Bedrooms with masculine and elegant style - 34 designs

stylish bedrooms

If you are single and want to design your man cave, you will see that it is not that difficult. The stylish bedrooms They do not have to be boring, they can be laconic and manly, but still textural and eye-catching. Today we would like to inspire those who want a bedroom with a masculine air.

Ideas to decorate bedrooms with masculine style

male bedrooms

A male bedroom can be totally different according to its style and colors. Art deco, industrial, modern or minimalist, mid-modern or rustic century; everything depends on you.

Original ideas for decorating men's bedrooms

ideas for male bedrooms

Whichever style you have chosen, you will need some furniture, and the basic thing for each bedroom is a bed, a bedside table and maybe some lamps. In this post we want to share some ideas to decorate a masculine bedroom with style and good taste.

Ideas for bedrooms with masculine and modern style

bedrooms with masculine style

A bed is the focal point of any bedroom, especially a male one, which should be sexy and cozy. One of the most popular options is a leather upholstered bed; It can easily adapt to an industrial style, vintage or a modern bedroom.

Original ideas to decorate bedrooms with style

bedrooms with modern man style

A bed with a metal frame is always a perfect idea for any man's bedroom, preferably a blackened metal. If you want an upholstered bed, choose gray, brown, black metal, perhaps with engraved decoration, this is a very cozy and attractive option.

Ideas to decorate a man's bedroom

man's bedroom

A wooden bed is also a cool option. It is ideal for rustic and modern rooms, although everything depends on the appearance of your bedroom. A large headboard or simply a fresh upholstery is another great idea for a man's bedroom.

Great ideas for the manly rooms

manly rooms

A bedside lamp is not only functional to read, you can also create a point of interest and help you design your bedroom. Keep the bedside table in the style of your bedroom by taking into account the design of the bed.

Great decorating ideas for male bedrooms

Decoration ideas

It can be an elegant modern table with several drawers or a wooden box fixed to the wall, which will also save space.

Original simple and modern bedside table design

bedside table

A vintage chest can work as a cool nightstand and create a bold accent. Try lighting the bedside tables with hanging lamps to save space on the surface.

Original bedside table made with a vintage chest

vintage chest

You can even place a shelf as a bedside table to create some built-in storage, it will save a lot of space and it will look laconic.

Male room with a hanging light on the bedside table

hanging light bulb

A bedside lamp will add the last elegant touch to the bedroom decor. The most practical idea is a wall sconce, it will not take up space on the floor and does not require a bedside table.

Designs of modern male rooms

modern rooms

The Hanging lamps with an industrial touch they are incredible. Simple large bulbs are great for a manly space, just try hanging them on both sides, it's very easy and they will fit ideally.

Great ideas to decorate rooms

ideas to decorate

What is a masculine space? In general, there are no glam accessories, no bright and airy colors, dark tones and minimalism dominate in the details. But can this space be elegant?

Blue room design

room color blue

You just have to find a balance between a deep and rough look and the comfort that a bedroom should provide. The main colors are usually very dark: black, gray, brown, blue and green. Although you can also add small splashes of bright colors such as red, yellow or orange.

Ideas to decorate white male dormitories

male bedrooms

The choice of materials is very important for male dormitories. They should be rough but still inviting to relaxation and comfort. The most modern and modern man rooms usually have elements of rough concrete, rustic wood, brick walls.

Original gray upholstered headboard design

Upholstered headboard

The classic style is always fashionable; warm tones, square patterns and vintage suitcases instead of a bedside table will look great. Animal prints, horns and even wall art will add some personality to any bedroom.

Original modern room design

modern upholstered bed

The notion that all male dormitories are dark and cranky is a total mistake. There are plenty of mid-century and eclectic style spaces that work well for men.

Original ideas to decorate a masculine bedroom

male bedroom

In case you want a little more inspiration for such rooms, you can look for hotel suites. They are usually quite serene, have spectacular beds and quite minimalist designs. In addition, you can also find something interesting in our bedroom designs with industrial style exposed beams.

Design of a room with cement walls

cement room

A bedroom with a masculine atmosphere is based on finding that balance between a deep unpretentious look and a comfortable and elegant living space. The colors used are often stoic in nature, and typically gray, black and brown dominate the spectrum.

Modern bedroom design for men

modern bedroom

However, contemporary rooms with a masculine style go far beyond the generic rooms lined in Gray steel.

Original design of night table swing

night table swing

For brevity, we will refer to these spaces as male dormitories from now on. Most modern rooms that aim to achieve this aspect of steel virility tend to often have a color scheme that is too familiar.

Nice decoration of male room

traditional room

Black and gray form the base of the room. Black is often used to delineate spaces and give the bedroom a better definition. The black also inaugurates the wide sophistication and ensures that there is a certain steep tranquility over the bedroom. Brown and blue are the other two most popular options that look great when used sparingly.

Original design of leather headboard

leather headboard

Leather is an important part of the men's room, and most single apartments tend to have a touch of leather that really adds a lot of elegance.

Design of room with exposed brick wall

brick wall

The navy blue is perfect when used for bedding and curtains in the male bedroom, as it adds a splash of color, while accentuating the room's distinct ambience. An elegant decoration with simple and clean lines is also an important part of this sought-after look.

Original design of male room with accent wall

accent wall

A male bedroom does not mean a dark and charming room with lots of artificial lighting and walls of deep colors.

Original modern bedroom design

modern bedroom

In fact, the opposite direction works just as well and seems even more impressive. We love how so many male rooms are opening up to the outside world instead of staying hidden.

Original wall design headboard space separator

headboard separator environments

This not only gives the boys an impressive view of the hills or the ocean, but also gives access to much natural ventilation.

Room with gray wall

wall color gray

Gray is definitely the fashion color for designers and owners in recent years, and when it comes to male bedrooms, it's almost a must.

Modern bedroom with wooden accent wall

wall wood

The gray brings the softness of lighter tones together with the elegance of the black together in an exquisite and refined way. An approach with gray allows you to experiment with your favorite tones to make sure that the room is not monotonous.

Nice decoration of manly room

vintage walls

If you are not very interested in covering the bedroom walls in gray, then you can use it as an accent addition by introducing gray bedding, curtains and accessories.

Original design of modern bedroom with views

bedroom views

A completely gray room can seem somewhat gloomy and depressing unless it is accompanied by adequate lighting and a certain geometric contrast and texture.

Modern style room

wall color gray

Add several layers of lighting, some wooden accents and some additions of sculptural decoration to give the gray male bedroom a sense of uniqueness and excitement.

Ideas to decorate stylish bedrooms with dark walls

indigo wall

Ideas to decorate bedrooms with style

stylish bedrooms

Ideas to decorate bedrooms with masculine style

ideas for stylish bedrooms

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