Beds design, saving space and more for the room.

beds design desk warm shelves

It is a challenge many times to decorate small spaces like the rooms. Fill them with style and good taste is not a problem even if we have a few square meters. The tendency for economic reasons is often the tendency towards spaces of this type. In every room, the element that most demands space is usually the bed. On ideas that gather beds, functional design and creativity we will talk a little.

Beds design on kitchen

beds design kitchen fan blocks

As usual I leave you a selection of images with ideas. When we try to create space in the bedrooms The objective can be above all for storage. Also to place other furniture. Without being extremely tall the beds can be raised a few centimeters. This resulting cavity can be adapted for drawers. Or as a variant to introduce storage drawers. About 75 centimeters are more than enough to create a functional space.

Beds design with spiral staircase

beds design spiral metal staircase

Another idea for design beds or interiors, are the shelves. Not the conventional but those that can be part of a single piece of furniture in which we integrate the bed. In general, books or decorative accessories can be placed at its base. In this case photographs, lamps, lamps of table and more. If the structures are very high, stairs will be necessary. Although we can also convert stairs into storage spaces. The solution has the drawers in the form of low stairs.

Warm design in wood

beds design stairs living room wood

They can serve us for both purposes. They can also be inserted inside the furniture as we will see in the images. So they will not be a hindrance in space. It is a viable option for high design beds of about 1.70 centimetros.Pues these drawers allow to take advantage of the steps as drawers. In addition to taking advantage of each space in the room. More incredibly ingenious ideas in our gallery.

Optimization for desktop

beds design adults design desk

Do not hesitate to implement some of the cases that we will see. The achievement of a space adapted to your needs is always welcome. This often depends more than our comfort, also our emotional state. Remember that an excessively charged room can visually cause a feeling of exhaustion and fatigue. Give an illuminated and functional space suitable for the rest you deserve.

Use of natural light for bed

beds design children's room natural light

Combination with space for games

beds design playground games space

Space for storage of toys

beds design children wood storage

Design for game space

beds design pink girls toys cushions

Design about kitchen

beds design living room height bricks wall

Variant incertada in the construction

adult bed high design staircase

Design by Hetherington Interiors

low bed double sofa space design

high bed space decoration lamp

bed led lights staircase ceiling metal

bed tall trunks tenuous red cushions

kitchen ladder bed wood white

creative picture wood solla litter

decorative design space concrete

guitar wall decoration led room

room space save stair led lights

bunk white wood space children child

litter four wood stars lamps

wood plants pot creative adults

red wood elevated storage room

fan box fireplace white wood sofa

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