Bathroom furniture - Luxury and the pleasure of privacy

bathroom furniture red future pool

Today we will show you fifty images of bathroom furniture modern and luxurious. We will also see designs of bathrooms and toilets that have the most advanced technology and allow to create places of relaxation and intimacy without dispensing with a really exquisite aesthetic. The firm Arblu presents this rectangular bathtub

Modern design bathroom furniture

bathtub moderlo arblu furniture bathroom

which is part of his "Tulip" collection. The piece consists of a painted metal structure that is not scratched in combination with a material called "Tecnoblu" which is a registered property of this firm. This material is also renewable and very resistant shock and temperature changes, is not porous or is treated with varnishes.

Design bathroom furniture from Devon & Devon

bathtub design devon furniture bathroom

Next we will see the "Capitol" bathtub, a design by Devon & Devon. It has achieved a classic style in terms of shapes and decorations with geometric figures. The interior of the piece is enameled with cast iron available in various shades, while the exterior has an aluminum finish.

George Bath by Falper

bathtub falper furniture bathroom wood

Let's now look at a model that is perhaps more different in terms of style; we talked about the bathtub belonging to the George collection designed by Michael Schmid for the firm Falper. Copper, burnt walnut wood and bright Ceramilux tiles are visible, showing a very elegant note of masculinity.

Washbasin rack "Solid"

ceramica flaminia washbasin modern wood

We will also see more bathroom furniture such as the shelves for sinks. A slightly more simple and rustic look but at the same time with a lot of class is the one that presents this sink cabinet with solid wood countertop called Solid belonging to the signature Cerámica Flaminia. Wood again makes its appearance in those original basins of the Nina collection for the firm Karpenter.

Double sink Nina Karpenter

karpenter nina washbasin wood

In this case the design is a smooth and smooth finish with rounded corners that cause a very pleasant feeling. The following model of washbasin instead has completely round shapes. It is the Ukiyo-e washbasin from the firm Olympia Cerámica that is inspired by the oriental culture based on movement and constant change.

Ukiyo-e washbasin by Olympia Cerámica

olympia washbasin modern gray round

If we look at some examples of bathroom furniture designs we can appreciate the constant repetition of simple but clearly rounded shapes, as if the water had been responsible for filing and polishing the corners of each piece, molding them to your liking. Another detail that stands out again is the use of wood in the form of laminates .

Oriental style for bathroom designs

bathtub full gray color petals

Let's see then an original piece that combines the aforementioned; the Ofuró bathtub designed by Matteo Thun and Antonio Rodríguez for Rapsel. A clear influence of the Japanese culture appreciable in the careful finishes of this very special design, it is really a bathtub that will change our concept of decoration.

Bath Ofuró by Rapsel

laminated bathtub model rapsel wood

Contemporary design bathroom furniture

marble bathtub white chandelier

Roca Georgia bathtub design

Bathtub Rock Model Georgia Bath

Modern bathroom furniture

bathroom color blue washbasin metal

Modern bathroom with fireplace

bathroom fireplace views garden bathtub

Gray bathroom furniture

bathroom gray color modern style

Red furniture for bathroom

luxurious bathroom black lacquered red

Minimalist style bathroom design

bathroom minimalist style black furniture

Floor covering under the bathtub with spa stones

spa tub white stones spa

bathroom modern style glass screens

bathroom modern style mosaic column

bathroom modern style all white

bathroom modern furniture gray furniture

bathroom black color modern design

small bathroom design dark color

bathroom color red furniture tree

nice bathroom design white wood

nice bathroom wooden pool

bathroom design marble TV

great bathroom modern style bathtub

great bathroom views vertical garden

super bathroom garden stairs

kerasan aquatech model bathtub design

washbasin color black furniture washbasin

mood toilet model furniture bathroom

double washbasin cabinet laminated wood

washbasin cabinet modern red style

laminate furniture wood bathroom sink

bathroom furniture led lights SOIL

bathroom furniture modern design

bathroom furniture model galaxi xl

white furniture bathroom modern design

round black furniture modern bathroom

bathroom furniture round ceramics sky

bathroom tiles two colors black

wall tiles design modern bathroom

wall color green bathtub water

regia vintage model bathtub design

rexa design modern bathtub model

scarabeo bathroom square furniture

section bathroom furniture washbasin

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