Bathroom tiles - the trick is in the hexagonal shapes

original modern bathroom tiles

The hexagonal or honeycomb shaped bathroom tiles are super popular for decorating because they are geometric, and this is a very current trend. They can be used both in the bathroom and in the kitchen, and can adapt to almost any style of decoration you choose. Today we are going to take a look at the magnificent ideas for bathroom tiles; Find out what are the best colors, combinations and ways to use them.

Bathroom tiles with hexagonal shapes - the new trend

white floor bathroom tiles

Hexagon-shaped tiles are often used to cover bathroom floors because they tend to be very durable, water resistant and can also create a modern and fresh environment in a very simple way.

Original design blue hexagonal tiles

blue bathroom tiles

The most popular idea is to decorate a bathroom in neutral colors and add a floor of contrasting hexagonal tiles in navy blue, black, dark gray or any other color, and a contrasting grout can help you highlight the tiles. The tiles can be small or large, and the color can highlight the tones of the rest of the bathroom or contrast with them.

Original design of hexagonal bathroom tiles

floor tiles original bathroom

You can highlight the area of ​​the shower or the bathtub with hexagonal tiles if the rest of the tiles are not hexagonal. If they are, you can use a different pattern, size or color.

Stunning design of iridescent bathroom tiles

awesome design bathroom tiles

Make the area stand out using a contrast slurry, for example, black tiles with white grout. You can also create a fantastic mosaic of hexagonal tiles of different colors and shades to make your shower look more modern and interesting.

Bathroom with gray hexagonal bathroom tiles

bathroom tiles gray color

Covering the walls with hexagonal tiles is another great idea, as they can also complete the look or contrast of the rest of the bathroom. Use hexagonal tiles of some neutral colors and floor tiles of the same tones for a peaceful appearance, or opt for white hexagonal tiles on the walls and dark ones for the floor meter. You can also create interesting mosaics using hexagonal tiles of different colors or a fashionable look "ombre" with faded tones.

Original design of modern bathroom with hexagonal tiles

modern bathroom hexagonal tiles

Use the hexagonal tiles throughout your bathroom to achieve a modern and pleasant look. They can be used on walls and floors, in both places, or you can simply choose different colors and tones. Actually, honeycomb tiles can adapt to any style of decoration depending on the furniture and appliances you use.

Great design of gray hexagonal tiles

gray hexagonal tiles design

Enter a six-sided style into your home this season with the addition of some hexagonal tiles. The latest trend in the world of interior design, the hexagons, is appearing in some of the most fashionable establishments in the United Kingdom. We can find them made of materials such as simple clay from the most decorated porcelain.

Hexagonal tiles with variations of different shades

hexagonal tiles different shades

Such geometric figure as a hexagon is quite interesting for designers, especially if we talk about ceramic tiles. Yes, this wonderful shape can create very intriguing patterns on the surface that look like honeycombs. Often, the hexagonal tiles on the inside are used for floor coverings since they create a really elegant and exquisite appearance.

Original design of hexagonal tiles with shiny metallic finish

bright modern design tiles

A white hexagonal tile model is quite popular on the bathroom floor where it creates an interesting pattern that draws attention to the floor surface. The white color will add amplitude while the hexagon pattern will make the floor unique. And remember, you have many ways to use hexagonal tiles on the floor: large and small, mosaic type, all white or with the addition of other colors.

Original vintage style bathroom with hexagonal tiles

bathroom vintage style

If you need more floor tile ideas from bathroom From hexagon, you just have to look through our photo gallery below, you will find lots of interesting examples of how to use this interior design approach with hexagonal tiles.

Design of white hexagonal bathroom tiles

white hexagonal bathroom tiles

The hexagonal tile is inspired by Roman and Arabic designs. The current modern interpretation of this secular style takes into account the old and makes it new by embracing modern colors and effective decorative patterns.

Original modern bathroom design with hexagonal tiles

modern bathroom hexagonal tiles

The excitement has grown around this six-sided geometric pattern that moves away from the traditional format of square tiles.

Original minimalist bathroom design with gray hexagonal tiles

Minimalist bathroom design with tiles

Subsequent confirmation shows that this trend is here to remain for a long period of time.

Original bathroom floor design with gray tiles

bathroom floor tiles gray

The hexagonal mosaic tiles in the direct tiles offer a modern and easily adaptable tile option for your floor or walls. Hexagonal tiles come in a wide range of colors to match the decor of your bathroom, or you can also arrange a mix of colors for a true mosaic effect.

Original bathroom wall design with hexagonal tiles

bathroom wall design

It is true that you can also play with the design, colors and the patterns of bathroom tiles to create points of interest.

Original wall decoration with bathroom tiles in the form of hexagons

nice design bathroom wall

This design, for example, has introduced some accent tiles that manage to highlight the key areas of the wall;

Original design of modern bathroom floor with hexagonal tiles

beautiful tiles floor bathroom

The same goes for the design of this bathroom floor, it looks modern as well as simple. As you can see, gray is an option that marks true trend.

Bathroom design with gray tones hexagonal tiles

fourth bathroom gray tones

Even mixing different shades of gray you can create an amazing mosaic wall. Dare to improvise with the tiles and create an own and personalized design for the bathroom.

Nice vintage style bathroom with hexagonal tiles

vintage style bathroom

The hexagons look great in both retro or vintage style bathroom designs and in minimalist or contemporary style bathrooms.

Original combination of bathroom tiles

design modern bathroom tiles

In this image we see a combination of hexagons with the rectangles of the subway style tiles, a great way to mix both decoration trends.

Design of modern bathroom with gray hexagonal tiles

design bathroom modern wall tiles

If you opt for tiles in darker gray tones, you will achieve that concrete effect that is so much sought after indoors.

Original bathroom wall tile with gray bathroom tiles

design wall bathroom bathroom tiles

The contrast they make with the white bathroom furniture will look great. You can even combine tiles with slight variations of tones to create effects of lights and shadows on the wall.

Original design of bathroom tiles in hexagonal shape

design modern hexagonal shape tiles

Another great idea is to add small bursts of color using the tiles. Think of the areas you want to accentuate and take an example of the images.

Original combination of black and white hexagonal tiles

original combination hexagonal tiles

With a combination of black and white in the bathroom will always succeed, regardless of the style you have chosen for your decoration.

Great bathroom floor design with hexagonal tiles

bathroom floor hexagonal tiles

We leave you now browsing the rest of the bathroom tile images in our gallery, do not miss them.

Modern bathroom with tiles in the shape of hexagons

original design bathroom floor

Original design of bathroom floor covering

original design bathroom tiles

Original shiny finish hexagonal tiles

original tiles glossy finish

Bathroom floor design with hexagonal tiles

bathroom floor with tiles

Nice design of hexagonal bathroom tiles

floor bathroom modern bathroom

Design of bathroom with hexagonal tiles by Techne Architecture for Doherty Design Studio

white hexagonal tiles












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