Boho chic to create environments full of comfort and color

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Since previous years the boho chic has come with great strength in both fashion and decoration. The truth is the favorite of many and no doubt has come to stay. In general boho chic is a style that does not follow rules.

Boho chic and bohemian atmospheres with special charm

Bohemian Chic Bohemian Luminous Styles

As we appreciate in the images the color, the vintage elements, the modern or Moroccan accent environments combine in full harmony. We can say that precisely the boho chic is a mixture of styles but also has its keys. One of its strengths is precisely this fusion of the hippie with some ethnic styles. All the decoration can be converted in the same way into a mixture of cultures. So if you like travel it's a perfect style for you.

Boho chic an ideal option for salons with a fresh and colorful style

boho chic furniture styles color decorations

In each corner you can place some element from other cultures. The combinations in the boho chic style should be done spontaneously. A Moroccan table with an Arabian pouf and a hammock will look perfect. As mentioned, there are no rules although the stay must remain harmonious and fresh. Although there are variations as we will see later, most of the designs are a rainbow of colour . This combined with adequate lighting makes the stays based on the chic boho very cozy.

A practical and bright environment that combines very versatile functional furniture

boho chic bricks decubierto interiore lamparas

In a natural way it is objective to mix vibrant tones like green, purple, turquoise, yellow and others. Inside the boho chic flowers are a detail that we will always find at every step. Especially in textiles, wallpaper or placed in a centerpiece in its natural state. The truth is that he has a lot of presence in this style. They are another way of providing color that combines perfectly with the natural greenness of other plants.

Beautiful bohemian appearance, combines some ethnic elements in the decoration and mirrors

boho chic bohemian ethnic elements mirrors

Regardless of our selection both options are an effective way to achieve freshness in your home. In the boho chic style, two variants can be distinguished. One points to more colorful spaces and another to more sober spaces, even minimalist. There are many environments with a certain bohemian touch in which the lighting contributes the rest. In the same way it is possible to create a design that is much more neutral.

Carpets, plants and natural materials fill this small Bohemian space with life

boho chic bohemian natural plants

A more elegant style should have a neutral line compared to everything we have seen. It can be achieved if we eliminate in a certain way the characteristic color of this style. Selecting tones much softer and with less contrasts. In this decoration it is possible to introduce the gold with some metals. Textiles, as we know, are vital, in this case they must transmit that subtlety of the markedly colored color. There are some mandatory use as cushions.

Design ideas for modern spaces combining some details of boho chic

boho chic modern elements tables

A selection of cushions with a white background and geometric patterns will be perfect. Other earth tones can be introduced with other textiles for an ideal combination. A rug is something that we can not miss in any of the cases. Some of Arabic style will look very elegant in any situation. As can be seen in some photographs, the furniture is usually vintage style. If we want an elegant lounge or bedroom it is a suitable trend. The dressers, tables, chairs or any accessories should be of this style.

Another bohemian lounge with an unmistakable feminine touch and attractive floral details

boho chic nohemian feminine elegant furniture

As for the material always the wood if possible in light tone. The boho chic option for more colorful environments can be applied in any home. However, many prefer to reserve it for resting places such as summer houses. Maybe it's because of the very essence of the style that is very close to the personality of the residents of the house. Maintaining that freshness of the bohemian and informal.

A living room that focuses on a bohemian style based on the softest colors

boho chic bohemian soft fonts concepts

Regardless of space, we should not worry about mixing colors, although saturation should be avoided. In the decoration based on this style you have to look for variety in the matter of textures. Textiles must be combined with metals, wood, brick walls or glass . The more texture we achieve in the rooms, the better they will look. There must be order and harmony, the result can be seen in the way in which the lighting is reflected in the different materials.

