Black, gray and brown in the bathroom - 50 designs

bathroom color dark round washbasins

Today we present the fashionable colors for your bathroom; black , brown and gray. They dare? Although these three colors are crossed out as sad and dull, we are going to see that they are now appearing more and more often in the most modern interior designs. To be able to verify it, do not miss our collection of fifty images.

Fashionable colors for bathrooms: black, brown and gray

bathroom tiles dark brown

Chocolate brown stars in the bathroom design we see above. The lining of the walls brings an elegant style to the whole space, which in combination with the retro-style bathtub and the checkered bathroom curtains form a very contemporary look, this is a really interesting design.

Dark gray bathroom tiles

tiles bathroom modern style patio

In the following models of bathrooms appear the large tiles in gray and black tones. In both of them minimalist style bathroom furniture has been chosen in very simple ways and smooth and straight surfaces also appear constantly. In the above model the bathroom also has access to a small patio full of plants that brings a lot of light;

Large bathroom tiles

bathroom tiles large gray color

while the following model of bathroom has a window to the outside something smaller. In this case, the same square gray tiles have been used to also cover the floor. Mosaics are another of the most widespread trends in bathroom wall coverings.

Bathroom cover with brown mosaic

tiles mosaic color bronze shine

The spectacular bathroom model that we see in the upper photograph is equipped with different types of tiles in brown tones. In the areas where sunlight directly points, ceramic mosaics have been placed with a bright and iridescent finish in a coppery color that manages to resemble the color of the rest of the tiles that are also on the floor.

Glossy black bathroom tiles

black modern zebra design bathtub

We can also compare the finishes of the coatings in the following two images; in the first one we have tiles with so much brilliance that they practically serve as mirrors, in the second one there is a wall painted in dark gray with a matt finish. With which of the two would they stay?

Dark gray bathroom

bathroom dark gray

Zen style bathroom design

bathroom design bathroom zen style

Bathroom design in black and white

bathroom design chair color aquamarine

Zen bathroom design with neutral colors

beige modern bathroom

Wall of bluish gray color

design modern bathroom yellow lounger

Retro style bathroom design in black and white

bathroom retro style white black

Luxurious bathroom with modern design

bathroom cladding luxurious modern style

Original modern style design

bathroom color black picture elephant

Modern gray bathroom design

modern bathroom design gray color

Luxurious bathroom design with golden elements

luxurious style bathroom golden elements

bathroom design modern gray white

bathroom modern gray color

modern bathroom glass screen

modern bathroom all matt black

modern bathrooms gray tones walls

nice design bathroom tiles marble

bathroom neutral colors modern design

fourth bathroom design gray color

bathroom wall brown color

design tiles bathroom modern stripes

bathroom deco design gray color

design bathrooms white black floor

bathroom design dark blue tones

design bathroom classic style

design bathroom modern purple wall

bathroom design walls color black

design bathroom bathroom wall brick

super design black white color

super modern bathroom design

Brown grisaceo bathroom tiles

black mosaic

furniture bathroom elements violet color

original design dark mosaic bathroom

original design bathroom wall gorilla

original design bathroom color brown

original design modern bathroom

original design modern bathrooms

original design contemporary bathroom

original design garden views bathroom

bathroom wall tones brown tiles

bathroom tiles modern design

walls bathroom modern gray

gray wall laminate wood furniture

gray tones white bathroom tiles

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