Bathroom design in gray color 50 inspiring ideas

design bathrooms white bath slabs precious print ideas

In our article today we have some very original images with design ideas of bathrooms modern in gray. Gray and black are the ideal basic colors for the bathroom, as it is very easy to add touches of color through the furniture, small flowers or arrangements to complement these dark but neutral tones. The different tones work well in a bathroom Gray , which allows you to choose bright colors to fulfill a decorative function in the bathroom.

Design of bathrooms with gray slabs and wooden washbasin

wardrobe wood bathroom zen gray slabs ideas

Shades of neon colors look great in bathrooms where the main color is light gray, the modest shade of shades of gray stands out even more attractive. To make your bathroom an even more attractive place we also show you some mosaic bathroom ideas. Mosaic bathrooms should be sure that they are a trend that never really goes away, but that, over time, evolves and comes in different forms.

Design of bathrooms with sink and gray slabs

bathroom bathtub steel black wardrobe gray lamp precious ideas

This is nothing new, in fact, the mosaic is a technique already known and used since ancient times. It is a challenge to place the pieces of mosaic close to each other, to create shapes and designs and even more when you have to cover the entire wall or the entire floor evenly. But do not be discouraged, think only of the final result.

LED lighting in the bathroom shower design

design bathroom gray shower contemporary illuminated ideas

If after seeing these photos that we have today for you, you are definitely decided to renovate the bathroom and do it using the gray color we advise you not to forget the light. Since it is a dark color, keep in mind the good lighting and more in the sink where you shave or make up. What can give a little light to your gray bathroom is also the use of light colors for furniture.

Modern illuminated green shower

designer bathroom lighting LED green washbasins ideas

Also when it comes to the decoration and to complete it with light to increase the lighting you can use the lights for the part of the shower. To make the decoration more original and more interesting you can use lights of a color such as blue or green. In this way these colors will be combined with the idea of ​​water. In addition these colors you can use also in other aprtes of your bathroom to complete the decoration.

Gray walls in the modern spacious bathroom

gray bathroom modern romantic candles wide ideas

On the other hand, to increase the illumination and give more shine to the gray bathrooms you can use some candles. However, to these candles you will have to reserve a place for them away from the water like a shelf on the wall. This shelf can be done by creating a wall with this type of design or you can also add some floating shelves.

Gray wall in the modern bathroom

bathroom gray plants basin modern ideas

On the other hand, when it comes to decorating the interior with a particular color, you can use this color for the decoration of the apprentices and the floors or also for the furniture. In this way you can play more with colors. On the other hand, you have to bear in mind that in small bathrooms the light gray tones are better because they will open the interior more.

White washbasin in gray modern bathroom

bathroom washbasin white shower glass small shower ideas

On the other hand, to make the combinations you can choose the white color for the furniture. In this way, in combination with light gray shades, your interior will be filled with more light and the effect of enlarging the interior will be created.

Combination of light and dark gray in the modern bathroom

bathroom slab gray dark bathroom shower screen glass ideas

On the other hand, if you do not want to use the white color in the decoration of your bathroom so as not to create very strong contrasts, you can opt for a very clear shade of gray. In this way you can make the contrasts using a tone of dark gray and a light gray. On the other hand, to make the bridge between the two tones you can use the white color for the furniture.

Modern bathtub in gray modern bathroom

modern bathroom gray color luminous bathtub big ideas

In addition, the style and elegance of your bathroom can be increased by using furniture with original and modern designs. One of those pieces of furniture can be the bathtub. Also to complete the interior decoration you can also use some rugs.

Lovely lamp in gray modern bathroom

modern bathroom mirror large white bathtub lamparas ideas

On the other hand, the lamps are also very appropriate to complete the decorations. These lamps can be placed on the ceiling and make hanging decorations or you can also use standing lamps and place them in the corners of the bathrooms. In this way you will also increase the illumination.

White figures of penguins in gray modern bathroom

bathroom modern mosaic chair gray steel ideas

On the other hand, the figures also look good on the interiors when we want to decorate them. In the baths will be very good figures of penguins and you can also combine them with the colors of the floor and walls.

Slabs with original prints in the modern bathroom

beautiful bathroom bright gray slab washbasin ideas

On the other hand, you can also opt for some tiles or slabs with figures and motifs and you can place them in some parts of the walls to accentuate them and highlight them with them.

Wooden washbasin and large mirror in gray modern bathroom

bathroom gray marble washbasins wood brown ideas

Combination of gray wall and beige slabs in the modern bathroom

combination beige gray bathroom modern ideas

White wall and gray slabs in modern bathroom

combination white gray walls bathroom sink wood ideas

Beautiful bathroom designed by Danelon Meroni

Danelon Meroni modern gray bathroom shower ideas

Danelon Meroni organic wood gray stone ideas

design bathroom cabinets color gray bright ideas

design bathroom narrow glass screen thick ideas

design bathroom mirror shelf wood glass screen ideas

design bathroom shape beautiful white bathtub ideas

design bathroom lamparas mosaico gris banera blanca ideas

design bathroom sink gray slabs black bath ideas

design bathroom sink walls gray ideas

design bathroom dark gray slabs precious wall ideas

design bathroom mosaic wall gray small ideas

design bathroom gray wall washbasin rustic style ideas

bathroom design bathrooms decorative elements black ideas

bathroom design bathrooms gray slabs small ideas

bathroom design light gray wide ideas

design bathroom mirror washbasin wood ideas

design of jacuzzi baths gray walls decorative box ideas

bathroom design washbasin wood gray slabs ideas

bathroom design washbasins white wood floor ideas

bathroom design dark gray slab sink bench wood ideas

bathroom design gray slabs bright flooring wood ideas

Gavin Maddock bathroom design windows views great ideas

bathroom design gray slabs prints roses washbasin wood ideas

bathroom design lovely gray slabs chair ideas

bathroom design floor slabs half wall dark gray ideas

Luxurious mosaic bathroom design bright gray shower ideas

bathroom design light gray color mosaic ideas

bathroom design wall gray washbasin white broad ideas

bathroom design medium wall gray medium white flowers ideas

bathroom design touches red towel mosaic ideas

gray marble design bathroom decorative figure ideas

wall cabinets original bathroom modern gray color ideas

design bathroom small bathtub marble wall ideas

bathroom design gray slabs white bathtub mirror ideas

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