Boho chic style tips and solutions to be fashionable

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The boho chic style is one of the most creative and impressive that exist. It is currently an important part of renowned brands include it in their fashion lines. As a fundamental base in both interior design and fashion, the boho chic style tries to break with stereotypes.

Stylish boho chic style and cool fashion designs

boho chic style special fashion solutions

As with any dogma becoming a great source of inspiration. Being a very attractive and special style we want to share some of its secrets so you can see a very special bohemian image. In its origins this trend dates from the sixties. Mainly among the people of the art world with a free spirit and openness to the environment.

Chic boho style beautiful accessory set and fringed handbag in light tone

boho chic style frec bag fringes colors

The boho chic style was enriched by all the artistic elements and harmony in every detail. To achieve a perfect image with this style there are some aspects that we should know. For the boho chic style we will start with the use of fabrics of natural origin. Such is the case of cotton, linen, silk, gauze among others. There should be a great comfort in the same way, at this point the shoes It has a leading role.

A hat will always be the perfect piece to complete this style and be fashionable

boho chic style hat concepts images

Usually with low and medium height heels on wedges or the known platforms. Another feature is the use of accessories creating an almost noble image. As we see in the images, bracelets, necklaces, belts, large earrings and jewels should be the order of the day. As with fabrics, the naturalness of the boho chic style must be the same in tones.

Poncho with geometric finishes and knitted fabrics in the center and fringed edges

boho chic style poncho geometrical figures fringes

Especially natural colors with floral patterns and ethnic patterns. An image that includes eclectic aspects with more avant-garde tone accents. The pieces usually have a design that keeps the waist high. Others are based on fringes, knit details and laces. In the boho chic style it is recommended not to include more than four tones in the combinations.

Bracelets, rings and silver necklaces are a great idea to complete our image

boho chic style special accessories collections

It is a very important advice especially when it comes to clothes with striking textures and patterns. In practice we can wear clothes in shades such as gray, brown or beige. To combine them the best are tonalities such as red and purple. An appearance with a certain vintage air is in the same way possible.

A portfolio that undoubtedly is the perfect accent in terms of color and style

gray boho chic style wallet special walls

To have a better idea of ​​boho chic style you have to decide in three groups. The first has to do with a more elegant aesthetic in which knitwear or velvet are combined with some prints. Another aesthetic opts for softer and more vaporous fabrics for even a more romantic look. We mention gauze and cotton within this group.

Another ideal variant to combine it with some pieces in white as in this case

boho chic style colorful wallet lengthened

For this type of trend of boho chic style floral patterns look great. If we lean towards what vintage You can achieve a more personal image. As a rule the designs have very marked characteristics. There is use of several layers of cloth or large dresses. Accessories such as shiny handbags are included in perfect harmony with each piece.

Attractive finish with floral-inspired embroidery of great freshness

boho chic style special short wallets

It is an aspect that defines the boho chic in terms of the color palette. Bright combinations and especially in unexpected tones. In general, it is this color palette that becomes something distinctive of the style. However, the least of all is that in our image we can use pastel shades and neutrals. The gray, blue or pink case are among the most popular.

The elongated sleeves give a certain touch of elegance without losing the youthful accent

boho chic style elongated solutions

Especially if you prefer a softer image. For shoes in the boho chic style we mention comfort. There is a great variety that you can buy if you decide on this trend. We start with the sandals of ethnic appearance, they can be Roman, African or Greek. We can not exclude cowboy boots either.

This is a perfect idea for summer days with comfortable and practical clothes

boho style chic short concepts salons summer

In the aspect of footwear what is vital is that there is a relationship with clothing. This is facilitated if it is footwear in neutral tones. Many of these shoes combine perfectly with turbans, hats, scarves and sunglasses that we mentioned. If they are vintage style the effect is better on our image.

A simple portfolio with some ethnic elements in the design and patterns

gray boho chic style custom wallet coins

Inside the accessories, the pieces of jewelry are the ones that will give that personalized touch to your image. Arabian rings or silver bracelets make up a long list of possibilities. If we had to make a summary it would be the sensation of comfort and neutral tones to describe the boho chic.

Variants of cowboy hats in black for a casual and up-to-date image

boho style chic cowboy hats ideas

Although clothing and accessories make up a significant part of this style, makeup and hairstyles can not be overlooked. The makeup for this style should be minimal and the hairstyles without many complexities. Easy solutions such as braids. The patterns to dress with this style are not exclusive of the warmer months. For periods like autumn you can have a fresh image in this style.

Arab rings and silver bracelets will undoubtedly take your style to another level

boho chic style cool clothes special rooms

Within the garments for this stage you can opt for cotton skirts in bright shades. In the same way, garments with large prints and patterns that can be ethnic or floral. To complete the image, some dark boots and a jacket will suffice. As a variant to the skirts at this time of the year you can wear pants with themed designs. As well as jackets or shirts with minimalist appearance. In essence remember that regardless of the clothes of our choice everything should look harmonious.

Again following the line of fringe applied to the portfolio and in this leather jacket

jackets leather special materials combinations

We leave you some perfect examples for many contexts and seasons of the year. Do not hesitate to risk a daring image. Especially in summer with long dresses and a large selection of jewelry to complete a fresh and bold image. The chances to wear this style will be many even if it is a simple walk. Being comfortable there are no garments that make movements uncomfortable or limit them.

Pleasant color patterns and contrasts in an ideal piece for the summer months

short sensual special fresh summer

To work, a perfect style will be the same. With a more classic appearance, being careful with bright details and more discreet tones. Enjoy each of these models in details of insurance you will find the right option for each moment. We show you unique pieces with interesting finishes and patterns that will undoubtedly help you to show a fresh image in every moment and context.

Two variants of dresses with long sleeves and different necklines for any occasion

elegant short clothes similar specials

Design with vaporous fabrics inspired by nature flowers and the forest

special fluffy woven lace hats

Some of the tinted fabrics are another of the special proposals of the boho chic style

special concepts ideas solutions samples salons

Vest with an ethnic finish and a leather bag with fringes and metal elements

necklaces decorations styloc concepts materials

A model of geometric finishes and special shades for summer

fascinating details short styles arrangements

Open dress on one side and dark tones for a very natural bohemian image

interesting bohemian fabrics colors flowers

Using creative pieces of jewelry with big stones and sunglasses in vintage style

interesting accessory concepts ideal samples

Two bracelets in tune with the style and colors of this long dress with black background

black special floral details colors images

Bohemian pants that undoubtedly impresses a great touch of elegance

wide pants style special fashion colors

You can not miss the necklaces with big earrings and rings as we mention

details pants styles colors rings

The coldest months of the year are not a problem to dress in the boho chic style

poncho pants special combinations ankle boots

A fresh and bohemian image with jeans and white blouse with embroidery

cowboy pants special concept images

The beauty of turquoise in the fabrics looks perfect for a bohemian and fresh image

Saya turquoise style casual boots

A piece of color that moves away from the aesthetics of ethnic patterns

hat high boots special pieces

A spring proposal of a long dress with a V-shaped neckline

long dress light stones suns

Another floral inspiration and vaporous fabrics ideal for the summer months

chic spring style floral dress

Practical Bohemian washed-out denim shirt, image by Guy Aroch

interesting jacket mix colors doors

Designs with knits and geometric details, photo by Guy Aroch

yellow pants special concepts yellow

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