Boho chic: original decoration for the living room

boho chic accents lounge benches plants ideas

It is possible that the choice of decoration for the living room is not an easy task, so today we have thought of presenting decorations to the style boho chic for the living room. If your living room is an extension of the kitchen or dining room, here you will find ideas that combine perfectly with the rest of the house.

Boho chic is the perfect style for your salon

boho chic carpet blue vibrant sofa leather ideas

Even if you have a room with its four walls the challenge is not smaller because they have to choose what environment you want to create a classic elegant or something more daring those decisions can intimidate you when you start the march. So that this does not happen to you, we advise you to see these images of boho chic style rooms, it is very possible that this is the style you are looking for in your living room, it is the perfect element that you can add to your living room.

Boho chic decorative plants that give natural air to the living room

boho chic vibrant colors salon original ideas

The relaxed image that will give the boho chic style with the help of fun elements such as plants for example will delight anyone. Do not be afraid to unleash your imagination you can combine different elements such as choose different chairs or combine bench and chairs. Do not look for formality in decorating some cushions for more comfort.

Simple design chairs of different materials

boho chic dining ideas pink carpet white coated chairs

Another thing you can do is choose furniture from different periods for your living room They have something in common like the color or the material they are made of. Mid-century furniture with some much older for a diversity sensation. The use of distant textures for the fabrics is mandatory since through that your salon will gain warmth and depth.

Comfortable sofa with cushions of different colors

boho chic casual ideas sofa white large modern

Choose textiles of different colors napkins, tablecloths or even a picture to hang on the wall. We let you see the images and be inspired to use the boho chic style in the decoration of your living room.

High steel table and chairs with very nice finishes

boho chic coffee table high steel wall white tiles

Table and wooden bench for the dining room

boho chic table wood bench white chairs ideas

White color on furniture and walls

boho chic modern salon ideas decoration table

Carpet with interesting pattern and matching cushions

boho chic furniture different era ideas cushions

Leather armchairs and small coffee table

boho chic salon white chairs leather seats ideas

Crystal table and very interesting lamps

boho chic different chairs table glass ideas plants

Vibrant colors salon boho style original ideas

design room bohemian style modern ideas

Bohemian style decoration clock white antique ideas

Bohemian style sofa beige comfortable ideas table

bohemian style sofa big leather stool ideas

ideas sofa armchairs different shapes ideas sizes

coffee table shape rectangular wood sofa ideas comodo

salon carpet armchair blue boho small flowers fresh ideas

interesting white coffee table big sofa ideas

living room small bohemian style modern ideas decoration

armchairs comfortable motifs animal skin ideas zebra

boho chic salon decoration picture simple ideas

Bohemian style print sofa furniture comfortable living room paintings

boho chic table prepared ideas original skins

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