Bathroom tiles in the latest fashion designs

bathroom tiles design modern red

The bathroom tiles have come back to show us the latest trends and finishes for bathroom walls and floors. We present our selection of twenty-five examples of bathroom tiles suitable for all styles, tastes and pockets. Dare to give your bathroom an innovative and futuristic look with the most modern tiles.

Bathroom tiles in neutral colors

bathroom tiles beige white

We will start with the most neutral and minimalist. The white is always appropriate for the decoration of the bathrooms. Increases the lighting and causes the sensation of greater amplitude. In the example above, the tiles are elongated and in a smooth raw tone, with a brilliant and very classic finish.

Green bathroom tiles

tiles bathroom color green mosaic

Then, full color notes in green tone variants. The model of bathroom tiles in this case is a kind of mosaic of uneven pieces, a very original design that will completely change the environment of your bathrooms . Also very original appearance achieved by having selected pieces of different tiles for the coverage of the bathtub.

Violet colored bathroom tiles

bathroom tiles violet color off

It is very current also to add color to a single wall to give it greater importance. It is the case of this beautiful bathroom design with violet brown tiles. He has managed to contrast beautifully with white to give more notoriety to the great oval porcelain sinks of modern design.

Turquoise mosaic bathroom tiles

blue mosaic turquoise bathroom tiles

We will also mention the bathroom tiles in the form of mosaics. We will see that they appear in many of the photographs, and that they are fashionable. In some of the most daring designs we will find very bright finishes with different effects, such as reflective tiles or pearl shine.

Bathroom tiles on the floor and wall

tiles bathroom floor wall mosaics

Another very sought after effect today is the industrial look. Bathroom tiles that imitate other materials such as brick look great in the most modern bathroom designs. We will also find designs that combine all the aforementioned elements obtaining fantastic results.

White tiles of industrial style

white tiles brick industrial style

White tiles for bathroom

white tiles celestial bathroom screen

Beautiful mosaic tiles for bathroom

tiles color indigo shine mosaic

Modern Japanese bathroom tiles

tiles colors red white black

Classical style bathroom tiles

classic gray white large tiles

modern tiles bathroom fourth flower

tiles mosaics wall blue bathtub

white black tiles elegant style

blue bathroom tiles flowers

nice lime green bathroom

pretty beige bathroom tiles

beautiful tiles classic motifs pastel

bathroom design green tiles

great tiles modern design cubes

great gray mosaic bathroom tiles

imitation tile color steel finish

mosaics dark tiles bright bathroom

original tiles mosaics bathroom wall

wall mosaic hole black tube

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