Black and white monochrome style dining tables and chairs


Today we present you some ideas of dining tables and chairs in White Y black . For many, having a room that serves as a dining room is a dream. Although, today a dining room in the house is not an exotic thing and it is a very familiar space.

Elegant dining tables and chairs in black and gray white


Although it should be noted that not all houses have a separate dining room and people can afford to take an area from another room such as the kitchen or living room. But this means that the design of our tables and dining chairs should be combined with the design of the living room or kitchen furniture.


However, if the architecture of the house allows you to have the dining room in one room these photos with original black and white designs will help you to be inspired. We also have pictures of dining in the kitchen and others that share space with the living room or even with both since the open plan design is very fashionable in the last decade.


The dining room should not be considered as a relic of the "bourgeois" house that represents luxury and wealth. After designing the entire house and leaving room for a small dining room, you will be able to fully enjoy all its advantages. As we all know, a dining room is the ideal place for a pleasant lunch or dinner, not only with family members, but also with friends.

Tables and chairs for dining room and lounge in black


The design of the dining room should be taken with great attention, because in the dining room is where you will spend a lot of free time. How will the design of your dining room be, depends a lot on the design of the house.


You must decide if the dining room will be a separate room or combine it with the living room or the kitchen. If the dining room shares space with the living room or the kitchen, it must be in harmony with the general ambience of the room. However, the borders of the dining room must be delimited.

A dining room designed by Brotons Design¹


To do this, for example, you can use the floor covering. The tiles are perfect if the dining room shares space with the kitchen but if you share it with the living room, better use parquet or laminate. By the way, Feng Shui lovers equate the dining room according to this theory.


A very important requirement is that the dining room is close to the kitchen. In the dining room you will appreciate the presence of a sufficient number of furniture to meet your storage needs.


The main thing is that the furniture does not restrict movement. As for the choice of dining table, it is best to give preference to round tables since one of the main rules that there are no sharp corners.


As for the layout of the table, it is best to put it between the window and the door. The mirrors in the dining room are also welcome and the more the better. In addition, the mirrors perform two important functions: first, they visually expand the space, and secondly, they create in the people a sense of well-being and illusory abundance by doubling the amount of food on the table.


It is also worth paying attention to the lighting in the dining room that best be bright. You can also hang paintings with original motifs, which fill the space with positive energy. The combination of black and white is a bold option that has been a staple in the world of fashion, constantly finding its way into interior design as well.


The excellence of this combination lies in the perfect balance that can be created with these colors regardless of the style of the decoration since this combination is very versatile, especially if you add a pinch of color.


Black serves as an anchor, increasing any decoration composition, and white reflects a large amount of light, making black stand out even more. This combination of color is powerful, and lately it has been the most used pattern scheme and as you can see in the photos one of the best for the dining room the kitchen and the living room.


Being an elegant combination, black and white gives you the opportunity to play with different schemes, shapes and textures. Infusing the pure side with the dark side really brings the best of both worlds into the design of your home.


If your tastes are directed towards this style you have the freedom to create elegant spaces in which darkness and luminosity can be combined with deep tones, lit by bright wood.

tables and chairs for dining-design-white-black-carpet

These rich shades work very well with fine furniture with dark, vintage and gold finishes, but be sure to include pale details, simple fabric patterns and beautiful window treatments to give this classic a modern and refreshing touch.

tables and chairs for dining-design-white-black-kitchen-floor-wood

If you like soothing and reassuring spaces, paint your walls white and splash the design with black accents. To add play to this color combination you can stimulate appetite and conversation by incorporating extensive details of red on the walls or curtains.

tables and chairs for dining-design-white-black-decorations

If your dining room is small you can expand and clarify the design by painting walls and ceilings in pale white that will become the background for elegant black furniture. High-contrast color combinations, such as black and white, will help you create dynamic spaces.

tables and chairs for dining-design-white-black-style

Once you have decided which colors best suit your taste or your mood and what you want to create, consider how you can use those shades to create a different style of decoration. On our page we can show you many dining options so you can find your favorite style and develop it in a color scheme appropriate for the dining room. Do you want to go for the elegant?

dining tables and chairs design-white-black-space-wide

Use slightly different shades of white or black on the walls and on the fabrics for the seat and backrest of the chair, then add a bench upholstered in white fabric, and incorporate furniture in glossy black lacquer finishes and works of art in Black and white to create a luxurious and lively dining room. Remember that when you choose the colors for the dining room, it is not just about the walls, but also the choice of upholstery fabrics, hanging curtains and carpets and of course the furniture.

dining tables and chairs design-white-black-elegant-style

We all agree that it does not matter if it is a special celebration, a Christmas dinner or a meeting with friends the dining room can become the heart of the house. It is fundamental, then, that it reflects our personality and our taste in decoration.

tables and chairs for dining-design-white-black-style-simple

For those who always follow the latest trends and who love contemporary design and in the photos we present many perfect furniture options since nothing says so much about a modern dining room as furniture.

tables and chairs of dining-design-white-black-lamp-highlights

The furniture and elements of modern design must be harmoniously united in a contemporary space. We seek harmony by combining bright surfaces and furniture made of contemporary materials such as steel and glass, colored like black, gray, white and red.

tables and chairs of dining-design-white-black-slabs-floor-beautiful

If instead of the modern you want a space with a minimalist atmosphere, but not at all. The important thing is to know how to find the right balance, the combination of black and white will be perfect and with an effective decoration that adds a touch of personal style you will be able to show off your space.

tables and chairs for dining-design-white-black-options

As we said the tables and dining chairs are the most important thing. In a modern space you can use glass dining tables and chairs, solid wood with glossy lacquer, black marble or a mixture of materials, the most important thing is that the surfaces are smooth, clean, and reflect light, spreading throughout the room.

tables and chairs of dining-design-white-black-living-open

When we have the best table we should surround it with comfortable and attractive chairs with a seat or back in leather or fabric in white or black and a finish with clean but strong lines. For a sophisticated touch in the black and white dining room you can use velvet, which will definitely draw attention.

tables and chairs for dining-design-white-black-chairs-original-style

Of course, dining tables and chairs are the central elements of the room, but the decorations really make the difference.

tables and chairs for dining-design-white-black-stools-wood

Modern mirrors, metal vases, centerpieces made of glass and hanging lamps are all accessories that create the right atmosphere for a modern dining room.

tables and chairs for dining-design-furniture-white

Save you let us review these ideas of black and white dining tables and chairs that we are sure can help you to make a truly unique dining room adorned with accessories placed at strategic points to further embellish the space.

tables and chairs for dining-design-black

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