothes is cotton, since it does not irritate the skin, it is very soft and hypoallergenic. But you have to be careful with mold, because being a natural fabric is prone to this type of damage.

Set of towels

different size swimwear

One of the most comfortable and practical options for our bathroom is to get a game of towels . Estot sets include a toilet towel, a washbasin and a bath towel. Also, it looks great on the inside, when you use all three. In the profile of Pinterest of the 10XDiez household clothing brand, you will find many ideas that will be very useful when decorating your bathroom.

A children's bathrobe with a print of the Little Red Riding Hood

children's bathrobes

We can not leave the little ones aside. Therefore, for them you can opt for a children's bathrobes with prints or drawings. We advise that for children you use cotton fabrics for their softness and naturalness.

Colorful bathrobes to give other nuances to our mood


You can also choose the classic bathrobes, either for your children or for yourselves. You can choose an American terrycloth bathrobe with plain colors.

Some shower curtains with blue figures

colored shower curtains

In the decoration of bathroom the curtains also come into play. You can choose shower curtains with figures of different colors or also some plain colors. Do not forget that in both cases the colors of the curtains have to be combined with the interior.

The decoration of the bathroom with carpets


Another decorative detail for the bathroom are the carpets . The important thing about bath mats is that they are absorbent and that they are easily washed.

Carpets of different colors

bath mats

You can choose carpets of different colors or with different shapes, but you have to combine them with the interior.

Some towels with storage box

microfiber cotton towels

Among the bathroom clothes you can find with microfiber towels. These towels are very compact, so they can be folded and stored in small boxes. They dry very quickly and, in addition, are ideal to take them to the gym or transport them with ease.

The choice of cotton or microfiber towels

microfiber towels

This is the main difference between microfiber and cotton bath clothes. The first absorbs the water, but does not distribute it, while the second also distributes it throughout the towel. Therefore, when we dry with a cotton towel, it will absorb the water, even if it is wet.

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