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original decoration warm colors boho style

In recent years we have seen a great resurgence of the elements of boho chic style . This tendency is based on bringing together the art and memories of our life to form a living decoration full of color.

Boho chic style decorating ideas

boho style decoration fun colors

To get an idea of ​​the characteristics of the boho style we should think about the patterns and patterns in combination with the works of art. A bohemian decoration allows the use of objects from different eras, as long as the composition makes sense.

Original decorations with patterns of different shapes and colors

original decorations colors patterns

The art of the colorful wall and the cushions with prints animate the space unfolding a bit of old world charm with a touch of Bohemian brightness.

Beautiful decoration of bohemian style lounge

pretty boho style living room decoration

Following the example of the world of fashion, interior designers and owners are turning to this style of decoration that emphasizes accepting the world around us and makes us delight in the process of hunting for interesting finds.

Original design of bohemian decoration in cold tones

boho decoration in cold

Of course, the bohemian style has been adjusted considerably to meet the multiple needs of a contemporary and urban lifestyle. However, here you can see some amazing inspirations that range from the unadulterated bohemian to the most interesting boho chic.

Original kitchen decoration with complementary colors

kitchen decoration complementary colors

The mix of chic and bohemian style is contemporary, and obviously, the best way forward for many of us who already have a certain theme for the decoration of the house. This mix is ​​much easier to achieve than the classic Bohemian style and also keeps the interior much more relevant.

Original modern boho style kitchen design

original design kitchen boho style

Instead of giving the living room or bedroom a complete makeover, just add a few colorful rugs, some plush ottomans with lots of patterns, and decorating that brings together different textures. Sometimes, an elegant addition of decorative cushions with a Moroccan print and a colorful accent sofa can also add a touch of bohemian to the room without giving it a drastic remodeling.

Original terrace with boho chic decoration

original terrace decoration boho

Committing fully to the bohemian theme is not the idea of ​​a perfect home for many of us. The boho-chic style is the ideal compromise that allows you to usher in some of these color additions while maintaining the core of your design style intact. For those looking for a fresh idea of ​​decoration for this summer, the boho chic style offers a breezy solution.

Original boho chic terrace decoration

terrace design decroation boho

Many misinterpret the Bohemian style as a collection of some of the individual elements. Find your roots in the unconventional lifestyle of the less fortunate artists, musicians, actors and writers of the early nineteenth century, the style is nothing fixed or determined. However a bohemian look with less aggregates of the trail market and much more order can easily pass as eclectic.

Beautiful decoration of living room boho chic

nice decoration living room

You can even include the Mediterranean or Moroccan design elements to the decor to give it a less obvious bohemian look. The modern style of the beach or a nautical theme mix well with the bohemian details.

Nice bohemian chic interior design

nice boho chic interior design

Whether they are vintage or mid-century modern, industrial or transitional, do not hesitate to show the classic elements in their bohemian design. A colorful wallpaper, a bold mix of patterns, wood, leather and a seating arrangement that encourages you to sit on the floor; Bohemian is about collecting the components and accessories that work best for you.

Boho chic living room decor with colorful cushions

cushions colors boho style

As we have commented previously, the Bohemian is everything that embraces the world around it the way it exists.

Original set of modern yellow sofas

sofa set color yellow

But at the heart of style is a philosophy that embraces challenge and audacity. Ironically as it may seem, the Bohemian style is for those who care less about style and more about life.

Original ethnic boho style interior decoration

boho ethnic interior decoration

Or think about it in the following way; Within the boho chic style, each one can mix and match those favorite objects of their life to be able to contemplate them within their most own and cozy space, regardless of the real result.

Combine the decorative elements of different styles

retro ethnic boho decoration

In our selection of images you can see examples of decorations that have made use of all kinds of elements and finally call bohemian decorations.

Original decoration of living room boho chic

original decoration living room

In many cases mergers appear between vintage furniture classics along with colorful bedding replete with prints and colonial-style patterns.

Bohemian decoration with colorful patterns

Original decoration patrone s colors

Some elements of Scandinavian style They also take place within a boho chic design. The difference is that the decorative motifs are usually of geometric shapes and the color palette in general is clearer.

Beautiful boho style living room decor

boho style living room decoration

The use of textures is important if you want to achieve a more bohemian look. This hippie-like environment is part of the charm of boho style, but the most practical reason for the use of different fabrics is to cover the furniture to keep it in good condition.

Bohemian style simple living room decor design

hippie boho style decoration colors

Do not hesitate to show your personality by decorating the walls with works of art. The tapestries and the curtains should not be missing either.

Boho chic interior decorating designs

original boho chic style decorations

The boho style is witty, capricious and highly reflective of the mind and lifestyle of the person who embraces it. On his way it is an anti-style, but in the background is a love for art, color, creativity, travel, adventure, the past and, above all, the freedom of convention.

