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On several occasions we have talked about versatile materials that give a lot of themselves and transform the space. Many of proven strength and durability. Today we will return on one of these materials and its use in bathrooms, marble. Marble is a stone of limestone origin, whose main component is calcium carbonate. It is formed through a long geological process that makes it very compact. The impurities retained within the limestone mass, produce the veins we observe or colored interlaced splashes.

Bathrooms with marble, gray variety

bathrooms with marble bambu flowers countertop

When these splashes or veins have a pleasing appearance to the eye they always make the stone an excellent sculpture material and for decorative coatings. For many years it has been used in dissimilar areas of our homes. Present in kitchens, innumerable accessories for decoration and many other uses, marble has always been a favorite. Its external beauty and structure have made it ideal for bathroom projects. Extending from the traditionally marked to the most modern and luxurious.

Bathrooms with marble and contrast with LED

bathrooms with marble bathtub washbasin led

The bathrooms with marble give the possibility of using it in several ways. Fundamentally for countertops, walls and floors. In any of these applications the result is an attractive bathroom and undoubtedly luxurious. This is one of its main advantages if we decide to remodel the bathrooms with marble. For gloss surfaces so fashionable nowadays is also ideal. The polished variant reflects light like no other material and visually its texture is very smooth. The possibilities of design They are immense and we can find a great availability of designs in the market.

Marble wall

bathrooms with marble bathtub modern salts

The range of colors in terms of tiles is very varied from gray, white or black, among many others. The set tiles reinforce this image of luxury and elegance. They are usually not the same and each one has a veining of unique shapes that make them very special. In the beginning we mentioned its durability and it is undoubtedly another of its strengths. With proper care it can last for many years. The bathrooms with marble in components such as tiles are very durable. The tiles on the other hand are incredibly resistant against impacts.

In shower cabin

bathrooms with marble glass shower cabin

For each remodeling plan we can find great variety in terms of prices and design. In general, the cost can be high but it is also dependent on the marble used. In this sense, variety in terms of shape and color prevails over everything. As is logical to make an appropriate decision we must analyze other negative aspects. Bathrooms with marble can be prone to stains. By having a porous constitution spots can appear with relative ease on its surface. For this reason the tiles should be treated especially.

Floor wall covering

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It consists of a protective layer that must be applied approximately once every nine months. There are common cases of bathrooms with marble in veneers. Specifically on the walls of the shower this requires a special coating treatment. The surfaces are covered with special sealing resins and require careful maintenance to keep the surface in optimum condition. This is one of its main disadvantages. Its maintenance must be with mild cleansing products.

For shower veneer

bathrooms with marble shower plants lamp

We must avoid those that contain chlorine and dry it immediately so that it does not absorb water. This is especially for tiles that require additional measures in terms of their care. If you are looking for something beautiful and unique, marble is nevertheless a solution. Compensated with its elegance, the cost also offers many variants. An unparalleled bathroom that you will not want to leave and that you will enjoy for a long time.

Contrast with wood

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Undoubtedly this is one of the most known stones in everything that refers to construction. For a long time its use has extended beyond the bathrooms as we have seen today. In addition to the bathrooms with marble the ornamental details are well known. There are properties like its hardness that make it perfect for several applications.

For gloss surfaces

bathrooms with warm marble design lights

As if that were not enough, the change you experience when polishing is equally amazing. The photos show that polishing for bathroom countertops is a luxury. An interesting feature is that the one that in its state of purity is absolutely white. All the variation in terms of tones is produced as a result of impurities.

Blank veneer

bathrooms with marble wood shower cabinet

In the world of construction, so-called metaphoric rocks and some limestones are called marble. Although the latter have not reached a crystallized process. Beyond the technical names, the bathrooms with marble look wonderful. Especially on the floors the effect is very striking. If you are thinking about a suitable type of pavement it is smart to take it into account.

Contrast with flowers and veining

bathrooms with marble lamparas towel flores

As is logical, this is a space like the bathroom can have its advantages and disadvantages. Let's see some that are also applicable for any home space. Its elegant and luxurious effect is always positive on the decoration. Especially when it comes to a bathroom or any environment with a classic look. It is interesting that with the passage of time its beauty and effect is not affected.

Countertop model

bathrooms with marble curved washbasin countertop

On the floor of the bathroom or any space always creates a beautiful timeless image. The special thing in this stone is the reflection of the natural itself. With such a wide range of types, it is almost impossible not to create a space for us. Both in structure and color this option of bathrooms with marble will differ from the others. The veins and tones are practically unrepeatable.

Countertop and cover in brown

bathrooms with marble washbasin wood towel

The case of white marble is one of the most special. For the construction of bathrooms and apply it in different areas there is a very different classification. On the floor it looks perfect with its gray streaks. Just this balance of white and gray is what makes it ideal for a beautiful classic design. If you want to create a warm atmosphere in the bathroom there is a tonality that works better.

Brown polished veneer

bathrooms with marble brown lamparas polished

It is about the cream marbles, a solution that in addition to creating a cozy image helps to make better use of the light. The list is extensive and then the most outstanding are the reds or the greens without forgetting the case of the blacks. Blacks have a lot of applications. Its effect with light is very beautiful for the facades, as well as on countertops. For kitchen countertops or the bathroom becomes the visual point of impact par excellence.

Illuminated bathroom, white veined marble

bathrooms with marble modeno led white

With an adequate treatment, its beauty increases in any of these applications. In the case of soil, the most common is that it is polished. Since it is a natural material all this brightness is maintained for a longer period of time. On the other hand there are other finishes that can give this stone a different touch.

Dark marble on wall

bathrooms with marble furniture dark wood

For example, the aging that similarly gives a different touch. For a bathroom, applying it to floors is not the only possibility. The walls and countertops will be the best way to give our design greater uniformity and elegance. I leave some ideas and solutions to our gallery today.

Treated polished floor

bathrooms with marble towel cups polished

Marbled dark wall

bathrooms with marble wood wall view

Cream polished countertop

bathrooms with marble basin drawers mirror countertop

Contrast with dark washbasin

bathrooms with marble flowers yellow dark

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Carrara marble ideas luxury design

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