Black and gold color, elegance for interior spaces

bed color black gold padded ceiling

Are you thinking of a color change for indoor spaces? Today we will show you great ideas for the decoration of all types of rooms and rooms black color and gold The combination of these two colors brings a very special touch of sophistication and class, whether contemporary or classic style.

Modern black and gold dining room

modern room black gold color

The fabulous room minimalist design that appears in the photograph above is in itself a work of art, the black color has been used strategically in walls and carpets contrasting the area of ​​the table with round shapes and making it stand out thanks to the effect of lighting achieved thanks to the golden color.

Wall paper of gold and black color

paper wall color gold black

Next we will see that the painted wall paper is a pretty good choice in case we are looking for a change of look in our home. With it we can get any type of finishes and effects, such as the one that appears in the black and gold image with ornamental vegetable motifs of a classic style.

Stately room with black wall

luxurious golden bed black wall

The next photograph instead shows a luxurious and stately-looking bedroom with light furniture and ornaments in gold, while several of the walls are black and smooth. Beautiful and original combination between class and fashion, the result is in sight. On the other hand, if we have chosen the black color as the protagonist of our decoration, we can also include gold details in order to illuminate certain areas.

Modern room in black and gold

golden cushions modern black bed

Whether in bedding, lamps or other objects of smaller size, gold can bring brightness to the place as long as you do not overdo it too much. See, for example, the decoration of the master bedroom above, fantastic the way in which details as small and simple as two cushions can be so important in the final aesthetic, is a great design.

Bedroom decoration in black and gold

golden bedspread black wall lamps

Dining room with black and gold wallpaper

black color dining room paper wall

Classical black and gold dining table

black color classic dining table

Decoration of salons of black color

black color velvet armchairs lounge

Set of beige and gold chairs and table

beige and gold table chairs set

Stately bedroom with gold decoration

fourth bed gold black wall

black gold quarter decoration

interior decoration golden details

modern gold lounge decoration

bedroom bed black gold headboard

super sofa color gold black

gold black decoration room

black gold decoration salon

gold silver decoration fourth

paper wall black gold crosses

golden wall black carpet hairs

wall flowers color black gold

salon decoration color black gold

Luxurious gold decoration salon

sofa color black lamp gold

black sofas mirrors gold color

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