Bathroom - wood, warmth and comfort at home.

bathroom bathtub lamp covered wood

I think we can say that in terms of design and decor There is no such thing as wood. It has an appearance that combines texture in a unique way. Its combination in different parts of a room creates an amazing diversity of visual effects. From the windows, floor or wall doors, the subtleties of color give it an exquisite warmth. Its aesthetic qualities are unique and it has structural properties still unexplored. It is a material that we can add to the bathrooms given its great advantages. Provides a greater sense of comfort.

Bathroom, treated wood floor

bathroom white bathtub lights natural

By including it in our bathroom will allow us to maintain the balance in terms of humidity. Because it takes and gives moisture until it reaches equilibrium. If our bathroom is close to noisy rooms, the benefit is even greater. Due to its properties it is able to absorb sound waves. The result, a relaxing and restful bath in a peaceful environment. Although many do not believe it, the benefit goes beyond our bathroom, to our economy. Wood is a thermal insulator, which determines a reduction in energy consumption and therefore in our accounts.

Bathroom, natural image with plants

bathroom bathtub wood cabin candles

Undoubtedly we relate it to the rustic aspects. Or some tendencies japanese , the truth is that with some wooden elements such as a cabinet or chair already make the bathroom different. We can also choose to include other accessories such as wooden vases or glasses. The inclusion of paintings is not prohibited in this space either. There are designs of frames that we can take advantage of and that can also be in mirrors. If we have the fortune to have enough space we can delimit several areas with wood.

Wood in furniture and windows

bathroom mirror accessories wood mirror

An interior wall with slats of natural wood can serve to demarcate a relaxation area inside the bathroom. On the other side we could leave the bathtub or the shower cabin, these slats would also allow air circulation without problems. It gives the chance to play with the design and make a bathroom very rustic or that is very modern. Although both styles could be combined. A natural wood floor is an element that also gives character to the bathroom. Currently, there are processing and treatment methods that allow it to be included in this area.

Accessories and furniture in wood

bathroom shelf wood lamparas flores

We should only be very cautious with the selection because it is an area wet . A selection of mahogany or teak gives a really unique look and have a very special structure. Other variants such as walnut, fir or elm could be adapted. No doubt with a proper design would be a very durable aesthetic solution. That will not involve great complexity because it allows assemblies quickly and is very manageable. A variant that will increase the comfort and privacy that we enjoy in our bathroom.

Warm color treatment

bathroom shelf wood sink mirror

Contrast wood and gold

bathroom lists mirror washbasin wall

Furniture with woody tone

bathroom wood towels mirror furniture

Warm effect with covered walls

bathroom wood ready led cover

Covered in window and bathtub

bathroom furniture wood window

Effect on wall and floor

bathroom wall cover shower cabin

Variation in drying space

bathroom wall towels mirror shower

Mix wood and LED lights

bathroom ceiling led lights towels

Wood in different applications

bathroom ceiling wood washbasin led

Two tones in wood

bathroom lounger wood windows plants

Application of wood in bathtub and floor

bathtubs wood shower plants flowers

Washbasin creative design

basin rustic wood floor design

Treated wood bathtub

cockpit polished creative wood

lists wood wall separator led bathtub

wood bathtub led decoration furniture cover

wood bathroom staircase luxury bathtub staircase

wood shower floor wall accessories

wood shelf washbasin furniture

furniture wood accessories ceiling luxury

wall bathtub floor fourth stove

walls bathrooms design lamp rustic

wall led lights bathroom shower jarron

floor bathtub plants basin natural floor

floor wood ceiling stove texture

rustic floor lamparas roca hot tub

rustic furniture natural texture bathrooms

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