Blue and white - the fashionable colors for interiors

futuristic minimalist kitchen design

blue and white for modern interior designs; this will be the main theme of our article today, and we will also show you fifty images of designs of different types of spaces in which the use of these two colors predominates, dare to renew the look of your home adding the most modern blues and whites .

Modern living room painted blue

blue white photo salon one

Of an electrifying and intense aspect is the design of the modern living room that we have in the upper part. The wall is painted in a cyan tone imperfectly, a very modern finish that can be achieved by applying the paint directly on the concrete walls. The leather sofa presents a tone of blue something more off that combines perfectly in this space.

Steel blue leather sofas

blue steel cow glasses

In the following image, a model of a modern design salon appears. In this case the color note is marked by the set of sofa and couch, this time in a blue steel tone that has been combined with whites and neutral tones such as browns and greyish. To add a note of warmth to the design they have also added some details in red and orange tones, such as the metal staircase that appears at the bottom.

Design of tiles in the shape of fish scales

bathroom coating tiles flakes fish

Let's see another design of the most daring. The bathroom in the photograph above has an original wall covering tiles of ceramic in the form of fish scales. Its color is standard blue with a glossy finish and the shapes of the grinding really create an optical illusion of relief, it is a very striking design.

Modern turquoise sofa

nice turquoise color sofa design

The greenish blues are also ideal to be combined in clear and well-lit environments. They bring freshness but also tranquility. In the design above we have a great turquoise sofa in a completely white environment. The style of the decoration is of airs nordic ; simple lines and natural materials.

White and turquoise bathroom design

bathroom tiles modern turquoise color

Ceramic mosaic in blue tones

bathroom tiles mosaic ceiling painting

Arabic style design tiles

turquoise arabic style living room tiles

Modern bathtub with lacquered finish

modern bathtub design lacquered finish

Retro style bathroom in light blue

bathroom retro style white celeste

Light blue steel wall paint

celestial bath tub mosaic ceramic

Modern kitchen design with lacquered furniture

pretty modern kitchen lacquered furniture

Scandinavian style living room design

nice blue Scandinavian style design

Nice design of children's bedroom

nice design nursery stuffed animals

Bedroom design with cerulean colored wall

beautiful designs modern colors fourth

Design blue kitchen tiles

white kitchen Scandinavian design tiles

modern kitchen design blue ornaments

white kitchen modern style design

Persian blue kitchen

picture bed pentagram music greenish

picture armchair modern blue tones

decoration design celestial tones

design modern ceilings adult bedrooms

design bathroom modern wall

design kitchen laminate wood furniture

modern design quarter bed capitone

design mosaic bathroom ceramic greenish

bed modern design armchair bed

children's bedrooms celestial sheep decorated

modern laminate wood kitchen design

modern small celeste bedroom design

modern design rooms blue colors

color kitchen island

island kitchen color turquoise wall

bathroom furniture modern minimalist doors

kitchen furniture dark retro style

Intense Egyptian furniture

lacquered furniture modern kitchen design

original modern design chairs

paper wall photo color sky

wall bathroom-mineral bands colors

wall headboard bed braille design

wall living room turquoise color

Classic style lounge in light blue

salon white furniture accessories bands

salon style manor blue

living room gray color blue chairs

sofa bed color navy blue

velvet blue electric sofas

dark blue shades nursery

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