Bohemian style in the decoration of our house

Bohemian style living room

As you all know the bohemian style is very different from the style that can be seen in most things or even in the form of wear from most of the people, although it has a nice and even harmonious point.

Bohemian style for the decoration of our house

Bohemian style decoration

In this article we will dedicate ourselves to decorating, following this style, but to the interior decoration of our house and we will see what are the favorite elements and colors of this way of life, since in the deepest of each style there is a hidden different way of life.

Decorate the interior of our house with elements of the bohemian style

Bohemian style home decor

This style is also called Boho style and has been popularized by the Bohemians who by their origins are people who rejected traditional rules and moral standards and their lifestyle was totally different.

The details of the bohemian style that we can use for home decoration

Bohemian style living room house

The bohemian style prefers soft and natural tones such as brown, orange, white or green and flees from the garish colors. Therefore, you can see in this photo that the colors that have been used for decoration oscillate near these colors. In contrast, the boho chic style is the one that dares with the combination of modern and bohemian elements with fringes and with stronger and louder colors.

How to decorate our living room so you have a bohemian image

original bohemian style

Now, the decorative details of this style that are most used in boho fashion are the cushions, placed in the armchairs and sofas, which must necessarily have prints with Arabic or Indian motifs.

The bohemian style and the colors that Bohemians prefer in decoration

Bohemian style home

Also very much used are carpets with the same motifs, blankets on sofas, curtains in place of doors. Sometimes you can even find walls and furniture upholstered in velvet or some other thick material.

A spacious and decorated living room following the boho style

Bohemian interior style

To achieve the natural environment of the bohemian chic style we have to decorate our home with many plants. The bigger the plants, the better, as this will increase the naturalness. You can choose plants with flowers or without flowers, that does not matter. In addition, you can hang your plants from the ceiling, place them on shelves or shelves, on the floor, etc.

Lamps for our living room to give it a bohemian touch

Bohemian interior home style

Have you ever wondered why bohemian fashion is accompanied by so many cushions? The answer to this question is that the Bohemian interior is a place designed for rest and relaxation and that's why it has to be comfortable. This is the reason why we find so many cushions and cushions.

The presence of bohemian style throughout the interior of our house

Bohemian style interior living room

As for the furniture, maybe you have noticed that some furniture, if not all, belong to the style vintage and in this way they give a retro look to this style. That is, we can combine the two styles without worrying and, if we like furniture with history, use them.

The cushions can be used for the bohemian decoration of the living room or the living room

modern bohemian style

Another thing that you can see in the photos is that for the decoration of this chic style ceramic pieces are used: decorative plates, photos and sculptures. Also, if you like paintings or art pieces, this style does not present any inconvenience for you to hang them on the walls of your house.

The bohemian decoration carried out in a small apartment

small apartment pohemian style

You have to remember that the boho chic style is a variation of the bohemian style, which we have focused on in this article. The first thing he uses are the luxurious details. strong and striking colors for creation of contrast.

The combination of classic style and bohemian style in the living room of our house

classic bohemian style

The colors that are most used in the boho chic style, which you will see below, are the reds and violets and the details of metal and glass are used a lot in the decoration. Mirrors are also widely used in decoration.

The ornaments that we can hang on the wall or place on top of the shelves and furniture to get a bohemian image

bohemian fashion wall

Other colors that are used a lot in the boho chic style are the colors of some precious stones such as emerald and sapphire. All this combined with the mirrors, with the metallic and glass details remind of the trips to other cultures.

Bohemian fashion brought to the bedroom

bedroom boho style

In this photo, the elements of the boho style have been used: striking colors, such as yellow and red, the emerald color for the curtains, and the furniture is typical of vintage style and style.

The style of the Bohemians composed of many lights and colors

fashion boho bedroom

The decoration in this photo, for example, takes us right to those distant places, where other cultures live. We see the amount of cushions that have been used for the decoration and the way it has been decorated with them: in the bed, in the baskets of the floor, in the chairs; and the number of paintings, whose colors are combined with the colors of the cushions and bedding.

A bohemian and rustic bedroom

boho chic bedroom style

A bohemian room with many colors and decorative objects

bohemian chic bedroom

The bohemian style can also be transferred to the children's room

chic style kids room

Pictures that complete the decoration of the bohemian style

bohemian fashion cushions pictures

The bohemian style that appears on the walls

boho style wall

A somewhat different style

fashion boho room

The freshness of pastel tones and light colors in the decoration of a bohemian room

boho chic style room

The style of the Bohemians combined with elements of the oriental style

bohemian style chic room

The green color the boho style

chic style living room

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