Bathrooms with charm, the details to make them functional

charming bathrooms wood walls shelves

To create true charming bathrooms it is necessary to look at some special details. This can help us create some optical effects that help to give a true elegance to the bathroom. These effects can be created from the use of vertical modules.

Bathrooms with modern charm and elegant design details

charming bathrooms white view parts

A perfect resource to create a greater sensation of height. There are conditions such as bathrooms with low ceilings in which a mirror can help balance this feature. A medium-sized mirror can help improve lighting. The reflection of the entire site is another way to visually increase its dimensions. For the bathrooms with charm the solutions of work are another one of the possible exits. Adapting everything to the measures of space with which we have can be true wonders.

Charming bathrooms designed to relax and unwind at the end of the day

charming bathrooms special furniture relaxation

Open furniture is one of them. They are a solution that optimizes the space. Whenever we opt for finishes without front and the use of clear materials. Woods in dark tones or any other material tend to absorb light. All the work models have excellent results. With the great advantage of adapting to our needs. Added to this the storage space is equally important. To create a real bathroom with charm we can take advantage of the thickness of the walls.

Modern bathroom with exit to the outside of the house and a large segment of the garden

charming bathrooms exterior furniture colors

This may allow the use of shelves embedded in the wall. Especially when it comes to a small bathroom. Other structures such as beams or pillars are usable. Custom shelves can be included in these irregularities to be used as storage spaces. The selection of materials and their contrast is always an important point. It is best to avoid saturation that affects the bathroom image. Therefore it is advisable not to use more than two coatings. The main natural-looking finishes are perfect to give the bathroom a relaxing atmosphere.

Lighting is an important part in the design and the image of all space

charming bathrooms concrete walls chairs

Wood, stone or even polished cement can be used in any bathroom structure. Each of these materials and finishes can be applied to countertops or sinks. This causes them to become a decorative detail in itself. With the right combination of materials you can fill any corner with life. Each bathroom that respects these conditions will show spectacular results. The charming bathrooms with a balance between cold materials such as slate and other warm ones will always look good. In terms of construction, the space of shower It offers great possibilities.

Vertical gardens in the shower area complete the fresh image of this bathroom

charming bathrooms bricks hanging walls

The mid-rise walls in these areas are perfect to separate them from the rest of the space. The best thing is that they are not separators that carry space and that are too overwhelming. These walls are enriched when combined with other glass finishes. A fixed type glass to the ceiling can be the perfect screen for our shower. If we add to this some steel finishes the effect of light and transparencies will be perfect. The bathrooms with charm are always distinguished by personalization.

Beautiful furniture selection with built-in LED lighting for a modern space

charming bathrooms led lines flowers materials

Achieving a bathroom with its own seal will always be a great satisfaction. Pieces and personal details will make any piece that only has basic elements in its design look better. In addition to looking more elegant it will be perfect if combined with the appropriate storage area. Remember that this last aspect will always depend on our real needs. A family bathroom will not be the same as one for personal use. If we have the storage areas already thought, then a problem will be created.

The contrast of black and white in accessories or walls does not escape from this type of spaces

charming bathrooms wood bnancpo negrop lamparas

This is usually followed by the use of innumerable auxiliary furniture, shelves and much more. What in summary ends up changing the aesthetics of our bathroom no matter how personalized this one is. The extra inclusion of furniture for storage ends up creating a space too loaded and even with a certain chaotic image. Nor can you lose sight of the lighting and adequate ventilation of the entire space. There are activities in the bathroom that will need a more intense light. Therefore, it must be planned in advance and included in our design.

With few details can be achieved by maintaining a perfect balance in the bathroom

charming bathrooms black wooden accesprios

Wood is another smart option when it comes to a natural cut bath

charming bathrooms candles heat lights

The suspended furniture will facilitate cleaning and in addition to this we will gain space

nice concept lights decorated elevated

Well-placed lighting will change the bathroom image almost completely

elevated furniture home details chairs

Vertical gardens can fill these areas with life adding a touch of modernity

nice natural green lights concepts

Betting on vertical storage an effective way to optimize space

elongated baths special furniture lines

Art is another perfect component for a modern and minimalist decoration

carpets lamparas hangers ideas laths

Some bronze finishes take this bathroom to another level in terms of design and decoration

bronze details structures furniture metal

Idea for a bright and functional bathroom that shares the room

Shared bedroom style mirrors lists

Carpets the solution to delimit the areas in any area of ​​our home

bath special colors furniture lounges

Undoubtedly the marble finishes are vital for an elegant and modern bathroom

marble special details color wash basin

Minimalist bathroom with an excellent view perfect for a long rest

minimalist views illuminated bathroom leather

The plants will never be too much in our design to fill the bathroom with life

natural special details house plants

Another good example of the incredible effect that marble can have in the bathroom

marble walls images colors lines

A minimalist and modern model with good natural lighting, HJC Design

modern futuristic style concepts

Idea to integrate the bathroom with the exterior of the house and the pool area

blue views lines furniture entries

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