Bedrooms, what you can not lose sight of in your design.

luxury bedroom golden wall picture

If decoration and design are concerned, I am sure that the bedroom is one of the areas that we dedicate the most time to. This is evident since its importance for a proper rest is vital. Therefore the bedrooms should be cozy, pleasant and above all relaxing. We are going to see some aspects that we can not ignore and that can make our room a place where we do not feel comfortable. One of my favorites: the color.

Bedrooms, spaciousness for rest

bedrooms reading lamp cushions gray

The predominant color in the bedrooms is fundamental. The idea is the colour global that predominates. Including from the floor, to the furniture and of course the walls. The influence of color is paramount to our state of mind. A chromatic range that is not suitable can ruin everything else. Many specialists recommend eliminating or decreasing the use of telephones and computers in bedrooms. With them, rest is reduced because you tend to sleep later.

Bedrooms, cozy atmosphere with natural light

bedroom curtains luxury elegant wood

On the other hand, avoid including an office in the design of the room. Having the workspace inside the bedroom is also another burden when looking for comfort. From the psychological point of view it is believed that there is an inability to disconnect completely when these areas of the house are shared. If the space does not allow it, some separating accessory can be used as screens. Avoid the decoration of the bedrooms Mirrors Large size.

Decorated with hanging lamps

bedrooms decoration furniture lights lamps

They are sometimes a source of distraction that hinders sleep. The pictures are absolutely permissible, especially photographs of family events that take us back to moments of enjoyment. Everything that is capable of evoking positive sensations is welcome. I leave our gallery with some solutions of dissimilar styles. Trends from the Zen to the Mediterranean, enjoy them.

Pattern of dim lights

bedrooms hanging lamps modern unlimited

Environment little charged for rest

bedroom led creative minimalist lights

Shades of gray apasibles

bedrooms large city sphere cushions

Natural colors for bedrooms

bedrooms carpet cushions urn pictures

Warm effect with touches of wood

minimalist carpet cream wood bedroom

Decorated on wall in headboard

bedrooms armchair white wall lamp

Dim lighting style

angle bed white pictures hedgehog plants

bed candles pictures wood cushions

classic adjustable lamp comfortable reading

diy mediterranean different sidewalks decoration

elegant functional luxury room

mirrors grouped dark space baul

cabin style yacht decorated maritime

mediterranean style flowers seats jarron

zen room cushions plants flowers

Accent wood cozy warm design

wood headboard bed fan diy

wood walls cozy warm style

mediterranean style blue lines variant

mediterranean style lines rocks wall

couple marriage lamparas decor rocks

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