Boho chic a variant that looks good in the same way in open spaces

boho chic white walls interior wood

In addition to the vintage-style furniture that we mentioned earlier, there is another detail. To make the environments look cooler, the best is a selection of low-level seats. A low bench or a pouf and different cushions are interesting options. They are a type of seat that will always be attractive. It is simply a type of furniture that invites relaxation and exchange. There are auxiliary tables that can be replaced by a pouf while they are not used as a seat. A practical way to optimize the space using a piece of furniture for various functions.

A great idea to decorate with style and make spaces look cozy

boho chic lounges special dining tables

It is equally important to avoid dark shades on wooden furniture. In certain ways they hinder and take away vitality from the decoration and the boho chic style. It is best to have pieces in white that reflect the light throughout the space. The white in the furniture and other areas is a perfect neutral background for color and textures in any room. As we saw in addition to the flowers the plants have a great weight in all the decoration. They add color and are special to add that exuberant detail.

A comfortable reading corner full of color in an environment of white walls

boho chic salon readings cozy booksellers

In the Bohemian spaces, this division between the interior and the exterior is about diffusing. In this aspect the plants have a main role. They can be used in a different way that highlights them. Terrariums and plants in glass containers will allow us to enjoy more greenery. In addition to various floral patterns the stripes are a perfect element for the rooms. Along with the geometric figures define many of the textiles that we can use.

A bohemian space inspired by nature and birds with a perfect harmony

Bohemian colors special concepts birds

Several striped cushions or pillows will look perfect organized on the floor in a reading corner. Elements in red or pink reflected in the curtains or flowers will add surprising touches of color. The best of all is that they will be touches of color that will not look too intense or out of place. In terms of color a wall for example in turquoise is a daring detail. It will be an unexpected accent wall, vibrant and that will awaken many sensations.

Walls and the white ceiling are the ideal backdrop to show off this colorful furniture

bohemian eaters materials living rooms lights

If there are other elements in red like the previous ones, they will be enhanced. Preventing the room from becoming dark. Turquoise can be extended to accessories or furniture like chairs if the wall is too large. The lighting should be especially warm. It is the best way for a bohemian atmosphere to look cozy and attractive. Even those lights flickering for the Christmas They are a beautiful soft detail that will come very well in the interior and in other places such as the terraces.

Interesting variant that bets on the combination of natural materials in furniture

bohemian natural materials striped space

If your room is small you do not have to give up having a different bohemian look

bohemian salon special furniture small

Simple reading space full of inspiration that puts books according to color

bohemian ispiraradoras special houses sielos

Art as an important detail that brings color and character to the decoration

walls special colors walls

With small solutions we can completely change the image of any corner

boho corner revitalized furniture corners

Experimental ideas combining several elements with the rustic style in living rooms

combination rustic style details materials

Two perfect solutions for small dining rooms with furniture of different styles

boho decoration eclectic ideas branches

Adequate lighting completes the magic and style of this cozy bohemian space

special bohemian colors materials bricks

Possibilities for designs in children's bedrooms with a good light input

children's room special colors walls

Two design solutions for different stays full of color and freshness

images environments special colors plants

This eclectic lounge also has some elements for a bohemian look

eclectic interior look bohemian armchairs

Boho chic atmosphere that retakes color in areas such as the ceiling and walls in the room

interior styles boho samples styles

White walls are the perfect contrast for various black details by candlelight

magica bohemia styles color furniture plants

A spacious room that undoubtedly invites relaxation while remaining elegant and different

furniture styles colors furniture shelves

Idea for a small room where the carpet defines the spaces and adds color

small salon options red image

Boho chic lounge in which highlights a beautiful DIY centerpiece with natural elements

living rooms boho chic bright colors flowers

Textures and colors may be the best way to introduce small details

textures colors details difference yellow

Variety of colors is another option that we must always balance in detail

variety colors special concepts armchairs

Red and black in contrast give character to this interesting bohemian room

intense walls special furniture color

Design idea with a variety of colors applied to textiles and different accessories

wood floors light tone images

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