Boho chic style children's bedrooms - 24 unique ideas

great bedroom designs for kids

Nowadays, parents are devoting more and more attention to the decoration of bedrooms for children . Not only are children's designs inspired by typical animated characters or fairy tales searched; At the moment, the tendency has been to decorate these spaces with all the style and glamor worthy of the most modern houses.

Children's bedrooms in boho chic style

nice decoration juvenile room

You might think it would be difficult to keep up with trends, but this list of children's rooms says otherwise. Scroll through some of these decorating designs to get original ideas for a makeover in your child's room.

Original boho chic style children's room design

children's room boho style chic

Filled with stylish wall decals and playful decorative details, these bedrooms are spaces that even adults can appreciate.

Original beige room decor

beige room decor

Here are some tricks that may help you take inspiration for the design. If your child likes adventure and play, then give him the perfect bedroom for his free spirit. Think of a green impression and forest animals.

Original boho nordic style children's room decoration

room decoration nordica boho

Go big with the decoration of the wall. Place framed prints, display shelves and wall decals to create a quirky and playful decoration that anyone can appreciate.

Youth room decoration with bright colors

original decoration juvenile room

Make every day like a party with bursts of bright colors everywhere. With a bedroom like this one can not help but feel energetic to play.

Original children's room design by * Chango & Co.


Do not be afraid to mix several different patterns. If you use a similar color palette, the disparity of the models can often complement each other. Take this room as an example; Although we see experiments with stripes and signs of addition, a homogeneous aspect has been created by maintaining a color scheme of black, white and yellow.

Designs of room decorations for children

original children's decoration toys

Give your little one a play house of their own, whether covered with fun fabrics or simply provide a framework for their imagination. Add some string lights and festive garlands.

Designs of modern boho chic style decorations for children's rooms

modern boho chic style decorations

Use lots of cushions. When it comes to making an ultra comfortable bed, there is nothing better than too many cushions.

Decorate the bed with many colorful cushions

baby bed color design

Place an extra pile of comfort in your child's bed with the plush pads that will help tie the look of the entire room.

Original bedroom designs for children in boho chic style

bedrooms for kids boho

This room is not that a standard children's room. It has a boho chic atmosphere with a lot of vintage details and some contemporary products. You can find dolls and modern toys and also furniture bought in street markets. The colors, the textures and the patterns are mixed and yet they look so cute together. A poster with contemporary typography is combined with an old frame. The worn textures coexist with a new element.

Great children's room decor in Moroccan boho chic style

great decoration boho style

This amazing mural by Deborah Beau It's wonderful, but it also makes the carpet fall in love. It shows the same boho chic style that we have seen in several of the previous rooms, but We take inspiration from Morocco. What can be said about this trend? They are spaces with their own personality, clearly influenced by Morocco. They are defined by colors, art, textures and the coherence between the simultaneous styles.

Boho chic style bedroom decoration

boho style super decor

How to get it? The first threat is saturation. It is not necessary to mix a large number of striking pieces, simply select one and turn it into the focus of attention. The rest will complement it proportionally without competing with colors or intensities.

Original bedroom decorations for children in boho chic style

original boho chic style decorations

An interior decorated in black and white instantly elevates any given space.

Boho chic style girl room design

room girl artist boho

The room of this girl without a doubt a place for art. It is the type of room that would be liked by boys and girls. You can change the color theme according to the preferences of your children, while keeping the same basic idea.

Designs of simple bedrooms of boho chic style

boho chic simple designs

The small wicker baskets or the recycled wooden boxes for storage are great to keep order in the room and are also a great idea to decorate.

Children's bedrooms with slate wall

children's room blackboard wall

The children are full of fun and imagination, and their rooms should provide an environment conducive to their constant development. Decorate your child's room with slate paint as it is one of the most original ways to encourage creativity and your children will love it.

Original design of children's room with slate wall

wall blackboard children's room

Children will have hours of fun, painting and drawing. The blackboard paint It does not have to be black. There are many suitable colors to match your decoration; Pink, green, black, purple ... what is your child's favorite color?

Original boho chic style children's room decoration design

original design decoration children's room

Original boho chic style children's room design decorated with wall paper

original design children's room poster

Original boho chic style children's bedroom design

original children's bedroom design

Original Indian shop for children's room

boho style tent india style

Original boho chic style baby room decor designs

baby room decoration nordica

Beautiful design of boho chic style children's bedroom

baby shop decoration india

Original boho chic decoration in white, black and yellow

boho style decoration black yellow

Baby room in boho chic style

boho chic baby room

Super boho chic style decor

great modern style decor

* Chango & Co.

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