Original exotic decoration design with bright colors

exotic decoration bright colors

Bohemians are not restricted by the opinions of other people. There are no trends in boho decoration. The bohos are collectors and selectors who follow their own tastes. Boho is a mental state rather than a look.

Super boho decoration design with colorful cushions

super boho decoration design

Get information about the lifestyles of famous bohemians. Immerse yourself in this mentality by reading the history of bohemian and creative people who have lived a bohemian life. Decide if you have your sense of adventure. Hang portraits of your most admired and inspiring bohemians in your bedroom.

Nice boho interior design with red elements

interior design boho color red

Enrich your bedroom with art. A blank wall is anathema to a boho, the walls are simply there to keep the art. Many of us tend to put the best works of art in public parts of our homes. You can also give them a place in your bedroom, where you can appreciate it in a personal and thoughtful space.

Original white boho chic lounge design

super furniture boho decoration

Enrich your bedroom with art. A blank wall is anathema to a boho - walls are simply there to keep the art. Many of us tend to put the best works of art in public parts of our homes. It will also give them a place in their bedroom, where they can be appreciated in a personal and reflective space.

Combination of fabrics and different textures

original living room furniture design boho

Celebrate the human body in your bedroom artwork. The bedroom is an intimate place, so you can give it a bit of private sensuality with a bit of extravagant nudity.

Original design of living room with boho carpet

original dining carpet boho

Take risks with color. There is no such thing as the wrong color. Forget the paint color forecasts, the world of color is where the bohos release their minds.

Original decoration of living room with blue walls

original decoration living room

Internal analysts can correctly draw the conclusion that certain tonalities of a bedroom are more sleep-inducing than others. However, if you want an oasis of full color that says a lot about you, then follow your heart.

Original boho interior decoration design

original interior decoration boho style

Be adventurous with textures and patterns. This room has abundant textural contrasts that give it a lot of personality. Keep in mind that a bedroom with a high ceiling can withstand many elements without being overpowered.

Original design of modern living room boho

original modern boho interior design

There is a special ability to put many patterns together so that they interact instead of distracting. The effect of this room is casual and not studied. There is an underlying motif of lace in the fabrics, and the subtle connection of earth tones unites the look, however, the room presents a more eclectic than bohemian look.

Original boho style dining room decor design

original boho style dining room decor

Make your interior a personal creative space. Set aside a small point to write, draw, design or do special artistic activity. Put your own creations such as your art, your crafts, your poems, a painted chair, an embroidery or a fabric to keep your creativity.

Original rustic boho interior design

original interior design boho rustic

Make a beautiful bed to sleep and rest. Think of your bed as a work of art in itself. In this cozy room, the vibrant shades of the carpet are repeated in the generous pile of cushions, and the rustic wood of the ceiling beams provides textural interest.

Original decoration of living room boho with guitars

original design living room guitars

An elegant boho style bedroom is that kind of space that perfectly expresses your personality.

Bohemian style room decoration

colorful boho bed clothes

Bohemian style is a popular way to express your inner hippie. Not only that, bohemian accents could create a warm atmosphere in interior design.

Stunning boho bedroom decorated with bright colors

bedroom decorated stunning bright colors

There are many decorating ideas that can help you turn a room into an awesome bohemian haven. Bold colors, beautiful models, organic elements, artistic atmosphere and period furniture.

Boho chic living room with pink sofa

boho room sofa pink color

The true bohemians never think that the decorative elements match. Add exotic objects such as a bamboo screen, beaded curtains, a silk kimono, a heritage quilt or a fringed shawl.

Living room boho with turquoise walls

living room boho turquoise walls

The creation of a boho chic living room means the addition of an absolutely different area and a personalized atmosphere.

Design of living room with turquoise walls

living room turquoise walls

Actually, the best feature of this style is that you can use any piece of art, your own works and mix the colors you want.

Living room decorated with a colorful carpet

living room tapestry colors

The bohemian style often resembles some cool oriental interiors, for example from Morocco, so enjoy bright colors and designs that you like. If you are looking for something quieter, make a blank Bohemian interior, it's easy and it looks very exquisite.

Design of modern boho chic living room

boho salon original decoration

Wood, leather, different fabrics, leather and plants, enjoy the variety of materials you can use. Below you will find different boho decoration ideas in many colors and personalized in various ways, as a source of inspiration.

Boho lounge design with blue carpet

boho lounge carpet blue color

Boho lounge design with vintage retro style furniture

living room boho modern retro furniture

Nice vintage living room boho design

vintage retro boho chic lounge

Beautiful design of luxurious boho chic lounge

luxurious boho chic lounge

Living room boho with original set of turquoise blue armchairs

set turquoise blue armchairs

Original boho house interior design by Nanette Lepore, via The Glamourai

super design sofa boho colors

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