Beautiful gardens full of charm and the keys to creating them

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To create beautiful gardens the phases of the whole process are different. Today we are going to show you several ideas and we will see in detail how to configure a functional and beautiful garden. Each form, the textures and the colors must be combined in full harmony. In the same way, the materials used to create real beautiful gardens must respond to our needs. To begin, you have to define what type of garden you want in our yard. It is possible that you think of a thematic garden so you have to consider some style.

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Then think about the need for balance between the plants and other elements that will integrate the style of the garden. There are different design patterns that can help us to give life to our project. The important thing for a pleasant garden is knowing how to adapt each idea to the real conditions of our space. Keeping of course the satisfaction of the needs and our personal taste. Based on the creation of beautiful gardens there are styles that have become very fashionable. The first of these are modern gardens followed by tropical and natural ones.

Beautiful gardens and the selection of plants

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Out of any structure that integrates the design the plants will have the fundamental weight. They are obviously the ones that will make up the different sensations based on colors and their aromas. It is precisely here that the first mistake is made in the creation of gardens. There is a tendency to include many plants and this does not make the space more attractive.

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Each type of plant should be selected carefully. Proper planning will ensure that all areas are used appropriately. A clear idea about the types of plants needed always starts from the plant spaces. There are several plant spaces but we will refer to two of them.

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The first are the borders. It is no more than the edge that is formed by a group of plants. In beautiful and modern gardens it is used to delimit and mark several plots. They look great when you have a garden near the pool, trails or a terrace. Border designs have mostly straight lines.

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It is the recommended style for gardens with a formal appearance. The curved shapes always create a more informal look. With the borders the decorations without much more attractive in the patio. Especially in the functional part are very necessary to prevent plants from invading other nearby areas such as roads or the lawn itself.

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We can not fail to mention the lawn as part of the plant spaces of the garden designs. It is perfect to create a feeling of pleasant spaciousness. If you have planned dining areas or salons outside, it is best to place them on the lawn. Simply if you want to go to bed or play with the children outdoors an area with grass is recommended.

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Beautiful gardens plants for each space

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If you have clear spaces that you want to define in your yard then it is time to select the key plants for the design. Start with those designed to attract attention and are usually the most prominent.

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As key plants you have to think of trees and shrubs especially when dealing with small environments. In the same way, other small plants can be highlighted if preferred. The second group of plants are those that will make up the entire design structure desired for the garden.


Hedges, climbing plants or areas with grass are classic examples in this regard. Another group of plants are the fill-in calls for areas that have been left empty. Here are those of better utility those with a rather low bearing or those of creeping type.


Do not abuse the filling plants with only a few will fulfill their function to the fullest. The last phase of plant selection to achieve true beautiful gardens is the group that will simply have decorative value. Think of the ones you want to achieve that beautiful attractive detail within the entire setting.


These are the plants that will give you the necessary variety at each step of the seasons. Decorative plants are biannuals, herbs, or vivacious among others. Establishes a balance between perennials and deciduous. The balance of proportions between plants and space can never be lost as a guide to our design.


As is logical, the plants will continue their growth process. Look at your garden later in time and anticipate the location of each species. For example, avoid placing those that have great growth very close to each other.

Structures for the design of gardens


Each one of the elements that make up the garden is an important basis of its design. Each structure composed of those parts such as doors, fences, walls or pergolas They are very important. In each photo we see the effect of the fountains, the stairs or the benches to give more beauty to the spaces.


Without discounting any, it becomes an essential part of the decoration of the garden. Each of these details acts as a kind of framework for the plants. On the other hand they establish a visual harmony of the patio with the surrounding environment. There are structures such as pergolas that will always be a great addition. The effect on comfort and the feeling and intimacy that they transmit is superior.


The structural elements must match what we really need in our yard. In the aesthetic part they must also harmonize with the style and type of garden. To achieve beauty and full functionality take into account the materials of each of the structures. Whether for benches, walls or fences, the combination of materials is very beautiful. As in this combination of Studio H.


The fundamental thing is that they have a certain harmony with each other. As in the selection of plants for true beautiful gardens do not abuse an excess of materials and structures. The whole patio can look a little oppressive and loaded. If you are lucky enough to have a large garden then there is a greater chance of experimenting with different materials. For the cases of small gardens we will give you several general tips for success.

Beautiful and small gardens for relaxing spaces


Gardens of this type should be integrated with plants of low size. It is precisely the plants that are going to give beauty to these spaces. To save space species such as succulents or cacti are ideal as begonias. They offer the possibility of planting in pots and thus placing them taking into account the real space.


Within the types the climbers are very beautiful but only those that are not invasive. Otherwise they will steal all the available space. A systematic pruning of the bushes is likewise a way to keep everything in order. Regularly cut all the branches that occupy an extra space dedicated to the garden.


Within the forms of cultivation the vertical gardens have gained in popularity. Take advantage of them if the patio is small so that each corner counts. Any group of plants that is made in the long run will be positive for its state and will favor the development and growth of each species. To prevent one from covering others, place the larger ones in the background leaving the smaller ones in front.


Some shelf designs can get us out of trouble to have an extra space to put some pots. In any corner or wall near the garden there are possibilities to create something harmonious. Just keep in mind to put those with greater needs of light in the highest part. Reserve the lower part for the shade ones.

Gardens for easy maintenance


This type of garden especially is based on the use of grass in few proportions. As well as resistant plants that do not demand too much attention in terms of irrigation or pruning. Several areas with cover plants will keep weeds away.


To all this you can add spaces with rocks and water elements. Beyond the low maintenance gardens the rocks are special to highlight different levels in terms of terrain. So it is convenient to use them on steps or the trails themselves.


Each slope can be exploited with creativity as is the case of waterfalls and ponds. They are the best excuse to use aquatic plants full of exoticism. Many with flowers of great beauty so you can not miss her has a pond in your garden.


In larger dimensions we will have better possibilities to creatively exploit different levels in the same field. Terraces with flowers or mounds with rocks will accentuate a truly beautiful natural image. To enjoy the garden at night, lighting is a major factor.


Use spotlights to highlight some plants or trails. Any detail that is of your interest can be highlighted by means of adequate lighting. The best thing is that the luminaries are located naturally and without excesses only in some focal points.




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