Brick seen for houses of architecture and innovative design

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Phooey Architects is a young, enthusiastic and progressive company that practices and specializes in a architecture and a design Rich, beautiful and sustainable interior and exterior. Today we are going to show you a work of yours Phooey Architects have designed a contemporary addition of brick to an existing two-story house in Fitzroy North, a suburb of Melbourne, Australia. Many Phooey projects have received prestigious awards and applause from around the world.

Brick floor and walls in the garden of this house of original architecture

garden benches wood wall brick ideas

They are so good because they work closely with their clients to achieve their project objectives. The projects usually aim to be finely detailed, functional and efficient when it comes to saving energy, with the purpose of creating zero waste and providing a capacity for resistance that allows them to adapt comfortably to social, technological, climatic and other changes with the passage of weather. Phooey is internationally recognized for its use of the reuse and adaptation of innovative strategies that give a new life to old things.

Brick on the walls of the contemporary design house of PHOOEY Architects

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In the images you will see the new addition made by the architects of Phooey. The small and dysfunctional back of the existing house has been demolished in its place a new three-story building has been built, including the very sustainable contemporary style basement. The front of the house that has two floors has been maintained and updated completely.

Garden with space where children can play

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Many existing things, such as structural timbers and floors, windows, doors, security bars and stair railing were removed before demolition, restored and put back on. The bricks of the old construction were not thrown away, but with them they built the wall of brick that is in the garden the wood of the old roof was used to make the benches. Everything that could be used again was saved from the trash and now has a new life. Check these images we have of the brick house.

Contemporary house with three floors very resistant

brick house modern architecture window ideas

Kitchen with windows open to the garden very original

brick house architecture exterior walls mosaic ideas

Pergola to shade the open kitchen

brick house wall exterior garden place game children ideas

Image from below of this mosaic made with bricks

brick wall exterior window steel black ideas

Barbecue in the garden with wooden cabinets

brick wall garden barbecue bench wood ideas

Very bright kitchen with large window

house kitchen bright window furniture wood ideas

Very large floor to ceiling wooden wardrobe in the kitchen

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modern kitchen table chairs wood house ideas

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Curved stairs lovely black house ideas

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flat image house two floors ideas architects

pre plan house brick architect ideas

flat first second third floor house architecture ideas

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