Bathroom, basic ideas for a functional and elegant design.

Luxurious bathroom large mirror bathtub led

The bathroom has been gaining prominence with the passage of time. It is not a forgotten piece of the purely functional house. His aesthetic has been changing a lot in recent years. About its design we will talk a little bit today. In the bathroom it is very important to align the pieces when it is conceived. The toilet, the shower and the sink. It is a way of ordering space and thus highlights its full magnitude. It does not matter if it's a small bathroom, it also makes it easier to transit through it.

Small bathroom with elements grouped in the background

Creative bathroom elegant warm plants

It is also advisable to place the larger pieces as bathtubs in the background. It is a way to make the most of the space. It also creates a greater sense of spaciousness. The same thing happens with the location of the shower. Avoid placing cabinets near the doors. This reduces the space to enter creating discomfort. If possible, use the same bathroom floor for the shower. This will give you more continuity in terms of design. The bathroom will look simple and you can choose a partition to divide it.

Bathroom with advantage of corners

creative bathroom led lights brown

A crystal can be a perfect ally. It is advisable if the dimensions of the space are not very large. With glass we take advantage of transparencies and space is not visually reduced. The dimensions are not affected and continuity is created. In terms of decor do not lose sight of the color later. For cases of small bathrooms use light colors in tiles or ceramics. The ceiling can also be painted with these tones to give more space to the environment.

Bath in central position contrasting in white

creative bathroom luxury elegant wood

Concentrate also on a illumination adequate.If the windows are not wide enough it is not negative. So you can use the wall for furniture much more, to give an example. You can opt for artificial lights to alleviate the lack of natural light. Well we leave some solutions in the gallery for bathrooms of different dimensions. Adjust some to your style or personal taste, otherwise keep them in mind for future projects.

Lighting pattern for relaxation

creative bathroom luxury wide steps

Take advantage of furniture according to space

bathroom narrow space plants furniture

Mirrors for visual space increase

creative bathroom sink mirror white

Variant for lighting

narrow bathroom rustic space rocks

Sharing space with room

bathroom fire candles wood wall

Furniture with integrated lights

bathroom furniture led white washbasin

Elegant design with bathtub in the background

spacious elegant clothing carpet design

White for excellent brightness

white attractive traditional metal bathtub

Contrast between black and white

white black combination metal curtain

coffee style design flowers bathtub

classic elegant design bathroom curtains

creative walls bathroom red towel

luxurious mirror creative bathroom

white marble flowers light

natural cozy floor cushions pictures

gray wall wood design mirror

small blue elongated carpet lined

Round Wood Mirror Flowers Jarron

trend bathroom water fall windows

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