Black and white for interiors, 50 inspiring ideas.

black and white dining chairs flowers

The use of black and white decoration has been used for quite some time. Although today it remains a style that many prefer. The interest in the combination of black and white lies in its contrast. From the point of view of white its inclusion brings more luminosity, while black elegance. Your mix will always be a point of distinction for all space.

Black and white, elegant dining room

black and white traditional atmosphere lamparas

The detail lies in finding the ideal ratio when combining them. On this will depend all the harmony and balance of our interiors. It is important to know that black is the total absence of light. Therefore if we want to fill with light some spaces that do not stand out much we can do it with white. In this it has a great effect on illumination , indirect and warm fundamentally.

Black and white on surfaces and textiles

black and white shine modern shelf

In the case of rooms with few dimensions, white will always be the perfect color. It adds to the walls and the visual effect of amplitude is immediate. The same thing happens with ceilings of greater or lesser height. An extremely ingenious way to use black is in the furniture . The offers and variations are endless in innumerable formats.

Luminosity, blank walls

black and white cushions yellow picture

It is not limited only to dining rooms or salons, even for the bathrooms that today have great personality. Something that can be done to achieve greater balance is the use of some elements of rupture. There are materials such as glass or steel that are suitable for this purpose. The mirrors and accessories of the materials mentioned have the capacity to reflect light and this is very positive.

Contemporary living room

black and white colorful picture picture

On the other hand you can add golden accessories or bright colors. A very striking effect is always achieved. You can also use vases, rugs or cushions. Everything that can be used will depend on the style you pursue. The range can range from orange, violet or red. Here we give you some creative examples.

Wall with furniture in black

black and white led style curtains

Kitchen and dining room in contrast

black and white elegant kitchen chairs

Furniture for black and white accents

black and white freso salon carpet

Furniture in black

black and white freso stools lamparas

Open space design

black and white idea wood open

Italian design kitchen

black and white italian kitchen woman

Glass vases with branches

black and white vases glass branches

Contemporary ambience for living room

black and white modern television lamp

Luxurious design dining room

black and white luxury environment walls

Balance with white furniture

black and white sofa flowers table

Creative solution with sofas

black and white window attractive plants

Contrast with textiles and accessories

wood table accessories led TV

Accent wall in black as a focal point

water lamp walls walls shine

Design by Azovski and Pahomova-Architects

apartment ukraine kitchen white wood

carpet kitchen space bottle carpet

black carpet futuristic modern house

attractive space design kitchen black

attractive space golden brown design

white bathroom black white cabin

faces furniture decoration puff sofa

naranka kitchen detail decoration shelves

dark kitchen ato mueble lamparas

contemporary furniture cushions windows plants

elegant modern fresh plants tree

elegant black branches white minimalist

aesthetic wood ceiling white vases

interesting woman window style curtains

lamp reading room gray reading

hanging lamps luxury elegant room

modern futuristic salon led ceiling

modern living room furniture lamp

modern futuristic living led lamp

furniture wood chair white wall

black ballerina table letters chairs

black wood island bar stools

plants spacio chairs walls garden

stripes modern space lamparas cojines

open living room furniture fresh patio

salon small furniture freso bottle

salon floor classic retro chess

tcho modern style chair wall

carpet shelf decoration traditional plants

large dining room meeting chairs modern

modern minimalist meeting wood

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